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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sleep with Comfort Even on the Road – A Camper’s Guide to Sleeping Bags

The hardest thing about going on camping trips is getting a good night’s sleep. Being out in the woods on the trail will certainly expose you to nature’s worst. While you shelter yourself against the elements with a good tent, only a proper sleeping bag will help give you a good night’s rest to power you up for the next day of activities.

While finding a panaceic, cure-all sleeping bag for all occasions is virtually impossible, it is however, possible to find a bag that will keep you comfortable for most trips – if not all. When choosing a sleeping bag, take careful note of your needs. You will have to cater your choice of sleeping bags to the trips you most often make. Also, careful knowledge of the available types of sleeping bags will help you make a good decision regarding a sleeping bag.

The greatest issue when choosing a sleeping bag is whether to purchase a down or synthetic fill sleeping bag. Nothing provides comfort and warmth as down, and down is generally recommended for most outdoor camping trips with the family. However, in the event that it rains and your down-filled sleeping bags get wet, it is going to take forever to get your sleeping bags dry. Synthetic fill bags, on the other hand, give good warmth and dries quickly if ever they get wet. They are a bit heavier in comparison, though.

If your needs revolve around general purpose camping trips, you will want to purchase a three-season sleeping bag. These bags generally have a temperature-comfort rating of 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are a more specialized camper – like if you like going camping on specific seasons – you will want to purchase a bag that caters to that season. If you like camping during the cooler seasons, go for sleeping bags that offer more warmth – and if you need a bag for warmer climes, go for breathable bags that keep you cool even during the hot seasons.
Check the bag before purchasing, they will usually have temperature rating guide so that you can choose bag suited to your needs. Most winter sleeping gear should be rated for minus 15 to 40 Fahrenheit, while summer sleeping bags should hold up to the 10 to 20 degree Fahrenheit rating.

Here are few things you should look for in a good sleeping bag

1. Material – Most sleeping bags will be made of nylon, or polyester. These are the best kinds of material for sleeping bags. If you are a serious backpacker, try to avoid cotton material – especially the printed ones. If you are taking kids along, you will probably have to concede this point.
For added comfort while sleeping, you look for bags that have a lining of taffeta or other non-cotton material. These materials, in comparison to plain nylon or even some cotton lining, are more comfortable, breathe better, and warm quicker.

2. Shape – The mummy shaped sleeping bag is pretty popular nowadays, however, some people find them constricting, especially those that want a lot of space to wiggle around in while sleeping. Mummy shaped bags tend to be snug and comfortable for some people, plus they warm quicker. Rectangular and semi-rectangular bags are great if you want a larger space to sleep in.

3. Accessories and zippers – Make sure the zippers are double-sided and allows for opening on both ends without any hassle. You may want to look out for zipper hooks as well, which prevent the bags from inadvertently opening up accidentally. Also look for insulated draft collars that help seal in the heat around the shoulders and around the neck.
Plus, dark colored bags are advisable since they absorb more heat and are easier to dry out than their lighter colored counterparts.

ConclusionWhile all these tips come in handy, you may still want to test the bag itself to see if it fits your lifestyle. Some stores will allow you to test their products before selling them to you. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to jump into a bag to try it out.
With a good sleeping bag, you can look forward to more comfortable nights on your camping trips. Don’t

Replacement Camper Canvas

If you own a popup camper trailer, otherwise known as tent trailers, the worry would be when the years of having them take its toll. Popup trailers tent may be torn, mildewed or simply damaged with the passing of years using it. Let’s face it, we can’t really avoid environmental factors such as the sun, rain, dust, heat and cold while using our popup camper trailers, they contribute to the lesser life span of our popup trailers canvases.

