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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Facts About Participating in Recreational Vehicle Shows

It has long been accepted that car shows can really boost the sales performance of car manufacturers. Surveys show that almost 65% of the day’s sales are generated in car shows. That is why manufacturers of recreational vehicles know that it is important to have their vehicles displayed in car shows in order to improve sales.

So for people who wish to participate in recreational vehicle shows, here are some facts that they have to know:

1. Recreational vehicle shows attract more buyers

This is because most customers who have the tendency to buy recreational vehicles would like to participate in these kinds of shows because it is only during this time that they get to see a particular recreational vehicle up close. Hence, they can evaluate and assess the recreational vehicle in close scrutiny.

2. Running time

Most recreational vehicle shows run or operate from 3 to 5 days. It also includes the weekend, where most of the customers flock in order to see the most up-to-date models of recreational vehicles.

Most of the recreational vehicle shows are held during the first trimester of the year and during the months of October and September.

3. Quality service

Most of the staff of each manufacturer who participated in the recreational vehicle show are qualified. This means that they can attend to most of the customer’s individual concerns regarding recreational vehicles. Hence, in recreational vehicle shows, people can freely ask the staff about the specific concept that they would like to know with a particular recreational vehicle.

4. There are lots of brochures

One of the best things about recreational vehicle shows is that the manufacturers provide brochures and catalogs about the features of the vehicle or the parts that can go with it. Hence, aside from seeing the vehicle up close, you can also assess the overall features of the vehicle through the individual benefits stated in the brochure.

5. Systematic display of products

The best thing about recreational vehicles shows is that you can easily spot what you need. This is because recreational vehicles are arranged on one side while the parts and accessories are arranged on the other. In this way, you can head straight to the area of your concern.
Since most recreational vehicle shows are fully packed with people, you can cut back time by going directly to your area of interest.

The bottom line is that participating in recreational vehicle shows provides countless benefits to both the manufacturers as well as the buyers. This is because anything and everything are being displayed during the show.

Friday, December 22, 2006

RV’s maintenance 101

Just like any other automobile, maintaining and caring for recreational vehicles is needed to ensure convenience and safety. Checking the brakes, fluids, and tires prevent unexpected problems or delays on the road that could ruin the trip.

RV owners must religiously follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the manufacturer. This will put the RV in good shape and by doing this, RV owners can save money in the long run.
The following are simple tips in caring for recreational vehicles:

1. Finding the right service person.

Take the recreational vehicle to a certified RV technician at least once every two months or when it is obviously needed. They can easily be identified through their white, blue, and red technician sign. This indicates that the service center they are working for employs RV technicians who went through special training in proper caring for RVs.

2. Research.

It is not enough that the technicians went through trainings, it does not guarantee that they will take good care of the RV. Ask other RV owners about their experiences with these service centers and compare the quality of work they provide to their customers. Choose the service centers with proven record of customer satisfaction.

3. If the price is right.

Asking for a written estimate is one way of saving money while caring for the RV. Talk to the service person before letting him do the job. It is important that the RV owner and service person trust each other. This will prevent the RV owner from overpaying.

4. Fluids.

While some serious work must be entrusted with trained technician, an RV owner can do some routine check ups to keep the RV in good shape. Make it a habit to check the engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid before hitting the road. If there is a leak, see an RV technician immediately.

5. Inspect the exterior.

Check the roof and body of the RV. Check the tires for possible leaks and check their lug nuts on both outer and inner wheels. While making sure that the steering wheel will perform well throughout the trip, bringing extra tires is not a bad idea.

While regular check up and maintenance can cost hundreds of dollars, it is imperative for RV owners to have their vehicles checked by technicians. This will not only ensure an enjoyable trip, it can also save lives.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Luxury Motor Home

Are you the type of person who wishes to travel with a luxury motor home? Do you love traveling and want the best of a home-away-from-home trip on wheels? Well, a lot of people anywhere in the world today are avid travelers. They want to spend most of their days traveling than just stay at home and do the household routines. Without them knowing, a luxury motor home will make them feel like they’re home. Yes, and this is no doubt for the reason that a luxury motor home provides all the comforts and conveniences that a real home provides.

A luxury motor home is commonly defined as a motorized recreational vehicle that is fully equipped. It has all the amenities and facilities found in a complete home, such as well-equipped kitchen, well-appointed bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining area, and a complete entertainment center. All of these compartments must be highly functional and capable of accommodating the entire family or group of travelers for the unit to be called a luxury motor home.

Well, luxury motor homes are available in great numbers nowadays. Yes, they are already set to hit the road. So, if you happen to be an avid traveler and you want to experience how it feels like traveling and at the same time living in a fully equipped motor home, then a unit that provides all the luxuries possible can be the best option for you to consider.

But, the question is how you can find a luxury motor home? Well, the answer is pretty simple – be practical and know what makes a motor home luxurious.

