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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Get the Right Kind of Insurance for your RVs

It is very important for vehicle owners to get insurance for themselves and their cars. They are very picky when it comes to life insurance, but get vehicle insurance just for the heck of it. They don't give much attention if their car gets the maximum insurance it deserves.

This is the case when RV owners get ordinary insurance or incomplete RV insurance for their cars. Since RVs have more features than cars, ordinary insurance cannot cover all the possible occurrences that can happen to the RVs.

To maximize the insurance plan that you will invest in, here are some things to consider in choosing them.

1. Recreational vehicles have internal components that are not present in ordinary vehicles.
Because RVs have plumbing connections, appliances, and electrical wiring system, it must be ensured that the insurance plan you are getting must cover these parts. Check with your insurance agent about the extent of the coverage for these items. If these things fail, the owner does not end up paying for the replacement.

2. Recreation vehicles are extreme, outdoor vehicles.
RVs must have some extent of insurance coverage for failures caused by some acts of nature like fire, storms and the likes. These cases must be dealt with since RVs will encounter them in some of the trips.

3. Towing services is a priority.
Ordinary insurance plans do not cover towing services. This must not be the case for your home on the road. If this aspect is not included in the insurance plan, the owner ends up paying a large sum of money for towing services.

4. Personal Things must be given importance.
RVs are like rooms in the house; we can keep personal belongings to use while we travel. In that case, care must be given to these personal things by getting an insurance plan that covers them.

5. Full time coverage for RVs is an advantage.
Are you the kind of person who practically spends 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the road? If you do, make sure that the insurance you will be getting is a full-time kind.

6. The type of compensation is an important aspect as well.
Most people do not give attention to details such as depreciation of the value, or the amount that must be returned in case of total loss. The money that you invest must depreciate at the lowest percentage possible.

After all these aspects are checked, your RV will be assured of the best insurance plan.

Holiday Rambler Motor Homes

Holiday Rambler is recognized throughout the United States and the world as one of the leading manufacturers of luxury motor homes and recreational vehicles. The company was born in 1953 and it’s nice to know that until now, Holiday Rambler Corporation is actively maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing the finest motor homes. Yes, the company still continues to lead the entire RV industry.

Now, what specific products are currently offered by Holiday Rambler?
There is actually a number of motor home models included in the product line of Holiday Rambler Corporation. But generally, the Holiday Rambler motor home models are classified into two types: the Class A and the Class C Holiday Rambler motor homes. Take a look at the following models for one of them might be the right unit for you to consider:

Class A Holiday Rambler Motor Homes

As expected from a Class A motor home, the Class A line of Holiday Rambler motor homes are spacious enough for a large family or group of adventure trekkers. It offers all the luxuries of a complete home and it’s worth noting that the Class A line of Holiday Rambler motor homes is highly powerful and readily available for driving.

Here are the top two models included in the Holiday Rambler’s Class A product line:

* Navigator – Deemed as the flagship of Holiday Rambler, the Navigator is said to offer the highest level of comfort and convenience for its passengers. According to some reviews, everything inside and out of this model is remarkably functional. It is beautifully built and performs like no other. With all its assets, it’s no wonder that the Navigator leads the Holiday Rambler Class A motor home line.

* Imperial – This model is designed and built with the state-of-the-art technologies and highest level of comforts. No wonder then that numerous reviews of this model have recognized it as the unit that includes dozens of conveniences and safety innovations every traveler wishes to experience first hand.

There are a lot other models included in the list of Holiday Rambler’s Class A motor homes. These include the Scepter, Endeavor, Ambassador, Neptune, Vacationer, Vacationer Diesel, and Admiral SE.

Class C Home Rambler Motor Homes

The Class C line of Holiday Rambler motor homes comes in two types; each possesses qualities that are unique from the others. Consider the following:

* Atlantis – What particularly sets this model unique from its counterparts is its interiors that embody a perfect balance of fabrics, accents and carpeting. Much to your surprise, this wonderful model is designed and built with the state-of-the-art technologies and the highest level of comforts, making the Atlantis truly worth driving and living.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monaco Motor Homes

Heard about Monaco motor home? Probably you’ve spotted a Monaco motor home, but just didn’t notice that it was the thing I am referring to. Or, probably you owned a Monaco motor home before and sold it for a cause. Whatever the thing that made you aware about Monaco, one main thing remains true: Monaco is one of the most recognized names in the motor home industry.

The Monaco motor homes are manufactured by the Monaco Coach Corporation that has trekked a long way since it was established in the year 1968. It was the line of the company’s luxurious motor homes that made its name well-celebrated in the United States and the world, and this is destined to continue throughout the ages with the coming of much luxurious, safe and comfortable Monaco motor homes.

The Monaco motor homes come in a number of series. Each series possesses characteristics that are unique from the other. Included in the list are the following:

* Camelot – The Camelot of Monaco motor homes is said to be the one that bears a higher level of luxury and value. This coach features a more state of the art electronic systems, more comfortable, and offers more ways of making your life on wheels wonderfully fun and hassle free.

* Dynasty – The Dynasty series of Monaco motor homes are widely identified as a finely tuned edition of beautiful coaches. The series is deemed perfect for hiking, fly fishing and other trekking adventures that it has an impressive power that is capable of bearing even the almost impossible load. Reviews of this edition in fact have noted that the Dynasty is ideal whether you’re buzzing along country lanes or roaring through the mountains.

* Executive – The Executive line of Monaco motor homes features front and rear caps that are all new and not only designed and styled to amaze you, but are built with the power of aerodynamics. It also presents state of the art features and is all wrapped up when it comes to elegance, no doubt that this line of Monaco motor homes is highly valued in the market.

* Diplomat – This Monaco motor home series is noted for its being a diesel coach. All of the models included in this series boast a powerful new Cummins 400 HP ISL engine that is coupled with the Roadmaster Raised Rail RR8R-Series chassis which is custom-built. It is these features actually that makes the Diplomat perfect for the best ride.

* Signature – As what many reviews have noted, the Signature series of Monaco motor home is truly remarkable. It features the luxury of a perfect home that it comes fully equipped with slide outs, digital satellite and sound system, not to mention the others.

* Cayman – If you will take a closer look at the Monaco’s Cayman series of motor homes, you will certainly find it amazing with its custom-built roadmaster chassis that is designed specifically for smoother rise and safer maneuvering. Just like the other series, Cayman is perfectly ready for a whole new adventure trek.

* Windsor – It is this series of Monaco motor homes actually that introduces a whole new level of spaciousness. It provides three extra inches of ceiling height, and its floor plan is planned and designed for the very best ride. It also features the custom built Roadmaster chassis.

All of the Monaco motor homes, such as those mentioned above, are noted not only for their wonderful features, but much for their performance. It’s no wonder then that Monaco has come a long way since the first line of motor homes was introduced in the 1960s.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Revolution LE: A Diesel Motor Home

Heard about the Revolution LE? Familiar with Fleetwood motor homes? Well, to tell you honestly, the Revolution LE is Fleetwood’s flagship in the diesel motor home line. It is the top-notched product that brought Fleetwood to fame. Now, if you want to know more about this diesel motor home, then there’s no reason for you not to read on.

The Revolution LE, according to some claims, is truly an engineering marvel. It doesn’t only boast a powerful diesel engine and a patent-pending Liberty chassis, but possesses a number of features no one can compare. Included in the list of its remarkable features are the following:

* Fleetwood’s SpacePlus™ Environment – This feature is what makes the Revolution LE a truly remarkable diesel motor home in the first place. Well, as what most reviews have noted, the Revolution LE diesel motor home is highlighted by 84 inches floor-to-ceiling interior height, with two spacious slide out rooms in the front living area. Also, it has two slide outs that can be moved for extra space and these slide outs are located in the model’s roomy master bedroom suite. In addition, what makes the Revolution LE truly remarkable when it comes to its environment is that it provides dual pass-through basement storage with side hanging compartment bay doors that offers a maximum accessibility especially when the slide outs are moved at a push of a button. And, aside from the basement storage, the Revolution LE diesel motor home has an abundant interior storage that was integrated into a roomy linen compartment.

* Deluxe Furnishings – This remarkable feature is actually stressed from the beautifully appointed galley of this diesel motor home to the expansive master suite, and even to the private bathroom. Reviews have noted this feature as for them every detail of the Revolution LE diesel motor home reflects the model’s high end style and fine craftsmanship.

* Exterior Entertainment Center – If you are a music lover or a movie addict and want to give your favorite music and shows some fresh air, then the Revolution LE diesel motor home could no doubt be a good option for you to choose. Yes, an exterior entertainment center is available in this model. So when certain, boring times call for a bit of life, then entertain yourself and your guests in the great outdoors with the full-featured entertainment system of the Revolution LE diesel motor home.