Replacement camper canvas is available for different types of popup camper canvases. Nowadays, when you need your camper canvas to be replaced, all it takes is to look for the right company to do it for you, knowing where to go and how much it would cost you is important. Here are some replacement camper canvas prices for different makes:

Alpine / Nomad – Replacement Camper CanvasModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

Apache – Replacement Camper CanvasModel: 1959-1984 all canvas and softside modelsPrice: $865.00Model: Canvas for bunk ends on 1970 “semi-hardside” modelsPrice: $535.00Model: Canopies (all soft top camper models)Price: $325.00

Appleby – Replacement Camper CanvasModel: all models – includes vinyl roof and windowPrice: $775.00Requirement: need old canvas

Bethany – Replacement Camper CanvasModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

Bonair – Replacement Camper Canvas Model: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

Bravo (by Hobo)Models: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

CamelModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
Camp LiteModel: Most modelsPrice: $865.00Model: Models with slideoutPrice: $900.00Requirement: need old canvas
CoachmenModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
ColemanModel: 1967-1982 TAN Canvas / 1983+ GRAY SunbrellaPrice: $675.00 - $1150.00

Combi-CampModel: all modelsPrice: $930.00
CoxModel: Cadet 100/200 Series 6 ½’Price: $825.00Model: Campsquire/Campmaster 300/400 Series 8’Price: $865.00Model: Commander 500 Series 10’Price: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

DutchmenModel: most modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
EZ CamperModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvasFlagstaffModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
FranklinModels: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

Grand Prix (by Conway)Model: all modelsPrice: $865.00
HeiliteModel: tentPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
HilltopModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

J.C. HigginsModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
JaycoModel: selected modelsPrice: $750.00-$1250.00
KrownModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

Lark (by Tec)Model: all modelsPrice: $865.00
LaytonModels: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
Leisure TimeModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
LionelModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

MallardModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
NimrodModel: Nimrod Hardtops: 2wing modelsPrice: $865.00Model: Nimrod Hardtops: 3wing modelsPrice: $895.00Requirement: Need old canvas
Northeast ExplorerModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas

PalominoModel: popup travel trailersPrice: $775.00Model: popup truck campers – Bronco (vinyl)Price: 625.00
PhoenixModel: all modelsPrice: 865.00Requirement: need old canvas
Pleasure MateModel: all models/need door location for 73’ & 75’ modelsPrice: $865.00Requirement: need old canvas
Porta-Cabin PardonetModel: all modelsPrice: $865.00

You may check more about other replacement camper canvas for other makes on or However prices and requirements may differ for these two companies.

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Top Choice for Your RV: Fleetwood Recreational Vehicle

What is a Fleetwood Recreational Vehicle?

A Fleetwood Recreational Vehicle is one of the most well-known and trusted RV dealers in the world. Their goal is to provide customers with a delightful RV ownership experience, which is completed with the use of a team of highly trained associates who are ready and willing to assist all customers and dealers with both technical and service-related questions.

A Fleetwood recreational vehicle is considered to easily offer the best value in the industry and they are backed by the best warranty and service in the business. As well, a Fleetwood recreational vehicle has a nationwide network of service and support centers across the world, with more than 900 dealers and service centers throughout the United States and Canada.

A Fleetwood recreational vehicle actually includes a wide selection of RVs, including: luxury coaches, diesel coaches, gas motor homes, mini motor homes, travel trailers, toy haulers, and folding camping trailers. In regards to the luxury coaches, they offer the options of: American Heritage, American Eagle, and American Tradition. For diesel coaches, the options are:

Revolution LE, Excursion, Providence, Discovery, Bounder Diesel, and Expedition. As for the selection of gas motor homes, the choices are: Pace Arrow, Southwind, Bounder, Flair, Storm, Terra, and Fiesta. As for mini motor homes, the selections are: Tioga, Tioga SL, Tioga SLX, Jamboree, Jamboree GT, and the Jamboree GTX. For travel trailers, the options are: Terry, Prowler, Wilderness, Lynx, Dakota, Yukon, Mallard, Pioneer, Pegasus, and Orbit. For toy haulers, the options are: GearBox, Nitrous Hyperlite, and RedLine. Finally, for folding camping trailers, the options are: Destiny, Americana, Highlander, Scorpion, Evolution, and Element.

There are dealers located all across the United States and Canada, and they even have an online store where you can choose from any of their available products. There is also a customer service option available, so that if you have any questions or comments to make, you can do so. Fleetwood is actually more than an RV outlet; it also has its own separate line of clothing for men and women, which includes outerwear and fleece, sport shirts, dress and denim shirts, hats, and other accessories.