Finding the perfect motor home that could give you the best luxuries possible can actually be puzzling. One reason for this is the fact that luxury motor homes now come in great numbers, with different names and features. What’s more puzzling to know is that almost all of the available models are claiming to be the “best”. It is even more puzzling especially if you don’t know what and where to find.

So to start, think first about your needs. Ask yourself what type of luxury motor homes will be suit your needs. Also, take a look at your budget. Note that renting or buying a luxurious motor home is highly expensive. This is true even with the used vehicles. So before you decide on a particular model, make sure that you can afford the financing. Buying or renting a motor home, in fact, can create a hole in your pocket.

Finally, try to know what makes a motor home luxurious. According to some motor home buyers, a luxury motor home should be capable of giving you the best of a complete home. There are actually a number of features that you might want to check out for the luxury motor home, and these features include: choice of beds, full bath with shower, air conditioning and furnace, washer and dryers, microwave and oven, refrigerator and freezer, whirlpool bath, slide outs, hydraulic leveling system, satellite dish, GPS, basement storage, large windows for panoramic views, full entertainment centers, internet connection, and a lot more. So, when considering a luxury motor home, simply take a look at the features.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

now the Best Places to Look for When You Go Camping

Camping is assumed to have rudimentary accommodation because you have portable gear including your shelter and bedding packed in your rucksack or vehicle. It's the small price to pay for enjoying the great outdoors and going off the beaten track, where even popular camping sites promise lots of great views and great ways to bond with nature.

Knowing this, great care should be taken when choosing the best place to go camping. A lot of the more popular national parks and protected areas have selected only specific areas for camping. Other reserves do not permit camping at all. When selecting a camping place, find out if a camp permit is required, how much the fees are and the specific restrictions in a particular place. You absolutely have to get permits either before you go or upon arrival. Permits for very popular sites during holiday periods are very difficult to obtain and there are instances that they will be sold out months in advance. Obvious example: don't plan to camp during Christmas without being securing a permit beforehand.

It’s also a good idea to ask family and friends for good camping places that they can recommend.

Caravan parks are also available at or near popular nature parks or campsites. These camping places are usually available in two to three types. First are powered sites where you can park the caravan and vehicle and plug in. Some parks rent out caravans available in the camping place for shelter. Other parks offer small cabins, which are cozier and more spacious.

When arriving at a particular park or camp area, it would be best to stick to some camping place selection tips.

Be sure to have a map of the park or campground so you can be oriented with all the trails, features and amenities available. Be especially conscious of water faucets and rest rooms.

Check the distance to nearest neighbors. Also, look for trash bins and showers, when available. Set camp as close as possible to the water source and restroom.

Next, select the highest point on the campgrounds but make sure that the ground is flat enough to install the tent and beddings on. Do not locate the fire pit very near your tent, and be mindful of wind directions to avoid smoke entering your tent.

Some campgrounds have washing stations for cleaning cookware. If so, do not do the dishes in the restrooms.
Now, whatever location you choose for your next camping vacation, you know how to select the best camping place to settle in for your rugged adventure.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Country Coach Motor Homes

Country Coach has been one of the most widely recognized producers of luxury motor homes. The company started as a small firm of motor home builders, but over the years of service, Country Coach has grown into what it is right now – one of the largest manufacturers of motor homes in the United States, with more than 1,700 employees who design and build a full product line of motor home coaches.

A lot of series are included in the Country Coach motor home lines. These Country Coach motor homes generally offer a wide array of floor plans including dual, triple, and their new quad slide out configurations which measure up to 45 feet in length. Included in the lines of Country Coach motor homes are the following:

* Inspire – Country Coach’s Inspire series of motor homes is designed and constructed with the company’s strong commitment to quality and style. All of the Country Coach motor home models included in this series are said to be great not only in appearance, but in performance as well. They feature a handcrafted cabinetry, well-appointed exterior graphics, and interior schemes that are highly designer-coordinated.

* Allure – This line of Country Coach motor homes now comes with the newest 400 series. The Allure 400 series is designed and crafted for one particular purpose – to provide the finest motor homes that will boast a list of remarkable features. With that purpose in mind, it’s no wonder that the Allure 400 series of Country Coach motor homes now appear crafted with great attention to detail. You will be awed by its all-new exterior and interior styling, single piece windshield, higher interior ceilings, quad slide floor plans, not to mention the other wonderful features and amenities included.

* Intrigue – According to some reviews, the Intrigue line of Country Coach motor homes generally appear with a distinct combination of beauty and warmth of a well-appointed home. This line was developed actually as a tribute to the dedication, commitment and passion invested by the builders in each model over the last 30 years of manufacturing the finest motor homes. It is also nice to know that in this series of Country Coach motor homes, you will find dozens of wonderful amenities and spacious and stylish floor plans along with the company’s philosophy.