* Tilting Instrument Panel – The Revolution LE also highlights an instrument panel that is integrated with the steering column, giving you the chance to tilt and telescope both the panel and the steering panel into their ideal position while driving. With this feature, it’s no wonder that you will enjoy a better driving while exploring the majestic scenery beyond the walls of your diesel motor home.

There is a lot to be said about the Revolution LE diesel motor home, but perhaps what makes it worth noting is not only the appearance it presents, but more for the performance it shows. The Revolution LE, which is set to continually hit the road on 2007, is said to be capable of giving you a performance that is truly unimaginable. So watch out for the introduction of the newest models in the Revolution LE line few months from now.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cook While Camping: Camping Recipe Tips

Camping food need not be dull. Here are a few quick and easy recipes you can try when you go on your next camping trip:

Camper’s Pizza

Butter a side of the bread of your choice and toast the bread slightly on each side. Afterwards, top the buttered side with pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and other pizza toppings of your choice. You may toast the bread again together with the toppings if you want.

Easy Bean Soup

Combine baked beans, tomato soup, a pack of dried onion soup mix and water into a pot, allow to boil and leave to simmer for a few minutes.

Simple Beef Stew

Season beef with onion and garlic and allow to brown. Afterwards, add canned vegetable soup to the mixture and allow to simmer until properly heated. This stew is best served with bread or baked potatoes.

Outdoor French Toast

Dip your choice of bread slices into a mixture of milk, eggs, and flour. After dipping, place the bread slices over a heated grill and allow to brown.

Here are some tips when you cook on camp:

1. Pack the food you plan to bring in the proportions in which they will be cooked or served. That way, you won’t have to be bothered by measuring the right amount of this and that ingredient once you’re in camp.

2. Make sure to place the items in your cooler in individual watertight bags and containers.

3. Avoid attracting animals to your camp by keeping properly storing your food, preferably above ground level.

4. Make camp cooking a group activity! If you’re camping with your friends or family, make sure that you get everyone to participate in the preparation of meals. It’s a great way to bond and it makes life easier for the assigned “chef” as well.

5. Find a use for all leftover ingredients. For instance, on your last day of camp, use the leftover meats and other ingredients to make a grand omelet for breakfast.

6. Bring a lot of ziplock bags. They come in handy when you need to store all kinds of food.

7. When cooking on a pot, make sure to always put the lid on, as it will allow the food to cook faster and it will also protect your food from insects.

Remember that when cooking while camping, you can get simple recipes that are easy to prepare but do not sacrifice taste and flavor – all it takes is a little enthusiasm and a great love for the outdoors.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finding a Recreational Vehicle Seating Manufacturer

Where to Find a Recreational Vehicle Seating Manufacturer

When searching for a recreational vehicle seating manufacturer, it is important to consider all available options before making any final decisions. You can find a respectable and affordable recreational vehicle seating manufacturer almost anywhere in North America, such as at Mastercraft, which is a notoriously known fine furniture making company. Although Mastercraft is most well-known for its making of such furniture as armchairs and sofas, it also works as a recreational vehicle seating manufacturer. They also offer a wide variety of other options for your RV furniture needs, such as jackknife sofas, pull-out sleeper sofas, standard front chairs, front chairs with integrated seat belts, and barrel chairs.

Mastercraft is a privately held company that was first established in 1971, and which is in fact still being run by family members of the originating founder, Dale R. Reynolds. There are certain strengths that Mastercraft offers which makes them a superior choice for your recreational vehicle seating manufacturer needs, which includes the following: their sewing is lock-stitch at all stress points, their warranties are unmatched by any competitor in the industry, their frames carry a lifetime warranty, their products can be found in nearly all of the major RV manufacturers, they have independent testing of fabrics for abrasion, seam strength, light fastness and continuity, their customers have hundreds of furniture styles to choose from, they have over 1500 fabric style and color choices to choose from which are all currently warehoused at their facility, and all of their products are hand-upholstered and hand-assembled.

Although Mastercraft’s original focus was more on the home furnishings side of the business, they now are considered to be a leader in upholstery for the RV industry. They pride themselves on being able to outfit absolutely any type of RV with upholstered items, and their product line is easily one of the most extensive in all of the RV industry. Their particular company strengths include: they are a privately owned S-Corporation with four minority owners and one major owner, their upper management has over thirty years of individual experience, they have their own design staff, they have their own sales staff, they purchase on open-line with over fifty fabric mills which means that they have strong purchasing power, they can custom build furniture to the customer’s design and they promise uniqueness and exclusivity, they attend all of the major RV industry trade shows, they attend all of the major upholstered furniture trade shows, and they employ a whopping 300 plus employees.

Friday, November 24, 2006

How to test the quality of a recreational vehicle

Recreational vehicles are a must-have for families who love to travel in comfort and style. There are several options for you when traveling using a recreational vehicle.

If you have the budget then you can invest in a brand new state of the art recreational vehicle. A tighter budget might mean buying a second hand recreational vehicle. If you are undecided or don't have the amount needed for purchasing a brand new or even a second hand recreational vehicle, there are recreational vehicles that are available for rent.

Recreational vehicles are in demand among couples or families that frequently travel because these vehicles offer the comfort of home. Most are equipped with the usual amenities like sofas, beds, burners or a whole kitchen and even bathrooms. Investing in a recreational vehicle is generally cheaper than having to buy airplane tickets for everybody in the family. It also offers everyone a chance to bond while traveling.

When purchasing a recreational vehicle you shouldn't hurry into things or you might end up with a lemon or a defective RV. There is a chance that the vehicle you are buying may have some factory or hidden defects that would only turn up when you have bought it already or have been in your possession for months so better check it thoroughly. Of course, a brand new recreational vehicle carries a warranty but it is better to avoid that situation by being prudent when buying the unit.

Use the internet to research on the RV models that would be perfect for you. Consider the type of traveling that you will be doing and how frequent those travels would be. It is also advisable to consider the number of people that would be traveling with you in your recreational vehicle because there are models that can be comfortable for a couple but would be uncomfortable for a family of five.

Make sure the recreational vehicle you will be purchasing will have all the facilities you will need. If you intend to use your RV for working then it might be wise to have it fitted with the equipment necessary for your kind of work like computers.

When buying recreational vehicles, it would be wise to test its quality by bringing with you an expert who will give you a rundown of the RV's condition in black and white. It is best to consult experts that are not in any way affiliated with the seller to make sure you are getting the right feedback.

Inspect the vehicle inside out and top to bottom and if possible, take it for a test drive. Try to use some of the appliances like the refrigerator or the air conditioner to make they are functioning properly. Check the tires and more importantly, the machine of the vehicle so you are a hundred percent sure your RV is okay quality-wise.

Camping Recipes 101

Spending the holidays on the outskirts of the metropolis is not just all about an exciting adventure, it is also about food... food... and much more food. You need to feed your brain in order for you to think of more thrilling activities for the entire family and make that trip definitely worthwhile.

* Camping recipes for meat loversBig Winne Taters and BeansIngredients: 1 large can of reeds German potato salad, 1 big frozen lima beans and 1 pound of Polish sausagePreparation: Cut sausage into ½ to ¾ inch pieces. Put everything in a pot, slam the lid on and heat.
Chili- Tamale CasseroleIngredients: tortilla chips, jar of tamales, can of chili, minced green onion, minced peppers, sliced ripe olives, shredded cheddar or jalapeño jack cheesePreparation: Crumble tortilla chips in a microwave safe casserole dish and top with unwrapped tamales, cut into 1-inch chunks. Top this with a can of chili and heat in a microwave for about 5 minutes. Top with minced peppers, onions, ripe olives, and cheddar cheese. Return to the microwave for 1 minute to melt the cheese.

* Camping recipes for fish enthusiastsButter Onion TroutIngredients: fresh trout, 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 sliced onion, salt and pepperPreparation: Clean the fish. Leaving the fish whole, stuff the insides with butter, salt and pepper, and as many onions as will fit. Place stuffed trout on buttered foil and wrap up. Place over fire for 7-10 minutes.
Crispy Shore LunchIngredients: fish fillet, oil, Canadian beer, 1 bag of salt and vinegar chipsPreparation: Soak fish in beer. Crush the salt and vinegar chips. Coat the beer soaked fish with the crushed salt and vinegar chips. Deep fry in very hot oil, until the fish turn to a golden color.

