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Friday, August 29, 2008

How to Find the Best Used Motor Homes for Sale?

Finding the right used motor home for sale has never been so easy. Millions of motor homes that are already used are out there lining on the parking lots, waiting for the right buyer. These used motor homes for sale come in different types and models. There are some that feature almost all of the luxuries of a perfect home, with complete amenities and facilities. There are also others that offer just the basic essentials for a wonderfully fun adventure trip. What’s more, these used motor homes for sale come in different sizes, thus there are some that are capable of occupying large families, and others are perfect only for a couple or a family of four.

Whatever your choice is, it is best to plan ahead of time to obtain better chances of experiencing the ultimate holiday trip on wheels you’ve never imagined before. But the question is how to prepare? What and where to start?

Well, to find the best used motor homes for sale, it is best to determine first your own objectives for the trip. Think about your real wants. Ask yourself some questions about what to take with you or what your basic needs are to make your buying experience a positive experience. Note that each of your needs will be different, so consider each and every thing in mind.

Once you’ve figured out your main objectives and needs, it’s time to search for the right vehicle. Go online. Surf the net and search for the best used motor homes for sale. Finding the best used motor homes for sale online is somehow puzzling, but with lots of choices out there, a room is still open for you to find the best one. Perhaps the key to finding the right used motor homes for sale online is to review all the features, advantages and disadvantages of each motor home type available for sale. Don’t be blinded, however, with promising features, as you might be disappointed in the end if the vehicle you expect to possess the thing you are imagining turned out to be incapable of giving it. If possible, read reviews and ask for recommendations from your friends or from someone who owns a used motor home.

Once you’ve found the model you think is best, think about your budget. Note that used motor homes for sale are not inexpensive, although they are used. Their prices may even create a hole in your pocket, so better know what you can and can’t afford. If it happens that the used motor homes for sale you are considering is highly expensive for your needs, then go back searching. Don’t just lose hope, after all a number of choices are out there for you to choose from. If you want to find the best deal, then be ready to spend much time and effort during your search. Enough time and effort are what needed in a perfect search, after all.

If the search is over and the best model of used motor homes for sale is presented in front of you, then it’s now time to test drive it. Test driving is perhaps a great way to consider before buying. It allows you to determine whether the motor home you are considering is safe and comfortable to drive and live. Make sure that it is in perfect condition as it’s not a good idea to take a vehicle that turns out to be a lemon. Finally, think for comfort and safety. You may be traveling with your friends and family, so make sure that everything provided is safe and convenient for all of you.

Pick- Up Camper: A Great Alternative

Here is a budget- savvy alternative in pulling up an expensive camper trailer or wrestling with the ground in pitching up a tent. All you need to do is park that pick- up camper, prepare those outdoor sleeping accessories and snooze until the early morning. This innovative camp- along keeps you safe and dry no matter what the weather. It is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, auto racing, dirt biking and much more exciting getaway activities. This light commercial vehicle features a separate cabin and rear load area. Many have short rigid sides and an opening rear gate, while others have a flat tray back which is known as “ute” in Australia and New Zealand.

To know more better about a pick- up camper, it is a light motor vehicle with an open- top rear cargo area. In North America, it generally refers to a small or medium sized truck vehicle rather than a those based on passenger cars.

To protect your pick- up camper, there needs to have a cover. It ranges from the expensive fiberglass lids to the top quality frame mounted vinyl covers. For that cover to last longer, there is the Tonneau Magic which is the only vinyl treatment promoted by Sports Masters for their products.

Here are some samples of roll covers for a pick- up camper from Tonneau Masters, a division of Sport Masters Inc. Tonneau is a French word meaning “loosely”.

* The original hinged slant- side Tonnaeau cover is a remarkable heavy-duty vinyl. It lets you unlatch and lift the cover for full access to the bed without unsnapping. Plus, there's no drilling. The black enameled frame clamps securely to the truck bed of the pick- up camper. Its smooth aerodynamic profile improves gas mileage and saves money. The tubular supports add strength and durability to shed rain and snow. Reinforced corners on the vinyl keep your cover in great shape for years. And removal is easy with a special quick-release pin.
* The slant- side Tonneau cover is the most economical way to protect your cargo. This heavy-duty vinyl truck bed cover keeps your valuables inside your pick- up camper locked in your sight. The black enameled frame clamps securely to the bed so there's no need to drill any holes. The superior quality and workmanship shows in the reinforced corners on the vinyl that keeps the cover in great shape for years. Tough tubular supports add strength and durability to shed rain and snow.
* The low- profile roll- up has a snapless, low profile Tonneau cover. It rolls up in one convenient piece, allowing for hassle free hauling. It mounts to the inside of the pick- up camper bed providing accessibility to the stake hole pockets. This feature allows for the installation of many popular truck accessories such as side rails and ladder racks. Like all of Sport Masters tonneau covers, the TM-80's quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed by a lifetime-limited warranty.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What’s for Dinner - Selecting Camping Food

When the adventurous decision to go camping is made, it is important to make sure that the right camping food is part of the packing plan. Food - specifically camping food - is a vital ingredient to fully enjoy your camping adventure.

However, when camping, we often leave the modern convenience of refrigeration and other food preparation items behind. Therefore, selecting the right food for the camping adventure is important.