* Magna – The Country Coach Magna line of motor homes is designed and built on the DynoMax chassis and is powered by a 525HP Caterpillar C-13 powerplant, making it a powerful series of motor homes. Numerous reviews have it that the Magna motorcoaches attain the perfect harmony between elegant luxury and performance. Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that the Magna line does not only boast a powerful chassis and powerplant, but has components that are carefully assembled and installed, with rich handcrafted cabinetry and delicately selected interior schemes.

It is worth noting that the above mentioned series of Country Coach motor homes are recently designed and introduced. They are all designed for 2006. Today, the company is on the process of manufacturing other lines of finest motor coaches including their newly built Affinity, Prevost and Dynomax series.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Class A Motor Home

Also known as the conventional motor home, the Class A motor home resembles a bus in appearance. However, unlike buses, this motor home type is entirely built on a specially designed motor home chassis that is typically bare. Many have considered it as something that is constructed on just the chassis cowl.

The Class A motor home is run or powered by diesel or gas engines. It is divided into a number of units; each may feature multiple slide-out sections that open up the living space for the trekkers. What you can generally expect from this type of motor home are kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, entertainment centers, electrical system, hot and cold running water, air conditioning and controlled heating. All of the luxuries of a complete home can be found here, the reason that Class A motor homes are known throughout the world as the largest and most luxurious recreational vehicle available.

Features of Class A Motor Home

The Class A motor home is commonly considered as the perfect vehicle for families seeking for an ultimate mobile trips. For some good reasons, I agree to such claim. The Class A motor home is really a perfect place for a home-away-from-home vacation on wheels.

Here are some of its wonderful features:

* Large, Roomy and Well-Equipped – I bet you are considering a Class A motor home because of these attributes. Well, this type of motorized recreational vehicle is really spacious and well-appointed. It offers every possible luxury found in most recreational vehicles today including bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment centers, kitchens, basement storage, washers and dryers, VCRs, hydraulic leveling, hot tubs, satellite dishes, back-up cameras, and even security systems.

* Slide Outs – Perhaps what makes a Class A motor home worth living is its having slide outs that provide added space for the dwellers. The sections inside the vehicle can be moved outward or inward at the touch of the button. This way, you can enlarge the kitchen, dining or living room easily if you desire.

* Fully Winterized – There are a lot of Class A motor homes out there in the market today that are fully winterized. This feature may include a high BTU furnace, double-glazed windows, heated tanks, and insulations that are upgraded, making this motor home type perfect for winter outing.

* Smooth and Stable Ride – A fully, properly loaded Class A motor home provides a smooth and stable ride for the travelers. What’s more, no special license is required from the driver, so any experienced driver can take the wheel wherever is desired.

Although the Class A type of motor home has all such wonderful features, it still has certain disadvantages that make it a bit unfavorable. One of the most well-known negatives of this type is some people find it difficult to back up and turn in close places. As such, it could be difficult to drive for sightseeing, shopping or running errands. It may also provide the travelers problem with determining the right side clearance because of the width of the driving compartments it provides.

Now, if you are thinking of renting a Class A motor home, then it’s best to weigh the available options first before you decide on taking it. Consider its advantages, disadvantages, construction, and of course the price.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Motorcycle Camper

If you’re always on the road with your motorcycle, whether long travels or short ones, or you just enjoy going on holidays or camping with it, and find it inconvenient and impractical to have to look for hotels during your trips, then what you may need is a motorcycle camper. Not just pick-up truck owners have the option to have a camper, motorcycles owners do to. In fact, you can find a lot of designs of motorcycle campers out in the market today, varying from small, medium, to bigger ones. Depending on the type of motorcycle you have, you’ll always find one that will suit you. Here are some top of the list finds:

Roadman Motorcycle Camper

Roadman motorcycle campers are a great way for a biker to travel and camp. Its lightweight design makes it easy to pull with almost any size cycle. There is a lot of storage space inside the camper and on the luggage rack for all your camping gear and other necessities. It sets up in less then 5 minutes and keeps you off the ground and out of the mud. T

hey are a lightweight motorcycle camper designed to be pulled by a small or large motorcycle or small car. They pulled theirs easily with a 650 air cooled Yamaha V-Star with two up and with the bike and camper fully loaded. The three-foot wide trailer body matches standard width of most handlebars. This allows the trailer to draft behind the cycle and also to trail the same width as the cycle.

Setting up is simple. Flip over the trailers cover, fold down the attached leg and attach the additional leg to the trailers luggage rack. Set the camping poles in the holders and slip the tent over the tent poles then Velcro's onto main body and S hooks to the lid. It sleeps 2 on a 6'x4' bed which is perfect for 2 self inflatable "Therm a rest" roll up pads or double size air mattress or what ever you prefer to sleep on.

The motorcycle camper can be used as a motorcycle camper or a motorcycle trailer by simply lifting out the wood sections and setting them aside, there are no bolts or clamps to remove.