Fleetwood is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and popular RV dealers in the world, and for good reason. If you are one of the many people who are searching for a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable RV dealer, Fleetwood is an excellent choice.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Splash Lagoon Provides Hours of Indoor Fun!

Living in a warm climate for so long, the concept of an indoor waterpark had previously not been a part of my world. To my way of thinking, you lathered on the sunscreen, climbed dozens of flights of stairs and toughed it out in the sweltering heat. But these Northern folks have the right idea — Indoor Waterparks! Wow, what a concept — although certainly not new, it was my first experience and what a delightful one it was.

I don’t know how Splash Lagoon, in Erie, PA compares to other smilar parks, but as far as I was concerned, this is where I want to do all my romping and sliding. The entire place was so well heated, water as well as ambient room temperature, that I was quite comfortable no matter where I ventured. Our oldest daughter was tall enough to ride whatever she wanted and I could lounge in the jacuzzi and watch her climb stairs and arrive at the bottom with a great vantage point. And our youngest delighted in the kiddie area that had all the “big kid stuff” in pint sized versions — just enough to make her feel in total control while dad looked on from the sidelines.

The decor was gorgeous, tropical meets whimsical and everywhere you turned there was a gadget to spray or a fountain to conquer for the little ones. I also loved the strong presence of lifeguards at every station and they rotated every 15 minutes (I believe so as not to become complacent with their observations).

Our hotel was connected to the waterpark itself, so a short walk from the elevator had us right in the middle of things, despite the fact that it was snowing outside. Once inside, you forgot that you weren’t at the beach! And on top of everything else, the food was fantastic! Not just the traditional fare, but gourmet burgers, a supreme pan pizza that rivaled the larger chains and these cute little slushies served in coconuts carved into a monkey. (Were those supposed to be just for the kids?)

All in all we had a fabulous day and the next time we are yearning to get a little bit of sunshine when there’s a foot of snow on the ground, I know that we can take a two hour drive and be “splash dab” in the middle of it all! You can check out Splash Lagoon here:

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finding a Used Recreational Vehicle for Sale

RVs have fast become an incredibly popular vehicle, although the price of most RVs are far too expensive for the average person; for these people there is specific types of financing available, but again, not everyone gets approved, and therefore some feel helpless, and unable to do anything about it. If this happens to you, a good idea may be to consider finding a used recreational vehicle for sale. This way, you are still basically getting exactly what you wanted, only for a much cheaper price.

Where to Look for a Used Recreational Vehicle for Sale

When looking for a used recreational vehicle for sale, the best idea is to start by looking on the Internet. This is because the Internet will allow you to quickly and easily search through a multitude of used recreational vehicle for sale offerings, thereby narrowing your search down dramatically in an incredibly short amount of time. One of the most popular ways to find a used recreational vehicle for sale is by looking in the classifieds; as the classifieds are used by the majority of people in North America, meaning that the selection available to you there would be vast and most likely constantly varied. PPL Motor Homes is another excellent option, as they are considered as being the largest RV consignment dealer in the US.

Some of the features and services that PPL Motor Homes has available include: pictures, floor plans, descriptions and prices on over 175 diesel pushers, motor homes, mini motor homes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels; you can compare your RV with over 1900 consigned RVs sold by PPL in the last two years; you can check out the everyday low and special sale prices on many of their featured RV products; there is no obligation; collision damage and insurance claims are welcome on motor homes and recreational vehicles, and more. They offer a large selection of used RVs at all times, and their services are hassle-free and efficient. They have helped to connect buyers and sellers on over 16,500 vehicles since 1972. Their used motor home prices are based on the experience that they as a company have, which comes from selling over 13,000 RVs since 1972.

Regardless of where you actually decide to do business, after looking at a company such as PPL Motor Homes, you can at least grasp a good idea of what you should be looking for in an RV dealing company. You want to find a company that is resourceful, helpful, tactical, reliable, honest, and affordable.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Basics of a Recreational Vehicle Loan

Applying for a Recreational Vehicle Loan: Important Things to Know

There are several important things to know when considering applying for a recreational vehicle loan. Getting a loan for anything is truly a big deal, and therefore you should make sure to be informed and aware of everything before jumping into something where you have no idea what you’re doing. KOA RV Loan Center is a good place to start when you are beginning the recreational vehicle loan process, as they have made it easier than ever for customers to get a recreational vehicle loan. Regardless of whether you are planning to purchase a new or used RV, or even refinance your current and existing loan, they have low interest rates and instant hassle-free loan approval offers that claim to help to get you where you want to go, and quickly at that.