* Camping recipes for breakfast eatersFresh Morning DonutsIngredients: 2 cans of biscuits, 2 cups hot oil, 1 cup powdered sugar and 1 cup cinnamon sugarPreparation: Open a can of biscuits and take each one separately and poke a little hole in it. Place in hot oil until one side is a little brown. Use wooden tongs and flip them over to brown the other side. Take them out and drain on a paper towel. While still warm, place them in powdered sugar or cinnamon.
Sunrise SpudsIngredients: instant mashed potato flakes, grated or powdered cheese, dehydrated onion, pre- cooked bacon bits and Ziploc bagPreparation: Measure out 3/4 to 1 cup of potato flakes into a Ziploc bag. Add cheese, onion, and bacon. Seal the bag airtight. Slowly add hot water and stir until a consistency of mashed potatoes is achieved.

* Camping recipes for dessert fanaticsPeachy KeenIngredients: 1 sandwich size baggy, 1 graham cracker, 2 tablespoons of canned peaches and 2 tablespoons of whipped creamPreparation: Crush graham cracker inside of baggy, add peaches and whipped cream.
Can’t Get E’nuffsIngredients: coconut cookie bars, peanut butter, chocolate bars and roasted marshmallowsPreparation: Spread peanut butter on a coconut cookie bar. Place piece of chocolate bar on top of peanut butter. Place roasted marshmallow or spread marshmallow crème on top of chocolate bar, and top with a coconut cookie bar.

All of the above camping recipes only takes a little amount of time to make because the most important here is, munch and munch.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Plan Your Trip with the American Camping Association

The American Camping Association is now known as is slightly different than the American Camp Association and is designed to cover the sharing of knowledge and information about camp programs in America. The American Camping Association is comprised of campers and outdoors professionals that are qualified in determining the positives and negatives of a camp experience and relaying that information to the general public using a set of criteria and solid information management.

The American Camping Association website offers plenty of useful information about the various ventures in which the ACA is involved, including sending kids to camp and the designation of camp sites for repairs and other operational procedures.

If the bureaucracy of the ACA does not interest you, there is still plenty of other solid information on the site about the various experiences you can have as a camper in America. You can find out how to prepare for severe weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes, find out about upcoming camp events and browse their message boards.

Improving the Camp Experience

The goal, in a nutshell, of the ACA through its website and other implements is to improve the camp experience for Americans. The focus is primarily on children and their camping experience in organized camping sites and programs that are specifically offered for an age group.

The ACA has been conducting this sort of service for close to one hundred years and has a good supply of ideas contributed by thousands of professionals dedicated to improving the camp experience as a whole and getting more Americans out in the wilderness with their families.

The American Camping Association considers itself to be the leading authority in child development and, with this designation, is committed to providing safe and nurturing experiences for children when they go to camp. They are also concerned with the provision of helpful adult role models, developmentally-appropriate experiences for campers, and personal growth opportunities. It is clear with this information that the ACA is not just concerned with the improvement of America’s camp sites.

Mission Statement

The American Camping Association has a mission statement of “Enriching Lives, Changing the World” and vows to accomplish this mission with the help of their staff and thousands of volunteers. The ACA is dedicated to valuing people and their differences and helps to put together several camp programs that celebrate these differences and bring people together through the outdoors.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Camper Vans Selling Hot In Aussie

Getting away over the weekend in the countryside is not just a ritual in the West Coast, it is presently gaining a large population in the Pacific Region, specifically in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Introducing, Australian Camper Vans (ACV), a proudly Australian owned and operated company. It is a one- stop centralized booking agent for all of your personal holiday transport needs. ACV offers a wide range of quality rental camper vans, motorhomes, 4WD campers and hire cars.

Here are their different models of recreational vehicles that you can choose from to suit your lifestyle:* Berth Cruiser What better way for you to explore the magnificent scenery, historic townships and deserted beaches then in these camper vans with a shower or toilet. Uncomplicated and easy to drive, you will find this motorhome very comfortable the minute you start driving. This is definitely a motorhome for anyone wanting the best of both worlds.

* Trekker 4WDThese camper vans allow extra living space and great outback holiday. It has an upper bed that can accommodate two people and a single bed that can be converted to dinette. It has a front crash bar where you can enjoy drinking your favorite soda or juice while engaging over a hearty talk.

* Chepa CampaPopular camper vans that combine creative design and quality features to offer an economical yet comfortable holiday. It is great for couples but is large enough to accommodate a small child as well. The vehicle includes a large-sized double bed and an additional overhead bed. It is also fitted with a fridge, gas stove, sink and powered by a 2.4 unleaded petrol engine.

* Deluxe PoptopSized just right for two, this unique kind of camper vans is very much well- equipped. It even gives all the freedom you need to experience the sights and sounds of the country. The vehicle is ready to roll with a gas stove, fridge and water supply. All cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery are provided. Power steering, an AM/FM radio cassette and a pop- top roof.

* Berth BushcamperAre you in for a wild ride? The challenge and excitement of the outback are yours to conquer with this rugged type of camper vans. This vehicle is ideal for those that want to get off the beaten track. It has a power steering with a 12 voltage supply. It can sleep three people with one double bed, one single bed and even an extra bedding.

Experience the mystery and excitement of the sights and activities in side of the world as ACV is committed to offer the best rates, service, advice and supply for your self- drive holiday vehicle escapade. Their aim is to provide budget conscious travellers the highest quality. So come and explore its magic today.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Difference Between a Good Camping Experience a Bad One – Camping Apparel

Bad clothing decision on your camping trip can spell doom for any ‘happy family’ camping trip. Just because we all enjoy typically comfortable weather where we live, we can afford to wear pretty much anything we want. However, when venturing into the nature for camping trips and treks, everyday wear won’t be enough to protect you or keep you comfortable. Nature isn’t really known to take it easy on those that venture into its extremes.

So for an assuredly enjoyable camping trip, you will want to be fully clothed against the elements. Over the years advances in clothing technology has spawned a lot of camping wear designed to help keep the elements at bay at your camping trips. However, with the glut of clothing choices, it can get a little confusing to find which wears fit your need.

Here’s a rundown of the stuff you could snag off the stores to keep you comfy during your expeditions and the technologies behind them. Knowing their characteristics will help you find out how these technologies can benefit your outdoor life.

The MaterialsThe most popular materials for camping wear include technologies that allow water to escape the material, but don’t allow any water in. Ever since man started intentionally developing materials for the comfort of campers and trekker alike, the biggest problem they had to face was how to somehow draw away moisture from the surface of the skin so that the camper did not have to wear wet soggy shirts that made for bad temperature control. The new clothing had to accomplish this while keeping moisture out – it had to have some waterproof properties.

In response to this need, developers have unveiled three breakthrough technologies in the field of outdoor and sports apparel – microporous laminates, microporous coatings, and monolithic membranes. All these materials somehow allow water vapor to escape while preventing moisture from settling in the skin. The monolithic technology is particularly interesting since it absorbs water vapor into itself while using body heat to dissipate the vapor. The harder you work, the more heat you make, and the more vapor is dissipated. Quite an interesting technology that is.

You may want to check garments nowadays for such technologies or similar ones. This technology helps keep you dry and comfortable, and makes maintaining a good temperature easier – especially in unforgivingly cold climes.

Nylon or Polyester?Nylon has typically been the more popular of the materials used for outdoor wear. This is because it is scratch resistant and can endure the wear and tear of most outdoor activities, plus it is light and breathable. However, polyester, not to be outdone, has steadily become an acceptable compliment or alternative to nylon since it keeps the wearer warmer and absorbs less water than nylon. Look for the new breed of materials – keep with nylon to be safe, the newer polyester kinds do well too.

Keeping you warmOne of the critical needs of outdoors people is apparel that will keep them warm in extreme weather. As mentioned above nylon or polyester coupled with the newer micropore technology does a good job at helping a person keep warm and comfy. However, in more abject frigid weather, you will need extra material to keep you warm.

The greatest issue when choosing a camping wear is whether to purchase down or synthetic fill material. Nothing provides comfort and warmth as down, and down is generally recommended for most outdoor camping trips with the family. However, in the event that it rains and your down-filled clothes get wet, it is going to take forever to get them dry. Synthetic fill clothes, on the other hand, give good warmth and dries quickly if ever they get wet. They are a bit heavier in comparison, though.

Fleece is a good in-betweener for your garments. Contrary to intuition, fleece still keeps one warm even when it is damp. It also keeps moisture away from the skin, keeping one dry and comfortable. Plus they are squishy and comfortable to the feel.