Com-Pac-Camp is the leader in custom small com-pac campers and cargo carriers. They’re uniquely designed camper is perfect for lightweight vehicles such as small cars, SUV’s, motorcycles, and ATV’s. The com-pac motorcycle camper is lightweight, hard top and sets up to four people. They also manufacture cargo carriers ideal for vehicles, ATV, motorcycle or snow machine. You can check out more about their products at this website

Scooter Schooner (Motorcycle camper)The Scooter Schooner and Sundowner are light, compact, and easy to pull trailers that are small enough to pull behind motorcycles, ATVs or small vehicles. The Schooner sets up in approximately 5 minutes and the Sundowner in just a few minutes. The Schooner and Sundowner both feature a queen size bed, dining table, 2 burner stove, 34 quart ice chest, 27 cubic feet of storage space when packed and ready to pull. Both models are 40" wide x 60" long x 36" tall and weigh only 275 pounds.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Camper Jack

A camper jack is a support system for a camper that allows easy camper loading and unloading to the back of your pick up truck to the campsite you have chosen. Most people who own a camper would know that camper jacks are an important part or tool that allows convenience for camper owners. However, the durability and functionality of the camper jack would also have a great say on its convenience. Here are some innovated camper jacks that may just be what you’re looking for:

Rieco Titan – Standard Camper jackThis camper jack handles easily and is neat in appearance. The tripod presents a compact package for easy storing once folded. This camper jack is precision engineered and rugged with steel construction for long life and trouble free operation.Features:
* 1000 lb. capacity
* Gears: large, heat-treated, full 18 tooth gears for added strength and durability
* Bearings: 3 guide bearings plus one master thrust bearing
* Handle won't slip off when in use, but is easily removed
* Minimum height is 38 inches, maximum height is 60 inches
* Large area pads minimize soft, sink-in problems
* Heavy bright plating for maximum corrosion resistance
* Sold in sets of 3 or 4 jacks Rieco Titan –

Heavy Duty Camper JackFeatures:
* 2000 lb. capacity
* Gears: large, heat-treated, full 18 tooth gears for added strength and durability
* Bearings: 3 guide bearings plus one master thrust bearing
* Handle won't slip off when in use, but is easily removed
* Minimum height is 38 inches, maximum height is 60 inches
* Extra strong 3-leg tripod plus large area pads minimize soft, sink-in problems
* Heavy bright plating for maximum corrosion resistance
* Sold in sets of 3 or 4 jacks

The Stable-Lift Camper Jack SystemThis camper jack system is a patented electric camper jack. Solidly built and intuitively designed, that allows easy loading and unloading of your camper from your truck by simply pressing a buttons. There stable-lift models for almost every pick-up truck configuration.

Here are some of them:Stable-Lift Electronic truck Camper Jack – Two jack SystemFeatures:
* The original Stable-Lift
* Suited for truck campers under 9.5 feet or 8-foot truck campers without extended overhangs.
* Two-way leveling.
* Two minute load or unload time.
* Allows for camper occupancy either on or off the bed of your truck.
* Secures your camper to your vehicle.
* Price: $1795.00

Stable-Lift Electronic Truck Camper Jack –Three Jack SystemThe three jack system is great for all campers and does away with the center of gravity problems connected with larger truck campers and smaller ones extended overhangs. It offers the ability to load, unload, and secure the camper to the truck and level camper in all directions with a push button.Features:
* The top-of-the-line system.
* Two way power leveling.
* Fits campers 9.5+ feet or 8-foot campers with greatly extended overhangs- or any camper you want for the best that Stable-Lift has to offer.
* Can be leveled while camper is either on or off of the vehicle.
* Two minute load or unload time.
* Allows for camper occupancy either on or off the bed of your truck.
* Secures your camper to your vehicle.
* Price: $1995.00

There are a lot more of camper jacks that can be found in the market today that are of good quality and money’s worth. Just consider its features and if whether or not it is suitable for the type of camper and vehicle you have, and if it fits your budget.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Cheap RV Rental with Few Features

While luxury created vehicles are designed for temporary comfort for leisure trips, a cheap RV rental are being used mostly by retirees as their main domicile. Recreational vehicle rental companies offer Class A, B, and C trailers that are affordable for campers who are on a tight budget and people who cannot afford a high monthly rental fee.

People who prefer a cheap RV rental can be satisfied with the fun part of the tour. They can be as durable but with fewer features. People going for a cheap RV rental have to sacrifice on bathtubs, 2-door refrigerators or king sized beds.

The cheapest RV's are made from small truck's chassis. The advantage of having this kind of RV is lower gas bills. The gas consumption ranges from 15 to 20 miles per gallon, which is very important to a person who is going for a cheap RV rental.For buyers who already have trucks and vans, they can opt to buy a fifth wheeler or travel and tent trailer. Since these trailers do not have engines, they can be sold for a very low price.

