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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Coachmen Campers

The Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Company is the largest division and cornerstone of Coachmen Industries, Inc. and continues to be one of the fastest growing companies. Coachmen is one of the industry’s best-known brand names of RVs (recreational vehicles).

Many qualities explain Coachmen camper trailers remarkable popularity. It might be because of its designs that are built to stand up to real life or because it comes in so many shapes and sizes, just like families. There are Coachmen camper trailers model that would match your needs, lifestyle and budget. Here are some top of the list models of Coachmen camper trailers:

Somerset FW – Coachmen Camper Trailer
Standards and package includes:
• Deluxe Innerspring Quilted
• Day/Night Shades - Coach
• Night Shades - Bedroom
• Sink Covers
• Six Panel Refrigerator Door Insert
• 15,000 BTU A/C w/Quick Cool
• Range Cover
• Residential Size Microwave
• 10-Gallon Gas/Electric
E.I. Water Heater
• Radius Glass Shower Door
• Outside Shower
• Bathroom Skylight
• Washer/Dryer Ready
• Tinted Safety Glass Windows
• Electric Front Jacks
• Spare Tire Kit
• Roof Ladder
• Shock Absorbers
• Security Lights (Both Sides)
• Patio Awning
• Slide-Out Room Awnings

Chaparral FW & TT – Coachmen Camper Trailer
Durango Value Package includes:
•TV Antenna
• 5.1 Surround Sound System
w/DVD/CD Player
• Sink Cover
• Raised Panel Cabinet Doors
(Std. w/Monterey Haze)
•Raised 6-Panel Refrigerator Door Insert
• Range Cover
• Microwave Oven
• Glass Shower Door
• Large Folding Entry Door Handle
• Ladder
• Security Lights
• Skylight Over Tub
• 6-Gallon Gas/Electric E.I. Water Heater
• 13,500 BTU Ducted Roof Air
• Power Jacks
• Spare Tire Kit
• Patio Awning
• Chrome Wheel Covers

Captiva TT – Coachmen Camper Trailer
(Adds approximately 396 lbs. to base weight)
• Bedspread (Main Bed - Except EX Models)
• TV Antenna
• AM/FM CD Stereo
• Double Door Refrigerator
• Microwave Oven
• 3-Burner Range w/Oven
• One-Piece ABS Tub Surround
• Double 30# LP Bottles
w/Auto Changeover
• Aerodynamic LP Bottle Cover
• 13,500 BTU Ducted Roof Air
• Pull-Out Storage Tray
(Except 220 EX)
• Patio Awning
• 6-Gallon Gas/Electric
E.I. Water Heater
• Exterior Security Light
• Owner's Information Guide

Capri TT – Coachmen Camper Trailer
• Innerspring Mattress (Main Bed)
• Bedspread (Main Bed)
• TV Antenna
• 12v AM/FM CD Stereo
(Under Cabinet)
• Double Door Refrigerator
• Microwave Oven
• One-Piece ABS Tub Surround
• Skylight Over Tub (271 DS, 272 TBS)
• 13,500 BTU Ducted Roof Air
(Non-Ducted 210 DB)
• Spare Tire
• Patio Awning

Coachmen camper trailers are known to be one of the best qualities when it comes to recreational vehicles, so whether you’re looking for that simple camper getaway or a luxurious one, you’ll find one with Coachmen.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Cool British Sites For Campers

Outdoor adventure. Extreme sports. Great bonding. Exciting activities. Unforgettable summer. All these and more await campers from different walks of life. It is not just all about amusement but an experience that gives room for learning and growth, to prepare them in the real challenges to be encountered.

Here is a list of grounds in the United Kingdom that are conducive for campers to pitch their tents and stay for an overnight or two.

* Low Wray, Windermere, Lake District

Campers of all ages would love this place because the site has flat grassy areas for larger tents. If you get there early, you can pitch in the wooded corners on the lake shore. It is quiet and secluded with panoramic views of the fells and the sound of the water lapping gently against the shore, on a warm summer's evening. The Drunken Duck pub is within easy walking distance if you fancy a good meal, but you can't beat a barbecue and a few glasses of wine by the lake in the dusk on a balmy twilight.

