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Friday, May 26, 2006

RV Financing Considerations for the RV of your Dreams

While I am waiting for the weather to cooperate with my pending camping plans, I thought I would explore RV financing for anyone who may be starting to contemplate a new addition to thier camping experience this year.

It is highly advisable that, prior to purchasing a recreational vehicle, you need to really take a good look at the options available for financing an RV. This and your RV insurance should be your top concerns.

Generally, a good way of looking for the best option in financing a recreational vehicle is with whomever is offering the lowest interest and the most convenient monthly payments. Plus, it is best that you also have the choice of whether to go through a self-financing option, a finance dealer option, online financing or through a loan from the bank.

The following are some of the basic types of financing you could do when purchasing – or at least when planning to purchase an RV.

Through the bank

Typically, most people immediately consider the bank when thinking of a good source of recreational vehicle financing. This usually works if you already have an established relationship with the bank of your choice. If such a relationship exists, chances are, you will probably be given a good deal. However, banks usually have little flexibility to offer and generally provide little or no financing for those recreational vehicle buyers who do not have a relationship with them.


Another option is via self-RV-financing. Cash can be used in this transaction as well as a life insurance policy, a line of home equity type loan, among others. Be aware though of tax from capital gains as well as on penalties for early withdrawing of money.

Believe it or not, once you have purchased a recreational vehicle, you should consider it as your second house wherein you could bathe in, sleep in and cook in as it has all the basic amenities as your own home – with wheels though. This should qualify as a second home on your taxes.

Self-RV-financing is one of the better ways to purchase a recreational vehicle. You have the control of the interest rates and the options to make larger payments.

Financing through a recreational vehicle dealer

Dealers are basically able to offer many financing options since they have a slew of companies that offer loans that the usual bank does not offer. Fortunately, dealers have flexible rates as well as terms which could prove to be an advantage to you. Just be sure though that you are able to read the fine lines and you understand the RV-financing terms. As well as what insurance limits the financing set to get the loan.

All in all, the option to finance a recreational vehicle is your choice depending on what your needs and wants are. The choice depends on you and your own unique situation.

Now, all we need is about a week that doesn't drop below freezing overnight and I might finally be able to start draining the fluids and getting this camping season underway!

Friday, May 12, 2006

RV Camping, Trailers and Motorhomes For Fun and Adventure

Camping starts out for most people by using a tent and sleeping on a mat on the ground. If that doesn't really appeal to you, then camping in an RV is what you need. It is the ultimate camping adventure. And after the first time out in any type of weather you will come to love them.

RV's come in many sizes and shapes. They start with campers that fit in the back of a pickup truck. These can have full kitchens, beds, a shower and toilet in them. They also have small pull trailers that 2 people can almost fit into if they're really friendly and the kitchen consists of a cooler and a Colman stove that sit on the back bumper. The crossover trailers are the pull type, ranging from approximately 20 to 36 feet; the 2 options of pulling are by a trailer hitch or a fifth wheel on a truck, and they also determine the style of trailer. The hitch type trailers are more of the traditional box style, while the 5th wheel trailers have a much higher profile as well as more slide outs. Both of these trailer models are equally luxurious and among some of the best motorhomes.

Next there are van conversions called Class B motorhomes that are basically a cargo van converted into a full time camping vehicle. These can have a raised roof for more head room. They also contain the same amenities as the truck camper.

Next up is the Class C motorhome. The front end looks like a pickup truck, but the similarity ends there. There is a sleeper extension over the cab and the back end looks like any motorhome you are probably familiar with. Basically a cargo box with windows, but much prettier. The Class C has all the amenities of home. A kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. You could live in a Class C.

The next step us is the Class A motorhome. This is roomiest of all motorized RVs. These motorhomes are like a mini one bedroom apartment. They are fully self contained. From the queen sized bed to the dinette that seats four people you find luxury. A refrigerator and stove are complimented by a microwave oven. You might even have an ice maker and washer and dryer. These are the ones you start to dream about when you see them going down the road.

You can buy new or used. Whichever way you choose, you should do a lot of research on the Internet first. Learn all you can about RVing. There are RV forums that you can find by doing a search in your favorite search engine. EBay is also a great source to see the different types available and the going prices for them.When you decide that an RV might be for you, attend an RV show or two. There are major RV shows at fairgrounds and convention centers where many dealers and vendors are selling every type of RV there is. There are also local RV shows usually put on by one or two dealers to show and sell some of their inventory.

If you really are not sure you would like to spend $40,000 or $250,000 on a hobby you are not sure you would like, buy a used RV. You can get into RVing in a 34 foot used Class A motorhome for under $10,000. Also renting is a great option, try that on your next vacation, all the fun with out the major investment.The older and larger the motorhome the less fuel efficient it will be. You may get 5 to 7 miles per gallon on many older motorhomes. 7-9 mpg is realistic for mid 1990's motorhomes and up to 12 miles a gallon on new ones. Pulling a trailer with a large SUV you can expect between 8-10 mpg.

RV Camping is a fun adventure just waiting you and your family to join in.

Monday, May 01, 2006

GPS 310: A Powerful Magellan GPS Navigation System

When we say Magellan GPS Navigation system, it is like dealing with something in a bigger perspective. This is so because the Magellan GPS Navigation system covers all the things related to the Magellan GPS Navigation Company.

So to tackle that certain issue, I would rather present in this article one of the hottest and top selling Magellan GPS Navigation systems – the Magellan GPS Navigation 310 – since I am sure that most of you are not yet familiar with that thing.

Before anything else, let me first mention the truth about the Magellan GPS company. So, it is well-noted that the Magellan GPS navigation company is a consumer brand of Thales Navigation, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of positioning, navigation, and guidance equipment in the whole world. Since I am dealing here with a powerful handheld Magellan GPS navigation system, it is therefore important to consider that the Magellan GPS navigation company introduced the first consumer handheld GPS solution in 1989. Since the introduction of the handheld solutions, the Magellan GPS navigation company maintained its place as one of the leading GPS brand for consumers.

So much for that, the Magellan GPS navigation company continues to win the interest of the consumers since the emergence of the GPS 310 as one of the exceptional Magellan GPS navigation systems.

For the overall information, the GPS 310 as a powerful Magellan GPS navigation system is actually a handheld Magellan product that will aid the adventurers of course into their adventures. Since the Magellan GPS navigation system which is GPS 310 is given as a handheld Magellan GPS navigation system, it is not surprising that the GPS 310 is just a 12 parallel-channel GPS navigator that is pocket-sized. Besides that fact, the Magellan GPS navigation system GPS 310 is affordable and will surely lead you to a safety and fun adventure. In lieu, the Magellan GPS navigation system GPS 310’s lock-on tracking will guide you to 100 saved locations and reversible track wit a maximum of 10 legs.

With the Magellan GPS navigation system GPS 310, you will definitely know your exact location, how far you have traveled for you to better estimate the time and distance to return to your original abode. Also, the Magellan GPS navigation system GPS 310 is designed tough with weatherproof construction and rubber armor that adds beauty to the Magellan GPS navigation system GPS 310. Lastly, it is necessary to note that the Magellan GPS navigation system GPS 310 is applicable to any outdoor adventures for a fun, easy, and safe undertakings.

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