ConclusionWhen looking for good camping wear, remember that the above mentioned technologies are very helpful in keeping you comfortable throughout camping trips. Look at each alternative and find out how their advantages fit in with your camping needs.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It is Better to Rent a Recreational Vehicle First

If you are thinking about buying a recreational vehicle, first consider how often you are going to use it. Owning a recreational vehicle means lot of work. It takes time to load the food and equipment every time you go somewhere, you have to clean it up and empty it when you get back. Every time you stop and camp, a lot of work can go into setting it up and taking it down, hooking up water, electricity and dealing with sewer connections. They require maintenance, tune-ups, lubrication and care and feeding just more frequently than your car. Recreational vehicles might be for recreation but they are also a lot of work.

Before you buy one, rent a recreational vehicle. Use it first and see whether it suits you. With a valid driver's license, you can rent a recreational vehicle and test drive it for a weekend, week, or more. See how it feels. Does it really meet your expectations? How does it really work for you in the field? Do you enjoy being in it, or can't wait to get out? Does it go to where you want to go and get you home or restrict your travels? Think about all the possibilities as you are using it, and see if it still appeals to you.

Rent a Recreational Vehicle to Adjust to RV Another benefit of renting a recreational vehicle is the test of your patience, determination, and stamina. Traveling in a recreation vehicle is hard work, a lot of work, and requires endless patience. You can judge it by driving in a rent a recreational vehicle rather than driving in your own one. One just can't pull out into traffic with a stomp on the gas pedal. One have to watch for an opening large enough to give you enough time to ease your way in and gain a whole new respect for the distance required to come to a stop. It is very stressful. It is a serious test of patience and stress level.

Before you invest thousands of dollars, rent a recreational vehicle and see whether it will suit your temperament.

Before going to rent a recreational vehicle, consider the geography of the place of your visit. Check out whether it is a narrow mountain road or a high plateau. You must also consider your personal habits before taking the vehicle. It will help you to decide the size of the vehicle, power of the engine, etc.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Coachman Recreational Vehicle

Every man loves the James Bond cars seen on the silver screen. Fully loaded with gadgets and features any guy would wish he could have with his car, though he might get arrested for it. But what car could any fan not see the legendary British agent in? By far an RV, though with the special features a Coachman recreational vehicle has, it might not be such a far stretch.

Features to Tickle Fancy

A Coachman recreational vehicle has many specialties, including a utility panel that helps drivers winterize their vehicle to a specially angled dashboard for increased driving vision. Even an air conditioning unit that is made for maximum cooling is installed in every Coachman recreational vehicle. Is that not enough to peak interest? There's plenty more to discuss. They certainly weren't trying to turn away any business they might receive.

Another feature is called Stow-N-Go, basically a very large storage space, even with shelves. There is the children 1st feature that includes two spaces for child seats that have 3 point anchoring. This definitely comes in handy for a growing family. A buyer can even order color coded electrical wiring for their Coachman recreational vehicle. This would make it a lot easier to get out of an electrical fix in the middle of that great vacation site with no one around.

Coachman also utilizes an aluminum frame for each of its vehicles. The bargain here is that a Coachman recreational vehicle is very safe because of its strong skeleton. One of the more comical features is the special tubing used for anti corrosion. This may sound funny, but it is also comes in handy, after all, who likes to clean up that kind of mess? The Last feature is the no-lip storage units under a Coachman recreational vehicle. They allow for easy storage of heavier objects and gear for the real adventurous drivers.

So maybe these features aren't quite what James Bond looks for in a car, but with that much quality, it might at least make it on the list. The nice thing about a Coachman recreational vehicle is that it comes with so many features and yet is still affordable. Basically, all these pluses are just part of the package, so customers can feel confident in their purchase. When looking for a top notch RV, Coachman makes customers shaken, not stirred.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Camping Checklist

I remember the day when I was so proud I had actually sat down and made my camping checklist. I was certain that I was not going to miss anything at all, while I had this item checked off and that item checked off, and in the end, I still didn’t remember everything I was supposed to take.

This wouldn’t have happened if I would have used my camping checklist in the right of manner. I should have been crossing off the items that I had, rather than just making note of it within my mind. Come to find out, I had forgotten the batteries, and well, there were a whole lot of unhappy campers with me that day!

You want everything to run smooth and like clockwork, you should take out your camping checklist and make sure you have put each and every last item into the cases they are being packed away in.

You’ve Made Your List, Now Check It Twice

Don’t just create your camping checklist and then forget it ever existed. You took the time to create the camping checklist, and now you have to take the time to scratch off each item so you can make sure there are no untied strings.

Even with my camping checklist, I am never fully secure I remembered to put everything on it, but without the camping checklist, I would surely forget many different kinds of camping gear and accessories.

Don’t just put down the necessity items you need on your camping checklist. If you decide you want to take your child out panning for gold, make sure you write down to remember the metal detector, as well as the other items necessary to find your gold. Otherwise, you may find out when you’re halfway there that gold is not going to be on your agenda this week.

Your Camping Checklist Should Contain All Pertinent Items For Camping Rustic Style, Even If You Are Staying At A Camping Ground.

Just to be honest with you, your camping checklist should provide all the equivalent necessities involved in survival, even if you aren’t camping rustic style. It doesn’t matter where you are, or who you’re camping with, an accident can still happen. Accidents aren’t called “accidents” because we plan them. Make sure you are carrying a first aide kit, as well as common over-the-counter medications.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Financing an RV

It is highly advisable that, prior to purchasing a recreational vehicle, you need to really take a good look at the options available for financing an RV. For one, it is best that you think of the savings that will be incurred from doing such.

Generally, a good way of looking for the best option in financing a recreational vehicle is via whatever offers the most convenient payments every month. Such a payment must be able to give you little interest over the whole life of the loan when financing the RV. Plus, it is best that you also have the choice of whether to go through a self-financing option, a finance dealer option, or online financing or through a loan from the bank.

The following are some of the basic types of financing you could do when purchasing – or at least when planning to purchase an RV.

Through the bank
Typically, most people immediately consider the bank when thinking of a good source of recreational vehicle financing. This usually works if you already have an established relationship with the bank of your choice. If such a relationship exists, chances are, you will probably be given a good deal. However, banks usually have little flexibility to offer and generally provide little or no financing for those recreational vehicle buyers.

Another option is via self-RV-financing. Cash can be used in this transaction as well as a life insurance policy, a line of home equity, among others. Be aware though as well as be wary of tax es from capital gains as well as on penalties for early withdrawing of money.
Believe it or not, once you have purchased a recreational vehicle, you should consider it as your second house wherein you could bathe in, sleep in and cook in as it has all the basic amenities as your own home – with wheels though.

Self-RV-financing is one of the better ways to purchase a recreational vehicle.
Financing through a recreational vehicle dealerDealers are basically able to offer financing options since they have a slew of companies that offer loans that the usual bank does not offer. Fortunately, dealers have flexible rates as well as terms which could prove to be an advantage to you. just be sure though that you are able to read the fine lines and you understand the RV-financing terms.

All in all, the option to finance a recreational vehicle is your choice depending on what your needs and wants are. The choice depends on you.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Wide Varieties of a Dutchess Recreational Vehicle

When looking for a recreational vehicle, a big issue that comes into play is the cost of the vehicle. Some recreational vehicles from companies that are popular and have been around for a long time seem extremely expensive for the middle class man. If this is a problem, the Dutchess recreational vehicle might be the perfect solution.

Good Deal for an RV

A Dutchess recreational vehicle comes in many styles and varieties. Though they mostly produce trailers, a vehicle that attaches to the hitch of a truck or other car, they also have RVs that are bigger in size. Besides getting all the nice features of a classic camper/RV, Dutchess also provides a nice price.

When looking for a dealer, a customer can find affordable prices for a Dutchess recreational vehicle. Prices can range anywhere from the price of a cheap used car to the cost of a small home. Of course the size and style of the RV changes with the price, but that's only a factor if the way a vehicle looks is desirable. A Dutchess recreational vehicle gives a lot of bang for its buck, so a customer would be wise to take a look at their product line before making any final decisions.

Camper or RV

When it comes to a Dutchess recreational vehicle, there's truly no comparison. Whether it's a camper or an RV, Dutchess gives the consistent quality and comfort. Plus, Dutchess is a company that sells quite a bit cheaper than the more popular and bigger producers of the RV industry.

However, it is good to look at the pros and cons of having an RV or having a camper.

Having a camper can be more of a hassle than having an RV. It has to be hitched to the back of a vehicle, usually a truck, but a Dutchess recreational vehicle has a built-in car. Campers are usually smaller, though there are larger trailers on the market. Another benefit of an RV is that one does not have to stop to get into the camper section of the vehicle. Need a quick trip to the bathroom? In an RV it's just a walk to the back, but with a camper, it's a walk around and through the door just to get to the back.