According to Bolton Roz Kaufman, “I had never camped in my life until 13 years ago when at the age of 40 and sailing on Lake Windermere with my husband, we noticed a magical-looking wooded area with a small beach. It was a paradise to behold”.

* Flamingo Land Holiday Village, North Yorkshire

This is fantastic for campers that arrive by family. The facilities are terrific with a luxury pool across from the pitch area. It is well organized and feels very safe especially for those who have toddlers with them. The play areas are great and within sight of the tents. The shower and laundry areas are well kept. Flamingo Land theme park has everything from fairground rides to a wonderful zoo, all set around a beautiful walk.

* Norman’s Bay, Pevensey, East Sussex

If you love the crystal blue waters with white sandy shorelines then this site is suited for you. It can be a bit windy though but nothing compares listening to the sound of the sea at night and seeing the sun rise above the water in the morning. The beach goes on for miles. The site has clean toilets and showers with a small shop. Behind it is a railway line which provides a friendly rumble when the trains pass. Cross at the level crossing and you'll find one of the best pubs in East Sussex, The Star, which has a fabulous menu and an amazing outdoor playground for children.

* Tom’s Field, Langton Matravers, Dorset

A mature site which has plenty of shelter giving campers that utmost privacy and spectacular view of the sea. There are no fancy facilities and the shop has an air of days gone by, which all adds to the rustic charm of the place. The coastal path nearby offers excellent walking opportunities with good pubs in a walking distance.

* Glanllyn Lakeside, Bala, North Wales

Located on the shores of Lake Bala, in Snowdonia National Park, it offers a lot of watersport activities like parasailing, windsurf, canoeing and kayaking. Campers can even simply mess in and swim. There is a narrow-gauge railway runs beside the lake from Bala to Llanuwchllyn. The Tryweryn National Whitewater Centre, acclaimed for its rafting and canoeing, is five miles away. Great cycle rides can be started from the site. It is also well situated for hill walkers, as it isclose to the foot of mountains such as Aran Benllyn and Cader Idris.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Types of Motor Home

Commonly known as recreational vehicle or RV, a motor home is actually a unique form of vehicle perfect for camping and travel. It is easily identified by its being self-propelled and attached to a chassis. It can occupy a large number of people, from two to seven, making it perfect for family trips. Well, what really makes a motor home a “home” for families is that despite it size, a motor home is full equipped with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining facilities. All of these are accessible to the driver’s area. Aside from that, a motor home is complete with electricity, air conditioning, water and propane gas and heating.

A motor home comes in different types. To mention but a few, below are the most common types of motor home; all differ according to sizes, facilities included, and of course the assembly and appearance.

Coachbuilt Motor Vehicle

The coachbuilt type of motor home is identified by its being an extended chassis on a van cab with a coachbuilt living space, hence the name. It differs according to sizes, but usually the coachbuilt is wider than a typical van. It has wider caravan body that allows users to incorporate almost everything they need into a pretty small area. This type is also known as C-Class in the United Kingdom, but is also sometimes called as motor caravan.

Class A Motor Vehicle

The Class A type is perhaps one of the most well-known and commonly used motor home in the world. This vehicle usually comes in medium and large size that is completely coachbuilt. Perhaps what sets this type unique from the others is that it has nothing of the original van bodywork or cab exterior. Also, many of those who have known this type noted that the Class A motor home is potentially the best design that is ever known to man as almost everything is provided based on the needs of the occupiers. The downside of this type, however, is that the Class A is more expensive and is historically not popular in the United Kingdom.

Hightop Motor Vehicle

Another worth noting type of motor home is the hightop. According to some reviews, this vehicle is basically a delivery van or a panel van conversion that features a special high fixed roof. It has a wheelbase found on the van chassis which has actually a strong impact on the space available for the occupiers. The impact is perhaps notable as the width of hightop is more or less fixed. In addition, the hightop type of motor home typically comes in long wheelbase van that no doubt provides the most space. The downside of this width, however, is that it can be unwieldy to drive, meaning that the driver may need some effort and control to properly maneuver the vehicle. Because of this fact, the medium sized hightop motor home is much favored. This vehicle is often referred to as “campervan” or “camper”.

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