The best way to apply with KOA RV Loan Center for your recreational vehicle loan is to do so online, where you can get an instant credit decision within 90 seconds for loans up to $150,000. Of course if the loan you are applying for is larger in amount than $150,000 you can still apply online, but because the process will be more complex, it will then obviously take more time for them to return a response, and can take anywhere up to one full business day. The interest rate that you will receive will vary, depending on many factors. These factors will include such things as the actual requested amount of the loan, the amount of your down payment, as well as your credit history and the age and value of the RV you are interested in. As for the basic expected down payment, 20% of the price of the RV is the typical asking price. However, you should know that you can possibly qualify for certain special programs that allow you to have no minimum down requirements.

KOA RV Loan Center also offers loans to corporations, but they only allow this when the RV itself is actually for personal use. This means that they do not finance RVs that will be used for commercial or any other purposes. Overall, KOA RV Loan Center is a highly qualified, highly recommended financing company, where as long as you have a decent credit history can basically walk away with a loan for any RV you wish.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Be Cautious Before Buying One Way RV Rental

It is quite obvious that most people don't flock to northern climates for wintertime road trips. For that reason, rental agencies for RV’s have shifted to the sunny areas from where their customers want to drive. In such cases where people want to drive from one place to another, one way rv rental is the only solution for the traveler. It's also a great way to test drive a rig to see if you might want to buy it at the end of the trip, taking part in an increasingly popular trend in American travel.

Depending on the point of your departure, the rental package includes anywhere from 4-9 days and up to 3,000 free miles for as little as $24 a day, not including gas, of course, but they do include insurance. Available RV's range in size from 23 to 30 feet, class C motorhomes with the majority being no more than three years old. Each available one way rv rental can accommodate seven people.

Because of the number of rental locations throughout the U.S., one can opt for a one way rv rental, picking up an RV in Illinois and dropping it off in California, but be prepared to pay a hefty drop-off fee for one way rv rental. Seasonal specials are sometimes offered, so ask your rental agency if they have any promotions that include reduced rates, unlimited mileage, or no drop-off fees.

How to Get a Discount on One Way RV Rental

But when a company is repositioning its fleet to keep up with seasonal demand in different regions, you can often get a one way rv rental with no drop-off fee, increased or unlimited mileage, and sometimes even a reduced rate. Travel experts should keep their eyes open for one way rv rental specials from locations in the North to those in Florida and the Southwest during the fall or winter.

There are several reasons why RV travel is becoming very popular in the USA. The following are some of the reasons for this. First, airfare, train, and bus costs can be eliminated. This can be a huge savings in a long travel plan.

Secondly, instead of staying at a hotel, you'll be able to park your RV in a campground for a much lower cost, with an average campground fee of $23 per night. Plus, many RV campgrounds offer amenities like pools and tennis courts as part of the charge. Finally, rather than eating out at restaurants, you can cook your own meals in the RV's kitchen. This will save around 50% in your food costs.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Finding the Best Recreational Vehicle Repair Center

Recreational vehicles are very easy to purchase, though they cost a lot sometimes. However, the cost of maintaining them is sometimes even higher. This is because it is not easy to locate service centers around the country, and even if we do, the demand is high and thus the price we need to pay can be very high as well.

Online Search

Repair centers were once very rare, because buying and maintaining recreational vehicles was a bit of a daunting job, and many businessmen did not dare take the risk of opening such a business. But this is no longer the situation. The Internet grows everyday, providing us with more and more things that we necessarily need to survive and even achieve success. With the help of the Internet now, it is a very easy job to locate a recreational vehicle repair center.