A Dutchess recreational vehicle can definitely be worth it, but the buyer needs to know what features are desired. This will play the biggest role in the exciting adventure of the RV industry.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Brief Guide to Building Great Campfires

Building a good fire for your camping trick isn’t just a fancy party trick to impress your fellow campers. Although most camping gear today make traditional campfire making look paltry and tedious, knowing how to build a proper camp fire can spell the difference between life and death extreme circumstances.

In the older, simpler, and less complicated days, when matches and gas torches were but luxuries, building a proper camp fire was essential to any outdoor activity. This was where everyone sough warmth against the cold environs, and where people found the means to cook a warm dinner for everyone. Night temperatures can be very unforgiving, and camp fires provided a means for everyone gather around and warm up.

Aside from the heat, camp fires also repelled wild animals. Wild dogs, lions and other beasts are not keen to approach a campfire. That is why camp fires are always left burning well into the night.

While the art of making campfires has been all but forgotten – partly because matches have begun to seem more convenient – campfire making as a skill is still relevant and essential to any camper’s repertoire of tricks.

First of all, the secret to starting camp fires is to start them quickly. You can only do this if you have a firm grasp of what is needed to start a fire – heat, oxygen, and fuel.

Oxygen, while around us, is not always readily available to the campfire, you may have to arrange the fuel in such a way that it has adequate air supply. You may also supplement this supply by blowing into a cinder, or fanning an already blossoming flame.

Heat is generally generated for campfires by friction. You will probably use an assortment of methods to generate this heat – rubbing two sticks together, using flint stones, and other techniques. However, this won’t give you a glorious fan of flames if you don’t have the right fuel.

Fuel is what keeps your fire burning, and finding the right type of fuel is integral to your efforts at building and maintaining a fire. Building a fire by applying the heat to the logs isn’t going to work. You will need tinder. Tinder is easily combustible materials that will burn quickly and hopefully emit enough heat and gases to start a fire with larger pieces of wood.
Ideal tinder includes dry sticks, bark, dry leaves, and twigs. Use these kindling to start the fire and to help maintain it. But remember that you can only successfully build a fire if the larger, harder to burn pieces of wood burn.

Some common designs of campfires include:

Tepee – tepees are great for quick fires, and last long into the night. It makes use of a lot of tinder, so you will need a good bunch of it. The longer burning wood is placed, balanced at against each other vertically around the tinder. This makes sure that the heat and the gases of the tinder are generated in a way to help the larger pieces of wood to burn. It is the perfect fire for boiling water and general purpose campfires.

Pyramid – You build a ‘pyramid’ of logs by laying the logs horizontally on the ground together, then building another layer on top of the next gradually forming a pyramid. Although this type of campfire is a little hard to start up, the advantage of such is that it generates a lot of charcoal that will be useful in the future. It burn pretty well and is quite a stable fire.
Parallel – The parallel fire puts the tinder in between two logs. This is an efficient burning fire since the insides of the log burn too – having the fire and heat going in a good, snug place between two logs.

Star (Indian) – This is the type of fire you usually see on those old Western movies. The logs are laid out like spokes of a wheel. Tinder is placed in the middle. The fire is easy to maintain, although you do have to push each ‘spoke’ of the wheel towards the middle as the fuel burns up.

ConclusionThere are other types of campfires, all with specific purposes. But as with any outdoor skill, creating and maintaining any of them takes a lot of practice to get right. And like mothers usually tell their kids, don’t play with fire. Treat it with respect as it has the power to save and to destroy. Remember to follow safety precautions after using a fire – douse the fire with water or bury the remains of a campfire with dust and dirt. Fires left unattended may cause serious property damage, so always take precautions that nothing that shouldn’t burn gets burned.

Monday, November 13, 2006

You Should Really Try Camping in Virginia

The state of Virginia is one of the best places to go camping in the U.S. Regardless of the type of holiday you want, Virginia has the amenities, and the welcome, that you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should try camping in Virginia.

Lots to Do

It has to be said, if you are camping in Virginia then you are spoiled to begin with because there are tons of things to do. From bike riding to canoeing, fishing to hiking, wine tasting to golf, everything is available in this great state. As for the scenery, well take your pick. There’s the Shenandoah Valley, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Luray Caverns all at your disposal. Whether it’s just you and your backpack or the entire family in the RV, when you go camping in Virginia you’re bound to find exactly what you are looking for.

Virginia Loves Campers

There is no doubt about it that Virginia is one of the most camper friendly places there is. With over 300 miles of trails and over one thousand campsites, there is no doubt that camping in Virginia has it all. It isn’t just the nature as when you go camping in Virginia there is also plenty of history with all the Civil War sites as well as numerous museums and shops to enjoy. On top of that, Virginia has camp sites in twenty two of its State Parks, offering amenities such as bathing facilities, picnic tables and the numerous- and handy - power outlets.

Too Much Choice

When you take into account that camping in Virginia means you could come face to face with a black bear one day, or go sky diving the next, there is no better area in the whole of the United States to go camping. The scenery is breath taking all year round so whether you go in the middle of winter or the height of summer, you are guaranteed to have a great time camping in Virginia.

Forget the hustle and bustle of booking a hotel or the endless waiting in airport lounges for a flight to some over-priced resort where you never get a minute to yourself. When you go camping in Virginia it’s just you and Mother Nature. Just think – you could pack up the car this weekend and before you know it you’ll be waking up to the sound of birdsong and breathing that beautiful Virginia air.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Camper Awnings

Camper awnings are those secondary covering attached to the exterior wall. It is typically composed of canvas or acrylic cloth that is stretched lightly over a light structure of aluminum, iron, steel or wood. The configuration of this structure is something of a truss, space frame and planar frame.

Those that are easy to set- up and light on the budget are designed for the first-time recreational vehicle (RV) owners. It has the looks, strength and dependability you are asking for. Before you place a call to order any of the camper awnings, having the following information in hand is very important.

How to get the camper awnings’ measurements when replacing exisitng?* First, determine the length and width of the existing fabric with the canopy fully opened. The length should be measured from the roller tube to awning rail. Do not include include the hardware and valance in these measurements. The width measurement is the distance between the center line to center line of the hardware. With the canopy fully extended, you should find a product tag on the roller tube.

How to install the new camper awnings?

* Measure the width to the nearest foot by looking at where the hardware will be mounted. As you measure for the width, make sure that the installed hardware and canopy will not interfere with doors, windows and compartments. Envision how the unit will open once installed. Study how the hardware will be screwed in to make sure that it will be screwed in at a point that is well supported. There is also a need to measure for the length and height of the hardware. This measurement should be from the rail at the top of the vehicle to the floor level where you will need to fasten the arms.

How to order camper awnings?

* You will need appropriate fabric, roller, arms and rafters for a complete unit. These items are sold under separate part numbers. Remember that each recreational vehicle has its own specialized type. The kinds of RV’s are as follows: motor home, travel trailer, folding camper and truck camper. There are several sorts of camper awnings such as the patio which has fiesta, simplicity and freedom; companion which has window, SL window and truckin’; and slideout which has summit, kover II and omega II.

Thousands of companies are doing business on camp accessories. Because the competition is fierce, you can get great deals on multiple buys or even deep discounts on just one. You can call around to local installers to find out what their specials are and compare the savings around town.

Simply stated, camper awnings can make a wonderful addition to nearly any RV for that matter.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Custom made RV’s by Kingsley

So you have decided that you should purchase – and probably could just as well afford – a recreational vehicle that is luxurious and custom made to fit your lifestyle as well as your taste and needs.

Where and who should you go to for those custom made recreational vehicles? The best place to go for that experience in creating RV’s that are custom made is Kingsley Coach.
Believe it or not, Kingsley Coach will be there to assist you from the conception of your highly specialized recreational vehicle to its completion, as well as beyond.

Kingsley Coach has a design center where you have the convenience and the luxury to choose from a wide variety of options depending on your recreational vehicle desires and needs. You have the choice on how to decide on the details about the full recreational vehicle kitchen, the colors of the interior as well as in the flooring.

Plus, this may be hard to believe but, Kingsley Coach is also capable of designing the units of your garage as well as the space for trade shows. In Kingsley Coach, you will - more often than not – find exactly what you need for your own personalized, custom made recreational vehicle.
You can even choose the paint on the exterior of your custom built recreational vehicle.

Kingsley Coach, upon your request, could build on your own chassis or on theirs. Kingsley Coach chassis’ include the following: Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt. Just in case you cannot – in any way – make any design work with Kingsley Coach, they will help you – believe it or not - work with whoever is the RV customizer you choose.