Tips for Getting a Cheap RV Rental

Here are some tips on how to get low cost, quality recreational vehicles. For first time RV users, before buying the unit, get advice from friends or relatives who have basic knowledge about RVs. Let them examine the RV's durability and performance.

For seasoned campers, people who are camping no more than twice every year, they must go for a cheap RV rental. RV rental can cost less than $800. By comparing the RV and its maintenance, it is wise to rent as that will save a huge amount of money.

Be sure to do your research. Consider the geography of the place you visit. You must choose the vehicle by considering certain factors, such as whether you are visiting a narrow mountain road or a seaside. If you are visiting a high steep mountain road, you need an RV with high engine power. You must also consider your personal habits before going for a cheap RV rental. Your basic lifestyle will also play a decisive role behind that. What kind of comfort you are going to carry will help you in deciding the size of the vehicle.

Recreational vehicles are great for outdoor activities. There is no need to stay in a hotel if you can stay in comfort beside a lake. You can go for a cheap RV rental and go for a long drive to enjoy a great weekend. You must learn to save money by getting the model that is designed for a specific lifestyle.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The RV's of Fleetwood

Fleetwood is currently the number one recreational vehicle-producer in the United States. So far, Fleetwood has a long term history in the operation of manufacturing RV’s thanks to an experienced team of senior management.

Back to the old and simple basics

The strategy of Fleetwood is simple. Primarily, they focus on the very business of Recreational vehicle manufacturing. They were able to streamline the structure of their management. They also were able to decentralize the operation of RV’s in order to empower the areas that are close to the customer’s welfare.

Focus on what grows

Also, Fleetwood concentrated on bettering those areas that records showed had a tremendous amount of sales and potential for profit. Via this route, the company relied on resources that promised a return of profits in a consistent manner. Basically, this is a strategy that ensures an immediate return on investment.

Fleetwood reorganization

In March of 2005, a new Chief Executive officer joined Fleetwood and was able to organize the operations into markets that focused on profit through the establishment of independent business units.

Fleetwood after the hurricane

Because thousands of houses were unfortunately lost because of the disasters that occurred in the past year, FEMA ordered an initial seven thousand five hundred trailers reconstructed both for the purpose of housing – albeit temporarily – and for work.

The orders were initially about one hundred and seventy million with the target of it being delivered before the year ends. Additional orders of three thousand one hundred trailers have already been placed.

Meanwhile, those from the private-sector also demand Fleetwood trailers, RV’s and motor homes for organizations as well as corporations.

Fleetwood is a leader in the industry

Basically Fleetwood is the leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles. They have a network of dealers that are strong as well as established.

They are also the number one manufacturer of class A motor homes. They currently occupy a market share of twenty point three percent.

Meanwhile, Fleetwood is also intent on improving its share in the market in the sale of class C recreational vehicles.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Starcraft Camper: Not Any Other Character

“An outdoor adventure with George Lucas, Queen Amidala and Darth Vader?” A ten year old boy shouts in excitement as you talked to him about Starcraft Camper. Funny it may seem but the innocence of a child is just definitely irresistible.

Starcraft camper has a long history of innovation and market leadership dating all the way back to 1903. Its headquarters is located in the heart of Northern Indiana’s Amish country. Originally, it produced livestock tanks and other metal farm equipment. In the 1920's, it added a variety of boats to their line- up of products and services.

In 1964, Starcraft camper entered the recreational vehicle industry with a line of folding camping trailers. The camper's innovative features, including a hardtop and crank-up lifter system, quickly achieved a major share of the RV market. Through the 1960's and 1990’s, it grew to become a dominant RV, marine and van conversion manufacturer.

Today, Starcraft camper offers soft-sided truck campers, folding camping trailers, full-size travel trailers and fifth wheels in North America. It is manufactured in the most excellent facility- 300, 000 square feet of floor space strictly to manufacturing while another 30,000 square feet houses.

Every vehicle they produce is repeatedly audited at various stations throughout each production line. Electrical, LP and water systems are checked, as well as fit and finish, standards and options, and correct loose items.Here are the different brands of a Starcraft camper:

* Folding camping trailers offer a complete galley and generous storage. A variety of features are available, including slideout dinettes, king- size bunk ends and bathroom facilities.

* Pine mountain trucks are surrounded by the laminated Filon exterior bonded sidewalls and Aqualon 7- tent fabric. It has a smooth, one- piece, crowned fiberglass roof that is ultra strong, no seams to buckle or come apart.

* Antigua travel trailers let you enjoy the fresh- air experience of tent camping with the security of a motorhome. It is designed for families that want maximum flexibility for an easy tow and RV- maintenance.

* Travel star trailers are suited for today’s camping enthusiasts. It is more lighter with a better gas mileage and only requires less from a tow vehicle. It features fold- out bunk ends that provide additional living space with less trailer strength.