Basically there are many websites which offer the exact locations of these repair centers by state. You simply need to click on your state or location, and a search of the database locates your nearest recreational vehicle repair center. They work similar to the yellow pages, listing all the possible centers to which you would go. With the help of the forms given on the site, you can simply browse through the centers by city or even type of recreational vehicle.

Discounts and Financing

Sometimes, certain sites have special discounts and vouchers available for lucky visitors. If you happen to visit the particular site at the particular hour, you might end up paying half of what you would pay at a recreational vehicle repair center, simply because you are now entitled to a discount, sometimes up to 50%.

Some companies which are also linked online have special packages where you can get financing at a very low interest rate. And these recreational vehicle repair centers or companies target almost any owner of these vehicles, and not just their loyal customers, in many instances.

Do It Yourself

Alternatively, with also the help of online websites, you can perform the recreational vehicle repair on your own. You would need the guide or manual, and the step-by-step instructions and tools guide, whereby you can learn everything so fast. And by doing this, you not only save hundreds or even thousands of dollars; but you also can now perform everything on your own rather than being dependent on someone else.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Record Breaking: The Winnebago Recreational Vehicle Story

Everyone knows what an RV is. From movies to magazines to the internet, RV's are known as recreational vehicles. Due to the popularity of these awesome machines, many companies have formed to produce more of these fun vehicles for everyone. One of the original RVs manufactured is the Winnebago recreational vehicle. Anyone who has looked into buying an RV knows the name, but probably not the story behind the company.

A Time for Industry

About 1958, during a time when industry was being brought to smaller towns, John K. Hansen decided to start a trailer business. To keep any business alive at its birth other products need to be manufactured besides the original idea. So Winnebago, which eventually became its name, began making furniture and other works for its trailers. After inventing a special light-weight wall to be used in its trailers, the Winnebago recreational vehicle was born.

Due to the assembly line, the Winnebago recreational vehicle could be manufactured for almost half the competitor's price. In just over 10 years, Winnebago had become the first RV manufacturer to produce 100,000 units. Its popularity had risen and was still on a roll. After 20 years, Winnebago broke another record being the first company to last that long. Soon it broke another record of being the first company to produce 200,000 motor homes. Today the Winnebago recreational vehicle is still widely popular.

Not only has Winnebago been mentioned in magazines, but it also built a special testing facility for its RVs. The dedication in this company is still shown today as they continue to build recreational vehicles, some of the highest quality RVs on the market. The Winnebago recreational vehicle can be claimed an All-American classic. Its growth started in Forest City, Iowa, and the same commitment seen then can still be seen today in the machines produced by the company.

For being such a small company that would appear to not have much a fighting chance, Winnebago made a recreational vehicle that the world seems to love. Breaking so many records its industry and lasting as long as it has, a buyer can be sure a Winnebago recreational vehicle was built with quality. So when trying to buy one of these vacation cars, this company might be the right place to start. Quality, comfort, and safety are some of the features any customer can look forward to.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Where to Find Available Recreational Vehicle Storage

For those who own RVs, the issue of finding reliable and affordable recreational vehicle storage is one of great importance. Although the matter of recreational vehicle storage may not sound too critical, if you are a vehicle owner you should understand the importance of being able to feel assured that your vehicle is in a safe place while it is in storage.

You should always be sure to thoroughly check out any company before deciding to do business with them, and that includes a recreational vehicle storage company. There are many recreational vehicle storage companies available, however certain ones are obviously better than others, and that is the point, to take some time and consideration in order to be able to tell the lemons from the real deal.
Available Recreational Vehicle Storage Companies

R n’ R Vehicle Storage is a company which is home to high-quality services and indoor storage for all vehicles, including that of an RV. They pride themselves in taking care of their customers’ vehicles as if they were their own, and their clean and secure indoor storage absolutely maximizes the beauty and value of your vehicle, as well it helps to free you from the hassle of storing and cleaning it.

There is also the option of GSP Storage, which is located in South Carolina, and which offers completely enclosed storage units that were created with the needs of RV users strongly in mind. There is also the Old County Storage Condominium Association, which is located near Bradley International Airport, and which provides high-quality, private storage condominium spaces for both personal and commercial use.