However, the recreational vehicles made and created by Kingsley Coach are extremely up to date and are really nothing like anyone has ever seen. This is primarily because the recreational vehicles made by Kingsley Coach basically starts out using a chassis of a truck. The engine of the Kingsley Coach custom made recreational vehicle is found in the front, not under the bed.
Kingsley Coach has been able to design recreational vehicles for a variety of purposes, including NASCAR and the Semipro Team.

All in all, the experience of Kingsley Coach is a definite advantage to someone considering to custom make their recreational vehicles. All they need are your wants, needs, ideas and they will get themselves to work on your creative behalf

Friday, November 10, 2006

It’s Relaxing To Soak Up The Sun While Beach Camping

Beach camping is a thrilling way to meet new friends. While you are basking in the hot sun, with lotion protecting your skin, you will have opportunities to meet people you never knew existed before you went camping.

All of these people are at the same place as you for a reason and they want to enjoy the company of others while they splash away in the fresh, cool water. Beach camping is a more modern approach to camping and you are provided with running water and electricity, of course for fee that is usually charged per day.

Carry On With Your Beach Towel, Suntan Oil and Bug Dope

Aside for the obvious food and little odds and ends accessories, you really only need to make sure have a great beach towel, plenty of suntan oil and bug dope. A bug dope can mean the difference between enjoyment and unhappiness when you are beach camping close to a wilderness area. Little gnats and mosquitoes can really make people feel uncomfortable.
The important part is that you are protected from the conditions of the environment, because everything else is made easier for you. Even the beaches are groomed and savvy, with no worries of items that can hurt you. These areas are protected by a qualified person who maintains the camp while you are beach camping.

Kick Back With The Cool Sunglasses And Watch The Tide Roll In

While you are beach camping, you can sit in the evening sun and watch the tide come rolling in. Sharing this inspirational beauty with a loved one, is often a memory worth keeping for many years to come. Watching the waves come crashing in while you are beach camping can be a peaceful way to enjoy an evening.

Walk bare feet through the wet sand while you are beach camping and feel the cold sand scraping up the cracks of your toes. When you are beach camping, you can often find some sort of treasure and they are usually found near or in the water. Fossils and gemstones are often apparent at beach camping areas and the history will be the treasure of a lifetime.

Feel Great The Whole Time You Are Beach Camping.

Unlike rustic camping, beach camping offers you an opportunity to take showers. At any given point in time during the day, you can go freshen yourself up. This is a lot more fun than the rustic camping route can sometimes be, considering some temperatures can get colder than even I care to mention.

You can decide to freshen yourself up by simply jumping into the lake at your campground area, or you can take the more conservative measures and enjoy the fresh, hot water of a shower.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What You Need for a Camping in the Grand Canyon

Camping spots can range from the middle of a forest to the middle of a desert. But have you ever wanted to go camping in the Grand Canyon? It is a wonderful idea, but not as simple as one would hope. If you really want to enjoy camping in the Grand Canyon; under the hot sun and the dry air, you need to be prepared for many things.

Located entirely in northern Arizona and being one of the great tourist spots in the world, the Grand Canyon is a very good choice. By camping here you will be spending a little more than usual, but it’s all worth it. Before your trip, take time for proper planning and preparing the correct equipment for the correct camping spot.

Planning and Finding a spot

Planning and finding a spot for camping in the Grand Canyon is the most important step. There are two options available when it comes to making choices; either you can take a developed camp ground that has been specialized for people who want to spend the night there or you can chose an area that is not specifically designated for camping purposes.

For the first option, it’s pretty easy to find a camping spot, because the authorities have already set up everything for you, and you just have to go and enjoy yourself there, just like a normal camping outing by the forest near your house. These spots can be found in both the North rim and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Currently there are two places in the North rim that are offered for camping. They are the North Rim Campground and the Jacob lake Campground. On the other hand, the South rim has four places, which are the Mather Campground, Trailer Village, Desert View Campground and Ten-X Campground. Of the four, the latter two are seasonal and not available all year round.

If you go for the second option, you can experience the Grand Canyon in a better way, but there are many issues that need to be considered including the backcountry permit application. You need to contact the Backcountry Information Center, and they will guide you throughout your camping in the Grand Canyon. It has to be noted that the alternative backwoods users are asked to follow the principle of “leave no trace”
Equipment preparation

If you go for the first choice, you should carry your equipment just like any other camping trip. However, if you choose the second option, make sure you carry more water containers and supply because there is limited water available within this particular part of the canyon. Camping in the Grand Canyon is restricted due to the policy of protecting the canyon. Thus, no kind of weapons and knives are allowed, in fear that users will harm the flora and fauna as well as the landscape around the area.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Latest models of recreational vehicle

A recreational vehicle (RV) is designed for people who love camping, traveling, or doing other recreational activities without totally leaving the comfort of home. It is towable or motorized, designed to be used for transportation and temporary residence.

These kinds of vehicles offer a lot more compared to regular cars. They include bathrooms, bathtubs, basements, furnishings, and much more convenience to campers.
Almost all latest models of recreational vehicles include cassette radios, television sets, huge viewing windows, and other features to make the campers’ trip boredom-free.

The following are some of the latest recreational vehicles:

1. Fold out Quicksilver camper.
This recreational vehicle is lightweight, weighing only 865 lbs. Perfect to be towed by minivan or car. Built completely with composites and aluminum. With its durability, it is considered the best investment for campers.

2. 2005 Terra Class.
This recreational vehicle was made with an excellent plumbing system that guarantees campers leak-free for 25 years. It also has driver and passenger captain’s chairs, outstanding internal and external styling. Its floor, wall, and ceilings are made of steel with powered entry steps.

3. 2005 Jamboree GT/Class C.
This is for people who are looking for automatic transmission and want an excellent kitchen area. Complete with kitchen materials needed for camping trips making the campers feel they are at home .

4. Centennial by Starcraft.
Designed for outstanding performance. It is easy to set up and maximize interior space and storage potential. All furnishings are set up free, saving the campers’ time and effort.

5. RT Series
The recreational vehicle designed to go anywhere. Campers who enjoy going to mountain peaks, campgrounds and other wilderness trails, this model is specially created for them. It is easy to maintain and durable.

6. Towable Lightweight Trailers by Travel Star.
This lightweight trailer can be pulled by small SUV’s and mini vans. Designed for the whole family and offers kid-friendly side bunk and two bowl sinks. It is very spacious and contains a two door refrigerator, 3-burner stove, and microwave oven.

Recreational vehicles offer convenience to campers who love exploring nature. With their features, they give more meaning to camping. No more sleeping in tents or carrying food and drinks with a backpack. The creation of RVs make the idea of bringing home closer to nature a reality. Today, with more and more models coming out in the market, getting the best recreational vehicle that will fit the needs of the campers could never be easier.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bigfoot Campers

Bigfoot is one of the leading companies in the industry of manufacturing quality recreational vehicles, one of which are campers. Bigfoot campers offer exceptional quality, comfort and style, and come equipped with numerous standard features designed to meet the most demanding recreational vehicle lover’s expectations. Bigfoot offers several styles of truck campers, travel trailers, and Class C Motorhomes. Here are some top of the list Bigfoot campers:

Bigfoot 1500 Series Truck Campers These Bigfoot campers are the lightest and most aerodynamic of the Bigfoot Truck Camper lineup. It features Bigfoot's proven two-piece molded fiberglass construction, these models are insulated using a high-density 1" polystyrene insulation, and come equipped with an impressive list of standard features, high quality appliances, and three stylish interior decors to choose from. Four models are available in both long and short box configurations, there's a Bigfoot 1500 Series Truck Camper to fit your RV lifestyle needs.

Bigfoot 2500 Series Truck Campers Available in both long and short box configurations, Bigfoot 2500 Series Truck Campers are insulated using a 1½" high-density polystyrene insulation, and feature a comprehensive list of standard features, large exterior basement storage compartments, and enclosed, insulated fresh and wastewater holding tanks, that are heated by a 30,000 BTU high output furnace. These are Bigfoot campers that are constructed out of two molded gelcoat fiberglass shells that are joined together similar to a deck and hull of a boat, thus giving the camper its extremely durable and weatherproof design.

Bigfoot 3000 Series Truck CampersThese deluxe wide-body Truck Campers offer our proprietary Fibercore Wall System®, which in combination with standard features such as a slide-out dual battery compartment, high output 30,000 BTU furnace and enclosed, insulated and heated fresh and wastewater holding tanks will allow outdoor enthusiasts greater functionality during the winter months. These Bigfoot campers are the top of the line in the Bigfoot Truck Camper lineup, and feature durable construction combined with superior insulation values.