* Aruba lite trailers are towable with many ½ ton pick- ups in a very competitive price. The floorplan options will surely satisfy with the appointments to please. Even if this is lightweight, it is also fully equipped.’

* Homestead lite trailers will bet meet you needs. It features the lighter weight strength of welded aluminum- framed, laminated walls and a smooth white Filon exterior. Radius white framed exterior doors and windows add to the clean lines, in addition to the other highlights inside and out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Interior and Exterior Camper Accessories

Common sense will dictate us that when we will be out of the house for how many days, even if our destination is just within the locale, we should always bring with us our essentials. That is why they are called such because it should be aptly regarded as indispensable. Some will even tag along their “extra baggages”. Outdoor adventure is also much willing to fall in line. So let us take a peek at some of the camper accessories and get acquainted with those materials because pretty soon, you will plan your own.

Exterior Camper Accessories:

* Awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall. It is typically composed of canvas or acrylic cloth that is stretched lightly over a light structure of aluminum, iron, steel or wood. The configuration of this structure is something of a truss, space frame and planar frame.

* Tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over or attached to a frame of poles or ropes. Some tent styles are free- standing, while others are attached to the ground using guy ropes tied to stakes or pegs.

* Hubcap is sometimes called mud flaps or wheel covers. It is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers at least a central portion of the tire. Cars with stamped steel wheels often use a full wheel cover that conceals the entire wheel. Cars with alloy wheels or styled steel wheels generally use smaller ones.

* Trailer is an unpowered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle. Some distinguish trailer that is generally uncovered that is used for goods and materials or from a caravan that is weather- resistant used for human habitation.

Interior Camper Accessories

* Insulation is any material used to reduce or resist the flow of energy. There are several types of insulators: thermal insulators reduce the flow of heat, electrical insulators reduce the flow of electricity and acoustical insulators reduce the flow of sound.

* Knob refers to movable control used to change the settings of the controlled instrument such as that of the automobile for outdoor camping.

* Steering wheel is type of steering control used in most modern land vehicles, including all mass- production automobiles. It is part of the steering system that is manipulated by the driver, the rest of the rest of the steering system responds to the movements of it.

* Storage units are any of those used for safekeeping of any of the materials that will be brought for outdoor camping. One of it is the cup holder which is useful for those who love to sip hot coffee or slurp cold soda especially on the road to the site. It prevents any form of spillage.

Having all of these interior and exterior camper accessories goes to show that you are all set for the adventure awaiting on the outskirts of the bustling metropolis.

Monday, December 04, 2006

VW Camper and Commercial

If your type of recreational vehicle is a Volkswagen then look no further because VW Camper has it all covered, just for you.

VW Camper and Commercial was established in 2000, the same year that marked the 50th Anniversary of the launch of the Volkswagen Transporter, with the strapline “For those who live their life with a van.”

Aside from highlighting and celebrating the VW camper bus, in all its forms, the magazine caters for all things bus related. It has ‘How To’ features that focuses on subjects from fitting a sunroof or Dormobile elevating roof through to replacing panels and sills. If you are for interesting routes, campsites and also stories that range from crossing Africa to touring the Cairngorms in winter, then the ‘Travel’ section is most suited for you. It will bring you from one wildlife adventure to another or simply, a respite away from the bustling metropolis.

‘Archive’, in the otherhand, are stories that trace back the development and history of particular models such as the Samba, Pick Up or Camping Conversions ranging from Devon to Sundial. The ‘Bus Doctor’ is ever ready to help out with technical queries, even with news and products, that will keep you updated with bus related accessories and goodies as well as what’s new on the scene.

Each issue features top quality buses, from across all generations, to inspire and admire. Whether your passion is for Splitty, Bay or T25, VW Camper and Commercial will bring you the best around and not just from the show circuit. Many of its features are buses restored by their owners to be used as daily drivers, and you don’t have to have spent loads with certain names to be featured. They also recognize and profile the T4 and T5. Profile different interior layouts used by converters like Danbury, Devon, Westfalia or Viking and looks into feature interiors designed by its owners.

The editor, David Eccles, has owned a VW camper since taking one overland to India back in 1976. He has owned his current 1967 Devon Camper since 1978. For many years every summer was spent travelling and camping in the bus with his family, both at home and abroad.

He has written for various magazines ranging from Total VW to Practical Motorhomes and is the author of “VW Transporter and Microbus - Specifications and Modifications 1950 – 1967”. Currently, he is writing a new book about the various camping on- versions and interior lay- outs that traces changes and models from 1951 through to the present day.

Aside from driving his own and writing all about a VW Camper, Eccles is also Head of English at an inner city comprehensive school.Their latest Summer and Spring 2006 issue features the ’59 Deluxe Devon, Atlantic Crossing and ’72 Dormobile.