Other RV Maintenance Tips

Keeping your RV in proper storage is one of the most essential RV maintenance tips, and is crucial to keeping your RV free from rust, dents, or any other type of physical or internal injury. As well, as with any other vehicle, systematic checking is the key to keeping your RV in peak running order. This means that you should always do a full inspection before any trip, in order to make sure that all electrical, plumbing, and other systems are ready for use. You should also maintain a regular schedule of checking fluids, brakes, and tires. Another good idea is to speak to the RV dealer from the location which you bought your RV, as no one will understand the RV better than them.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Camping With Style: the Recreational RV Vehicle

Camping has been a pastime for many years. Everyone knows what camping is, even if they've never done it. But the chances that they will never go are very slim. Even people who don't like the outdoors so much can find safety and comfort in taking a recreational rv vehicle. These machines are helping non-campers everywhere wish they wanted to camp.

Fun Travels Anywhere

The great thing about having a recreational RV vehicle is the fact that a traveler can go just about anywhere and bring their home with them. RVs are packed with great features, including a kitchenette, a bathroom, a bedroom, and even a living room where riders can watch TV. They are built for safety and most big brands have been around for a long time, so a customer can expect the quality and confidence experience can give. But don't forget about the most important part; fun. RV means recreational vehicle for a reason.

All these awesome features can be driven anywhere! All around the world RVs are used to enjoy camping or site-seeing. Before I was born, my family used one to travel everywhere. Vacationing becomes a breeze when driving a recreational RV vehicle. Even if campers like the great outdoors and the wonderful roughing-it feeling of camping, there can be love in their hearts for one of these great machines.

A recreational RV vehicle allows users to enjoy the outside as long as they want until they're ready for some inside experience like they'd have at home. Television can be enjoyed as well as a good night's rest on a comfortable bed. Adventurers can store all their active gear underneath the vehicle until they're ready to use it. So a recreational RV vehicle makes for a terrific mode of transportation as well as a fun vehicle to ride in.

If camping is a favorite pastime in any family, then they should look into buying or even renting a recreational RV vehicle. It is a must-have for those with multi-opinionated family members. Some may love camping and others may hate it, so with an RV the whole family can enjoy time together with everyone happy. A recreational RV vehicle is definitely a worth while investment for anyone that is craving adventure or just getting out of the house. With one of these fun machines, the road is the limit.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Helpful ways to make them stop

Road trips are fun, during the first hour perhaps after which everything goes downhill from there.

So how can road trips be fun from when the journey starts up until the destination? The following are tips and advice to help make road trips – especially if it involves kids – fun and happy.

Pack and prepare
As always, prevention is always better than cure. Packing and preparing prior to a long road trip must also include planning the activities the kids could do during the ride. Face it, eight-hour drives are difficult for kids. It will not be much of a help if the stops you make are only at gas stations or when during meal times. Keep your kids pre-occupied and entertained at least.

They are your responsibility and it is you who are taking them for the ride.
Do not forget to pack in some snacks, hopefully some healthy ones, so kids have something to nibble on during the long ride.

Research, research and research
Get to know the road that you are to take prior to you going on the journey ahead. This helps you make the necessary stops and recreational activities that kids may need to pack with them. Stopping at a park or a kids attraction is a good distraction for the long trip ahead. Another helpful advise is that families must make sure to stay clear from same old restaurant chains. Food must be special also and it would help if traditional bbq joints are avoided in favor of specialized and decent road diners.

Depart really late or depart really early
A very looong road trip requires that departure time be in the late evening or early morning. Both options helps avoid heavy traffic. Also, the kids are given the time to have some additional sleep, thus keeping them quiet along the road.
Stop in the name of love
According to a study, it is highly recommended that stops be made at least every hour or two. This allows your kids to have the necessary breaks. This also allows them to avoid carsickness.
Carsickness could best be avoided by walking around. Kids need to do this to keep their blood circulating during the long trip. Avoid giving motion sickness drugs to kids as it could keep them unnecessarily sedated.

Pack some handy game boards
Games that are magnetized and could be easily transported anywhere could provide hours of fun in the car’s back seat. Also, books that have activities on them are good options also. Believe it or not, there is a company that manufactures products and books that are focused on travel. Some of the activities found on these books are crossword puzzles. This is also a good way to make friends in a long journey.