Aside from Bigfoot campers, here are other superior quality vehicles being manufactured by Bigfoot are in today’s marketplace:

Bigfoot Motorhomes Line
Bigfoot 4000Series MotorhomesEvery Bigfoot 4000 Series Class C Motorhome is designed to be the best in its class, and is manufactured with many interior and exterior refinements you would normally only expect to find in luxury Class A Motorhomes. They are the flagship of the motorhome lineup.Bigfoot 3000 Series MotorhomesEach one comes equipped with many standard features that will satisfy all your RV lifestyle requirements. An abundant amount of exterior storage in each of the available models will allow you to safely stow your bicycles, golf clubs, and skis, or any other essential item you may require to enjoy your leisure time activities.

Bigfoot also has travel trailers which are manufactured to the same quality and by the same kind of craftsmanship as Bigfoot campers and motorhomes.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Caring for Your Camping Trailer

Camping trailers are often referred to as Recreational Vehicles, or simply known as RVs. Since 1999, with the boom in the real estate market, more and more people are purchasing RVs to lend them the freedom in exploring the wilderness along with the ease and convenience of having the amenities of their home.

The maintenance of such vehicles takes much more than having the engine tuned up. The roof should be inspected monthly and fully covered when not in use. Although a custom-fitted cover or a tarp can cover it, it is always advisable to store it in a garage. Since it is always a loaded vehicle, the tires should be checked regularly to ensure that the proper pressure is maintained which can prevent road accidents. It is always handy to have a pressure gauge to do this task. Paying meticulous attention on these two simple duties can prolong the life of the RV to at least 20 years.

Caring for the awning can be done as easy as giving it a quick bath with warm water and a mild detergent. A car wash brush can be used to lightly scrub the sides. Allow to dry entirely before rolling it for keeping. In this case, it is always advisable to consult the manufacturer’s user guide to ensure proper maintenance.

On the other hand, tent trailers need a different type of maintenance. The key to making these last longer is through good set-up and take-down systems, and correct service measures. To prevent binding when the roof is extended, have the tent trailer as level as possible before starting the set-up. Once the roof is fully extended, look for the strap at the end of the bunk (at the end of the trailer) and extend only up to 12 inches. Before completing this task, have the support poles ready at hand. These are usually positioned under the mattress. Insert the end of each pole into the bracket on the frame of the trailer. The other end of each pole can then be hooked into the brackets under the bunk. By doing so, the poles will support it instead of the slide rails.

It is always advised to constantly check the LP-gas system for leaks twice in a year or more when it was subject to rough use. Like the LP-gas system at home, one can use soapy water to check for bubbles on the tube or better yet, have the dealer carry out a leak-down test.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Alaskan Camper

The Alaskan camper also known as The Alcan Camper is a simple yet dramatic breakaway from the bulky profile of the average pickup camper. The original Alcan Camper which was later called the Alaskan camper was designed in 1953 for the purpose of conquering the Alcan Highway. Outdoorsmen searched for a camper that would give them protection from the rain and cold, travel rough terrain, be lightweight, and present the least wind resistance on the road, and so in answer to these needs this Alaskan camper was built.

The Alaskan Camper (ALCAN Camper) provides luxury, and convenience with the advantage of mobility. They are the most rugged, functionally designed campers available. One of the noticeable features of the Alaskan camper is its patented telescopic system which gives the camper the advantage of raising and lowering its top.

This Top Up - Top Down design means that down, the camper is ready for traveling with less air drag from any direction. In the down position, you eliminate fourteen square feet of area in the front and twenty-six square feet of area on each side. That means better gas mileage and better control in high-wind situations. It also means that UP the camper gives 6' 4" head room and even this can be increased.

A second advantage of lowering the top is a stable, safe ride because the center of gravity is lower, which greatly reduces rocking and swaying. The advantage of the low profile is when you are on one of those tight mountain trails or winding your way down to your favorite fishing spot, not only can you go under a lot of those low-hanging branches, but because the camper closely follows the profile of your truck, you won’t lean and tilt into trees, rock outcropping, or other obstacles.

The Alaskan Camper (ALCAN) can go where others can’t. You can drive safely at any legal speed with the least drag and sway saving fuel with every mile. The Alaskan camper is transformed in just seconds from compact to roomy walk-in living quarters. There is comfort and convenience of an insulated, weather-tight, high ceiling (6, 4”) camper with no canvas for side walls. The Alaskan Camper (ALCAN) has been tested and proven on the Alcan Highway and around the world.

The Alaskan camper also features Alumashield construction which was exclusively developed for the ALCAN. The Alumashield is two layers of Aluminum with a polyethylene core that are bonded to a bonded aluminum frame, which results to lighter weight and greater strength, and no warping.

The Alaskan Camper (ALCAN) has two inches of sprayed-in urethane foam insulation that gives it the finest insulation with “R” value. It also has teak interior with solid teak doors and drawer fronts. Another feature that sets it apart from the others is its hot water base board heating system that both quietly heats the camper and provides water without producing a heavy electrical drain on the camper’s battery.

So whether you like the great desert, lakes, streams, mountains, ocean shores, open spaces and clear skies, or just simply traveling, these Alaskan campers will get you there in style without emptying your pockets.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Vintage Camper

Vintage campers are the classic campers that were very popular around late 1930’s until probably the 60’s, now it is enjoying a recent rise in popularity, as people look back to simpler, less hectic times, seeking the high quality “machine age” design and craftsmanship of the early airstreams.

Most vintage campers nowadays are designed from the original craftsmanship of tin and airstream types, but some are restored from the original ones and are added a little extra innovation. However for most vintage camper seekers and buyers, they would look for a vintage camper dating back from the 30’s, 40’s or 60’s, buy them and have them restored.

Why buy a vintage camper? Well, most people prefer their classic looks and quality construction, they find it fun and exciting to restore, it uses real wood and not synthetics, they are most easy and inexpensive to maintain, they increase in value rather than decrease, they look great towed behind a classic car or truck, and they are a nice way to enjoy the great outdoors.

If you are looking for original restorable vintage campers, then you might want to check out They have a wide array of original vintage campers that you can choose from. Here are some of them:

1939 Platt 24’ TandemExteriorThis vintage camper trailer has a very cool body style with awesome lines. Most of exterior components are original and intact. This trailer will need lots of work but you will have a rare jewel when completed.InteriorOriginal interior is pretty much all there with the exception of appliances.Running gearHas original running gear but bearings and brakes have not been inspected or tested.FurnishingsNo curtains, but has dinette cushions that are not original but in good shape.ElectricalIt has 110 volt lights, and has original porcelain wall scone-less shade. Has electrical breaks on front axle only and it is untested.LP SystemHas refrigerator with original two door side ice box with all original hardware intact.PlumbingThis vintage camper originally had a dry sink in the kitchen with a copper drain line running outside, and is still there and intact. Modern plumbing could be added to this unit.

OtherThis vintage camper trailer is a rare find. Most pre-war camping trailers are long gone. This trailer is very restorable and would be a one of a kind jewel once restored. This trailer would need a full restoration but is definitely worth sinking some time and money into.Price: $2500.00

1947 Spartan 25’ ManorExteriorThis Vintage Spartan has a very nice exterior skin with most exterior components there and intact. Has had some electrical outlets added. This is the smallest Spartan made and can be towed easily with most vehicles.InteriorThis vintage camper has pretty nice interior although some upgrades have been made. It could be camped in with only minor work done.Running GearReady to be towed any distance. Has new tires, wheel bearings repacked, lights in rear, and electric brakes are in working order.FurnishingsHas curtains and futon has been added in rear, no bed or mattresses and dinette cushions.

ElectricalHas original Trumbell brand 2 circuit breaker boxes with new 30 amp plug and cord added. PlumbingNewer plastic fresh water lines added with newer PVC drains.OtherThis vintage camper trailer is nice overall which has great potential. It can camp in and fix-up at the same time. It needs a little work.Price: $3,750.00

There are plenty more where these vintage camper trailers come from, some may need a lot of restoration other just a few, but for vintage camper seekers, you know the fun is in restoration and all you need to do is find what you want. Check out more of this at

Friday, November 03, 2006

Camping food need not be just about junk foods

When camping, it helps to think light and carry light. However, no matter how pretty the image is of a camp fire with eggs and tasty bacon sizzling in the background, plus hot coffee, reality bites. And reality is heavy.

In order to make real this food camping image, one has to carry to the camping trip all the cooking equipments needed such as a cast iron oven, a cooler, as well as ice to keep food fresh, etc.

The usual options therefore are frozen and dried meals which basically costs much, does not taste like anything at all and are heavy on preservatives and artificial flavors.

Believe it or not, there are a lot better options out there at the grocery store nearest you which provides healthier if not a lot tastier food options. And they are not just instant noodles.