It also looks into another vehicle entitled “More Bling Than Beckham”.VW Camper & Commercial is definitely the magazine for those who live their life with a Volkswagen van. If you drive a Type 2 then this is for you.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Folding Camper

Looking for a folding camper that rocks? Whether you're a full-timer or just enjoying the RV (recreational vehicle) lifestyle while on vacation, you'll still need quality products to supplement your RV lifestyle for years to come. Just because you're RVing, it does not mean you need to leave the comforts of home at home. Essentials like power, perhaps an air conditioner, a hot water heater and plumbing products can keep your recreational vehicle going. Other conveniences such as kitchen appliances, furniture, Internet service, and television channels will make your trip as relaxing and satisfying as possible while you're on the road.

Here are some of folding campers that you may want to check out:

2005 A LINER Folding Camper– Model: Aliner LXThis Aliner LX is nicely equipped with the following options: 16,000 BTU electronic ignition furnace, auxiliary battery, deluxe window package, two skylights on the front, one large skylight on the rear, Fantastic roof vent, two baggage doors, stabilizer jacks on four corners, front stone guard, and a step.Price: $10,961.00
2006 FOREST RIVER Model: 1640-ROCKWOOD Make: Forest RiverLength: 8Fuel Type: noneClass: Folding CamperPrice: $4,395

1998 JAYCO – Model: Eagle (Folding Camper)This folding camper has Full and Queen Beds, Heater, 3-Way Fridge, Inside/Outside 3-Burner Stove, Shower, Casette Toilet, Water Pump, Hot Water Heater, Awning, Front Storage Compartment, Approximately 2,100 Lbs.Sleeping Capacity: 6Length: 16Self contained: yesWater capacity: 20Fuel type: nonePrice: $4,500.00

2006 A LINER – Model: SOFA/DINETTE, ALL ELECTRICGreat for families with economical vehicles, sets up in 30 seconds, weighs 990 base weight, and more spacious. Features include spare tire, tire cover, tire carrier, furnace, air conditioner, 2.5 cu. ft. refrigerator, microwave, water pump, battery set up, dual propane tanks, deluxe window package, large front skylight, large rear skylight, fantastic roof vent, additional large baggage door, stoneguard, and single step.Sleeping capacity: 6Fuel type: noneClass: folding camperPrice: $15,166.00

2006 TRAILMANOR – Model: TRAILMANOR 2619 (Folding Camper)The unique Trailmanor gives you the easy towing of a tent camper and the features of an upright travel trailers. It is designed to be so water-tight that you can even open and close it in rain without everything inside getting wet. One could be set-up in as little as two minutes. This unit comes with all the standard features plus an a/c, 11' Awning, TV Antenna, a Swing Hitch, Microwave and many more features.

2006 STARCRAFT – Model: 2409 (Folding Camper)Optional Equipment Included on This Pop-Up: 16M BTU Furnace with Electric Ignition, Dometic 3 Way Refer, LP Tank Cover, Spare Tire Cover, RVQ Carryout Gas Grill, Outside Wash Station and More.
2003 VIKING – Model: Legend 2485 ST (Folding Camper)This 6 sleeper has awning, spare, dinette slide out, 20# lp tank and cover, battery and cover, stabilizer jacks, outside shower, 6 gallon gas water heater, single door refrigerator, 3 burner range, water filter system, porta potti toilet, and power roof vent.

A lot of other folding campers can be found in the market today, with models and designs that may suit your need. You may want to check out folding campers at

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Safari Motor Homes

Want to experience an enjoyable, adventurous safari? Never owned a motor home to make your safari dream come true? If that’s what you are wondering about, then why not consider a Safari motor home? These recreational vehicles are in fact out there on the road, waiting for you to get in.

The first Safari motor home was actually first introduced in 1986 at a quiet town in Western Oregon. Following the introduction, Safari which was then a small upstart company, began to win interest from the recreational vehicle junkies with its straightforward approach. This interest is enduring that Safari is now deemed as one of the largest manufacturers of the finest motor homes in the United States and the world.

The Safari motor homes are designed and built for one particular purpose – to provide the most remarkable performing motor home with an overflowing list of remarkable features at an exceptional value. Well, note that it is actually through this purpose that Safari continues to survive despite all the challenges they have encountered throughout the ages.

Today, three main lines of Safari motor homes are highly valued in the market. Numerous reports and claims have it that each of these lines of Safari motor homes presents unparalleled features and amenities with the top quality performance. Want to know what these product lines are? If so, please read on.

Safari Trek

The Safari Trek has long been considered as one of the remarkable lines of Safari motor homes available in the industry today. They are built shorter than the Class A type of motor homes, but they are spacious enough to accommodate a group of trekkers.