Collect stuff and make them to a scrapbook
Try to encourage children to keep and collect little trinkets found during the journey. Stubs from tickets, brochures and postcards may be kept and be later put into a scrapbook.

Bring in books and DvDs
Thankfully, DVDs have the uncanny ability to keep everyone occupied, at peace and in harmony with each other especially on long trips. Audio books are also a great way to keep kids listening and therefore quiet.

Chill out, sit back and relax
The saying, the journey is better than the destination has never rung so true. The memories of a road trip that is filled with activities and good memories are better than thinking of the stress of actually getting there. In the end, it is better to look back with fondness than with frustration.

Involve kids in your travel plans
The trip will actually be best enjoyed by kids more than adults. So as much as possible, get kids to be involved in the planning. Allow them to look at the maps, show them the guidebooks. They would better appreciate the journey if you let them in on what they are getting themselves into. Who knows, they may even suggest helpful tips to make the journey more enjoyable. Never underestimate their wisdom.

All in all, a trip is best enjoyed if there is less control and if you just let go and allow thing to positively flow.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lake Camping And Fishing Tips

From their campsite beside the lake, campers can do many activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, swimming or photographing nature.

While just at the campsite, campers are able to delight in simple activities like pitching their tent, making a campfire, sleeping under a tree and cooking.

For that enjoyable weekend starting the minute you arrive, it is good to have these tips in mind:

1. Plan ahead . Be sure to make reservations at least 10 days before. Talk to the Park Rangers to obtain maps of the lake.

2. Know the water before going. Determine the lake’s makeup and the kinds of fish that thrives in that area before you head off in order to carry along the right fishing tackle.

3. Bait. It is very impractical to carry minnows on your lake camping trip and at times are not permitted by law.
Leaches, if ever allowed, are good baits take with you; just store them securely in a container in a shady area and change the water often.

4. Food. As bedtime approaches, keep the lake campsite zone free of food clutter. Packed your food in sealed plastic bags and put everything inside a covered food pack and hung it high over a tree limb.

5. Never drink mountain stream water! No matter how clear and clean the mountain stream water may look, still it is flooded with harmful microorganisms that could cause diarrhea. Bring along purified water for drinking always!

6. Create a “fire ring” for your campfire.
• Clear the forest floor of moss and dead leaves by scraping everything until there is soil.
• Create a ring of rocks in an open place, away from your tent.
• Make the ring larger compared to the fire that you will be building. Have some space around your fire.

7. Know how to administer First Aid as well as keep a kit handy always. In cases of emergency, you should know “what to do”. When you are properly trained for first aid, you can save lives.
In a first aid class, it teaches you different ways of properly handling and reacting in different emergency situations.

8. Clean up after your mess! Always make certain that all your trash is put in the right containers. Clean the campsite before leaving and check that fires are extinguished completely, leaving everything as it was.
Lakeside camping is a great family outdoor activity that should be properly planned so that everyone will really enjoy what you all came for! Have fun!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Best Places to Get Recreational Vehicle Financing for Your RV

What are Some Available Options for Your Recreational Vehicle Financing Needs?

There are many places available that can help you with your recreational vehicle financing, and with all the options available it is extremely important that you take time and careful consideration in order to make the best possible decision for you and your own personal needs and wants. RV Financing USA is one of the more popular options in regards to available recreational vehicle financing, and they claim that their expert loan officers can and will help each customer along every step of the way until they get their recreational vehicle financing situation completely figured out and completed. They have a website which offers a free online application, which is available 24 hours a day for the customers’ convenience.

Some advantages of RV Financing USA in regards to your recreational vehicle financing needs are: there is no fee to apply, average results are completed within one business day, you have access to competitive nationwide low rates, and the website is a Thawte certified security enhanced site. More features include: stated income loans up to $250,000, rates as low as 5.74%, no payment for 90 days, no early payoff penalty, no closing costs for loans over $100,000, and you have the access to be able to check the status of your application by logging onto your online account at any time of the day or night. In order to determine your own personal assigned rate, RV Financing USA sets a goal which is based on your credit history with Trans Union Credit, and if you are getting refinanced, they figure out your current rate, and they then negotiate with various banks in order to attempt to beat that goal, thus providing you, the customer, with the best rate possible.