The following are tips to choose the camping food that is right for you.
Weigh in, weigh out

Camping requires a lot of energy walking and traversing trails and trees. So any stuff carried during this time must – as much as possible – be light in weight or at least tolerably heavy. This is because besides food, clothes also need to be packed, a sleeping bag, a system for purifying water, a mattress, and so on.

The cooking system used most during camping trips are stoves that involve micro cooking. This is composed of a burner primarily used to boil water. Usually any nourishment a camper would take in are foods that are the dehydrated kind.

Cereal flakes like Cheerios is a good option. There are also foods that are the dehydrated kind. Also, there are packaged cereals that all you need to add is hot water so you can enjoy a warm meal. Oatmeal is one of them, also cream of wheat. It is best that these type of meals be placed in a bag, preferably a Ziploc bag so you can appropriately portion the quantity you would be taking and eating. Better this than bringing a whole oatmeal can.

Dried fruits like raisin is also a better and healthy option. Cranberries that are dried is another, also blueberries.

For drinks, good old powdered orange juice like Tang is readily accessible and easy to carry as well. Coffee could also be brought in a camping trip, the kind that could be made instantly and not brewed. A good creamer to bring – when you do not prefer your coffee black – is Cremora.
Another good thing with this type of camping food is that there is less trash left behind.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wilderness Camping

Wilderness camping is probably the most exciting and fun way of spending a holiday or vacation. The freedom of just being on the road at your own pace, no traffic, no schedules, no rush, just looking forward to a destination of the most amazing sites of nature you choose, and being one with it for a while, is definitely something worth doing.

Wilderness camping is a favorite of people who enjoy the adrenalin rush of being in harmony with nature, exploring its beauty and simply taking pleasure in the freedom of time, away from all the noisy, hectic and busy streets of the city. Wilderness camping is not only a thrilling way of spending your vacation but is a learning experience as well.

Here are some great wilderness camping sites that you may want to explore and experience as they have gained popularity among those wilderness camping lovers:

Theodore Roosevelt WildernessThis wilderness camping site is located in the U.S. state of North Dakota. The wilderness covers an area of 29,920 acres and comprises over a third of the entire acreage of Theodore Roosevelt National Park both of which are managed by the National Park Service.

The wilderness protects from the wildest sections of the National Park. Bison, pronghorn, elk, mule deer and coyote are all found here, along with hundreds of species of birds such as the Bald eagle, falcon and hawk. The wilderness is separated into two sections along with park, a north and south unit, by a distance of seventy miles. The Little Missouri River is on the south of both side units. Eighty five miles of trails allow access to the most remote sections of the wilderness. Wilderness camping is allowed with a permit; however overnighters are encouraged to bring portable stove as there are little wood for fires. Wilderness areas do not allow motorized or mechanical equipment, such as bicycles, although camping and fishing are usually allowed with proper permit.

Haleakalâ National ParkThis wilderness camping site gives a wonderful opportunity to see Hawaiian wildlife, which has its famous Nene (Hawaiian goose) often seen in the campsites. There are two primitive campsites, the Paliku and Holua, which are both accessible only by trail. Permits are required for overnight wilderness camping at these sites. Camping permits are free and requires a ten-minute orientation, and can be obtained at any visitor center.

Campsite space is available on a first-come, first-served basis for the general public. Special accommodation is made for educational groups and boy-scout groups which may reserve space up to six months in advance. A maximum of three nights per thirty day period in the wilderness campsites with no more than two nights at any one site is limited for each person. Holua and Paliku campsites have a maximum limit of twenty five people each with a twelve-person group limit.

Holua CampsiteThis wilderness camping site is reached by the shortest hike, lies at 6,940 feet (2,115 meters) in the shrubland near Koolau Gap. Holua is 3.7 miles (6km) down the Halemauu Trail or 7.4 miles (12km) from the Sliding Sand Trailhead. Visitors staying at Holua can enjoy day hikes into the central Wilderness Area. The landscape around Holua supports a native shrubland which colonizes the lava flows.Paliku CampsiteThis wilderness camping site is on the east end of the wilderness valley at the base of a rain forest cliff, at 6,380 feet (1,945 meters). The campsite is reached via a strenuous 9.3 mile (15km) hike on the Sliding Sands Trail or 10.4 (17km) on Halemauu Trail. Clouds and fog often roll over the top of the cliffs behind Paliku, and rain is common. The extra moisture makes this spot exceptionally cool and lush.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park“Where the waters come together" is a translation of the word Ahjumawi, which is also the self describing word used by the band of Pit River Native Americans who inhabit the area. The waters which come together are Big Lake, Tule River, Ja-She Creek, Lava Creek, and Fall River. Together they form one of the largest systems of fresh water springs in the country. This wilderness camping site can only be reached by boat, there are no public roads to it and private motor vehicles are prohibited within. Ahjumawi is a place of exceptional, even primeval, beauty. Brilliant aqua bays and tree studded islets only a few yards long dot the shoreline of Ja-She Creek, Crystal Springs, and Horr Pond. Over two thirds of the area is covered by recent (three to five thousand years) lava flows including vast areas of jagged black basalt. Visitors may be inspired by magnificent vistas of Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen, and other nearby peaks.

Andrew Molera State ParkThis wilderness camping site has 24 identified sites. Camping is allowed only at these sites with a maximum of four people per site. Registration will continue to be on a first-come, first-served basis. In the spectacular Big Sur area, this park is still relatively undeveloped and offers visitors great hiking, fishing and beachcombing. Miles of trails wind through meadows, beaches and hilltops. A primitive walk-in trail camp, popular with hikers and bikers, is located approximately one third mile from the parking area.

These are just some of the wilderness camping sites that you may want to experience, however, if you really just want a simple get away from the hectic life of the city, you can always choose your own “wilderness”, as long as it gives you a touch of nature’s beauty, harmony and simplicity, it’s always as good as any wilderness camping experience you’ll ever have.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

5th Wheel Camper Trailer

The 5th wheel camper trailer is a type of recreational vehicle that can be equipped with the same standard features as the conventional travel trailer but is constructed with a raised forward section that creates a bi-level floor plan. The length ranges from twenty one to forty feet in length, and prices vary from $12,495 to $101, 550.

Here are some top of the list 5th Wheel Camper Trailers from different brands of manufacturers:

Heartland 5th Wheel Camper Trailers
Bighorn 5th Wheel TrailersBighorn line of 5th wheel camper trailers from Heartland offers truly affordable luxury in a package that is easily towed by 3/4 ton pick-ups. Bighorn offers incredibly spacious interior living areas featuring multiple slide-outs, huge interior and exterior storage and innovative features. It is with a patent-pending turning radius and more standard features than any other coach in its class.Landmark 5th Wheel TrailersThis 5th wheel camper trailer features only the finest interior amenities, including real granite countertops, and the most innovative engineering concepts to hit the fifth wheel market in years, unique Universal Docking Center, Texas storage compartment and more.

JAYCO 5th Wheel Camper Trailers
Designer Series 5th Wheel Travel TrailerAdjustable axles, double stacked steel frames and welded aluminum frame are all standard, you may want to upgrade to two premium paint packages, stackable washer/dryer, central vacuum and a suspension system/pin box, or an ingeniously designed kitchen bay window that expands to hold two shelves for plants. This 5th wheel camper trailer offers more than what meets the eye.Eagle 5th WheelsYou can get plenty of features, space and value for a great price with the Eagle Fifth wheels from Jayco. Construction for example, vacuum-bonded sidewalls supported by welded aluminum framing, the Eagle chassis use one-piece structural steel I-beams instead of welded together versions that could warp. Standard on every Eagle travel trailer and fifth wheel are slideouts running on rack-and-pinion electric drive.

Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel Camper Trailers
Savoy SL 5th Wheel TrailersThese impressive models of 5th wheel camper trailers have all the hallmarks of a Holiday Rambler, unbeatable quality, signature styling and roomy floorplans, from the flat-floor slide-out tot he beautiful cabinetry to the plush furnishings. They have the added advantage of being lightweight and easy to tow, and very friendly price tag.Presidential 5th Wheel TrailersThis 5th wheel camper trailer sets the standard for luxury, style and convenience, with your choice of double, triple or quad slide-outs, and a wide range of exciting floorplans, and countless residential touches; from the beautiful cabinetry and plush furnishings down to the antique brass lighting and faucets and the conveniently placed telephone jacks. You also have the option of a cozy fireplace (not available on the 30SCD and 32SKQ).
These are just some of the best quality 5th wheel camper trailers available in the market today, there are a lot more from various manufacturers that you can choose from. Depending on your budget and your needs, you always have a choice of a 5th wheel camper trailer that’s right for you.

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