The Safari Trek also comes with all the amenities and facilities expected from a luxury motor home. It also boasts a number of upgrades, from the lustrous finish of its deluxe full-body paint, to the newly designed and crafted side-hinged baggage doors. It also has a one-piece fiber glass roof which improves the strength and durability of this vehicle. Other remarkable features of this Safari motor home line include the following:

* Fully automatic hydraulic leveling* Pre-wire for supplemental braking system* Ingenious interior design* Electro-Majic bed

Such mentioned qualities of the Safari Trek are what really make this product line truly a perfect hub for an ultimate vacation on wheels.

Safari Simba

The Safari Simba line of Safari motor homes is the perfect option for those who are looking for the affordability and convenience of a gas coach. Perhaps among the best features of this Safari motor home line is its outstanding interior design that presents residential style details. It is also spacious that it allows you to pack everything you need for your next safari adventures. What’s more, the craftsmanship of woodwork is said to be superb. So if you are ready to join the Safari family, then consider Safari Simba.

Safari Cheetah

The Safari Cheetah is said to be the most powerful line of Safari motor homes, perhaps for the reason that it rides on an unparalleled custom-built chassis with the power of a Caterpillar C7 350 HP engine. This line of Safari motor homes also features everything you’ll need from a complete home, with home style kitchen, living room, bathroom, and well-appointed bedrooms. So, if a comfortable and highly convenient unit is what you are after, then consider the Safari Cheetah.

Friday, December 01, 2006

10 Fun Things for Kids To Do On A Camping Trip

No doubt about it, camping trips are fun. A vacation in the wild outdoors, fresh air, roughing it can be such a fun break from the hectic routine of city life. However, a lot of people think they cannot enjoy or even survive a camping trip because of kids. Children can indeed add enjoyment to anybody’s life, but to be honest, it is really hard to bring kids along on a camping trip. Imagine having no television or computers to keep them busy (and quiet). For the average parent, that could spell disaster. But you should not despair, there are many activities in the outdoors that can keep kids entertained during a camping trip. Here are ten of them.

1. Get wet and go splashing. More likely, you would be able to find a nice swimming spot. Whether a big lake or a small brook, you are bound to locate a nice body of water to splash around and have wet fun. Swimming amidst nature can be so much more enjoyable than swimming in a man-made pool. Just be sure that the swimming hole you find is safe for people, normally camping parks would tell you which ones are good for dips and which ones are not. Also, be careful about diving and never leave your kids swimming alone.

2. Bike together. Most camping sites have great bike trails. Riding bicycles is very fun when the view is great. It is faster and cooler than just traveling on foot. Make sure to bring a map and plan your trip so that you would not easily get lost. Do not ride too fast, or you might leave each other behind, anyway, you would not be able to enjoy the scenery if you speed so much.

3. Watch for birds and animals. Most camping sites and forest parks have primers and leaflets about the various animals thriving in their area. You may also bring books about wild animals and see if you could spot them. Try having a contest – the one who spots most kinds of animals wins. See the different animals that come out during the night compare them to those that come out during the day. Just keep your children from a safe distance so that they would not disturb the animals.

4. Play games in the outdoors. It may be the classic sac race, tug-o-war, or just plain tag. Nothing beats the time-tested games when done in the woods. Just be sure to play games in a clear area to avoid accidents. Also, avoid creating so much noise so that you would not disturb the wildlife.

5. Organize a scavenger hunt. Kids love to go on quests and adventures. Scavenger hunts can be a great alternative to the role playing games kids play these days, not to mention that it is more physical, allowing your kids to exercise rather than just sit in front of the computer screen all day. Just be warn your kids about the many prickly plants that could be lurking in the woods, such as poison ivy, oak and sumac.

6. Learn how to read maps and compasses. The great outdoors is a nice way to teach your children about navigation. Take out your map and compass while exploring the forest. Show your kids where you are in the map and show them where you are heading. This can also be done in conjunction with the scavenger hunt.

7. Light a campfire. Perhaps this is among the most awaited activities during camping. This can be the best way to end the day. Gather around the campfire to sing songs and tell stories (scary ones if you would like). Roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Play riddles and other word games.

8. Watch the stars. This is another night activity that can be both fun and educational. You may just simply lie on the grand and appreciate the free light show in the sky, or you may bring out a star chart and look for famous constellations and other heavenly bodies. Look for shooting stars and make your wish.

9. Bathe in the rain. The weather can be unpredictable in many places, you cannot expect to have clear and sunny skies all the time. But do not pout if the rain does pour. You can have fun playing in the rain and enjoy mother earth’s natural shower. Just be careful not to go out when there is thunder and lightning.

10. Just relax and simply enjoy the moment. You are in the outdoors for only a few times in a year (or even in a lifetime). Enjoy what nature has to offer. Avoid bringing any electronic gadget and simply bask in the quiet of the forest. This is the time to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

There are hundreds of other activities to do out doors, these ten are just a fraction of the many activities you can do with your kids on a camping trip. The point of it all is to enjoy spending the time together as a family.

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