RV Financing USA is a certified vendor of a wide variety of extended service contracts, as well as warranties, life insurance, hazard insurance, gap insurance, and more. You can feel assured in knowing that your own personal loan officer will work with you and be there for you every step of the way, in order to ensure you that you are up to date on the success of your application. Once you are approved, your loan officer will contact you within hours of his or her own notification of your approval.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Comfort and Grace at Campground Recreational Vehicle Parks

Staying in campground recreational vehicle parks is a great way to experience the class and dignity of the American country. It is this type of cross-country adventure that belies a great trip for all of your family and friends, Piling into the RV and plotting a trip across America is a great way to spend the summer and planning your stays at a variety of campground recreational vehicle parks can make that adventure even greater. This is because these parks offer a unique perspective on the RV summer trip and can help transform your voyage into a fantastic experience filled with meeting other people and spending time making new friends and acquaintances.

These parks feature a great wealth of other campers that are enjoying the same things you are enjoying and are having a camping adventure of their own. Imagine the thrill of sharing stories and a cold beverage as you relax and unwind from the road in one of many campground recreational vehicle parks. It is this type of good, down-home American magic that turns a cross-country trip into an incredible experience and creates new stories and adventures for the whole family to share. Meeting new people out in the wilderness with your camper or RV is a great way to not only explore the landscape of America but to explore the people that fill the land, as well.

Campground recreational vehicle parks generally offer quite a few options in terms of securing your camper or RV and other options that involve full facilities and other cleanup areas in which you can help maintain your RV. There is generally a natural area available for group meetings or events. Many of these parks also have great walking trails or other areas in which to embark on journeys into nature. Some even feature a fishing area in which to experience the patient art of fishing close to the comfort of your recreational vehicle. It is this type of great quiet convenience that makes staying in campground recreational vehicle parks a top pastime of Americans in the summer months.

A Word About Safety

As with anything these days, you need to ensure that you take the proper precautions with your items and your family’s general safety. Be sure to use anti-theft devices and other security measures when you are in campground recreational vehicle parks. Also ensure that your children do not wander off alone or take unsupervised excursions without being in full eyesight of a parent or competent guardian. Be careful to observe all park rules, as well.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Essential Camping Gear and Equipment for a Successful Outdoor Vacation:

Ah, the great outdoors. What can be better than taking the family back to Mother Nature? Where the air is clear and, best of all, the phone finally stops ringing. Yes, the decision was made and we were going camping this year. Now the only thing to check was the state of my camping gear and equipment.

Time to Go Shopping

On close inspection I realized that as we had not been camping for a few years, it was time to upgrade our camping gear and equipment. First thing first – the tent. Our current tent was a huge monster with three bedrooms, a living area and a store room. On top of that there were about five bags of poles and pins than I couldn’t possibly carry.

At the store we looked at a few of the newer tents and I started to realize that camping gear and equipment has really advanced in the last few years. We picked up a couple of two man tents that were so much lighter, didn’t need any poles and there was still plenty of room. What’s more, they practically built themselves! This was fun.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

With the tent replaced it was time to think about the other camping gear and equipment required for a good outdoor holiday. I know I always enjoy eating outside in the fresh air and some of the new gas cookers are excellent: very safe, no odors and extremely fuel efficient.

By coupling the cooker with a portable water heater, you have the same basic equipment that come with any indoor kitchen. After the food was taken care of, I focused on my sleeping arrangements as the last sleeping bag I had was an ugly green thing that never really kept the cold out.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Again, it’s amazing how much camping gear and equipment has improved over the past few years. The latest sleeping bags are lightweight and made of super modern fabrics that really keep you warm. One for each member of the family was clearly required as were optional camping mattresses and pillows.

This was going to be one holiday where I would definitely get a good night’s sleep. Yes, there’s no doubt about it, camping gear and equipment has come a long way since we last went camping. So if you are thinking about a holiday without hotels or airports, or cars or telephones, then maybe you should consider looking into modern camping gear and equipment, it makes a great holiday even better.

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