Simple Rules

Some simple rules for camping food are to take only what you need plus a little extra. Also, it is wise to repackage everything. Remove the food from the original package and store the foodstuff items in plastic storage bags. If instructions are needed for preparation cut them out and include them with the food.


A camping food for breakfast that is easy to prepare and a good source of nutrition and energy is oatmeal topped with brown sugar. If you are considering other dry cereal it is best to consider a granola type cereal as it is less prone to leave crumbs and is more compact for packing purposes. A good rule of thumb is to provide a portion of ¼ pound per person each day. Powdered milk mixed with water is perfect to pour over the cereal.


Protein is important in a camping food lunch and can be found in many products. A good source of protein that will not spoil is dry salami and mozzarella cheese. A good source of carbohydrates is dried fruit such as apricots and raisins or a trail mix which contains a mix of fruits and nuts. Healthy sandwiches can be made with peanut butter and jam on whole grain bread. Water, powdered Gatorade and other such drinks are important to keep the body hydrated.


At the end of a day in the great outdoors, a nutritious camping food dinner could include an instant rice meal that cooks quickly and easily. Or you could experiment with pasta like spaghetti, macaroni, Ramen noodles or a dry soup. Sauce or spices of your choice can be added for flavoring. If you are a meat lover open a can of tuna or chicken and add that over the grains.


Snacks should always be an important part of your camping food cache. Treats such as granola bars, nutrition bars, chocolate or hard candy helps to bring a touch of home and satisfies the sweet tooth as well.

Camping Cars Rental

For a comfortable camping experience, a camping car is a must! The cars provide accommodation and storage space, along with luxury.

These camping cars and recreational vehicles can be owned. Their prices vary from $10,000 to $100,000. For a large Class A caravan, one needs to invest a large amount.

Many times, these camping vehicles are of no use after the camping trip. So, instead of buying such expensive camping cars, one can simply rent them. This option is more affordable as the vehicle needs a lot of maintenance.

RV lifestyle and its experience can last for a lifetime. For this, one neednt buy a camping car and should go in for an RV. For longer vacations, an RV proves to be a cheaper medium of transportation and accommodation.

Hence, for a camping trip, RV becomes an affordable medium. One can rent the camping car to have an experience of RV camping. The basic requisite of accommodation is solved while traveling in a camping vehicle.

The first thing to rent out is a camping car. Secondly is to look out for a travel company which provides the rental of an RV. One can find the links to the companies on the internet.

Mostly people choose Motor homes to spend the vacation. Some of the companies offer a partial sale of luxurious high end RVs.

In this deal, the owner does not pay the whole amount, but has to maintain the car for a specific period of agreement of ownership. After the agreement gets over, the RVs are resold to the next customer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sitting Pretty Outdoors with Camping Chairs

When enjoying the outdoors, be kind to your behind and get a good camping chair. It is unwise to buy the cheapest camping chair you can find. Poor camping furniture can cause pain and frustration and ruin your entire outdoor vacation.

Before getting any camping chair, make sure to look at recommendations from websites, magazines, or your local camping goods store. All these choices can give you informed and well researched advice.

Camping chairs are very important when having meals or exchanging camping stories while sitting beside the campfire. A good portable chair is better than an uneven log, rock, or the hard park benches available in some campsites.

Advanced designs have made camping chairs much more comfortable than the old lawn-chair type models.

Note that Aluminum tubing in the frames will make chairs lighter than ones with steel tubing.

Built-in Cup holders are very convenient. Before, people would set their bottle or can on the ground and drop dirt on their clothes when they pick it up for a drink. Because you can’t get satisfaction with just one drink, there are chairs with two cup holders.

Fabric or cloth arm rests are much more comfortable than wood, metal or hard plastic because they are softer and more flexible against your elbows and arms. Higher models have adjustable arm-rests that one could customize to fit their arms and posture when they are sitting.

A good choice of camping chairs are those with various pockets to stow a magazine, book and odd pieces of camping or outdoor gear.

Foldable camping chairs should have an easy carry bag with straps where you could pack your folded chair for easy carrying and transport. Long padded shoulder straps will free up your hands carry other gear.

The best material for camping chairs is canvas-type polyester, smooth nylon, or extra strong and rugged ballistic nylon. For tropical climates, others could choose camping chairs with net or mesh materials that are easily ventilated and drain or dry very quickly. This is very useful for very hot or rainy days. These materials have less durability, though.

Some good camping chairs have all the above features in very creative packages. Some have armrests that can fold into rucksack, which makes them faster and easier to carry. Some models have built-in coolers that can keep a few cans of your favorite drink cold. This way, a camper doesn’t have to bring a large cooler everywhere he sits. Some models have foam pillows.

If you have the budget, get the chair with all the features important to you, but are still easy to pack and carry. Camping chairs will make “roughing it” feel more like lounging at home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enjoying your recreational vehicle

Today's fast-paced life makes family vacations a rarity but a must-have, if one wants to gather the family for a get together even once in a while. What better way to help the family renew its closeness than by traveling together for a vacation, using a recreational vehicle.

Using a recreational vehicle during vacation time can be fun without the stress brought about by traveling using the other modes of transportation like airplanes or buses. For one, it allows the travelers to take their time and visit all the places that arouse their fancy while traveling. It is the art of traveling without the hassle that one is usually faced with when traveling.

Users of recreational vehicles give themselves the chance to enjoy traveling and going on a vacation while reconnecting with their family. It is like making up for lost time with one's family and even friends. With a recreational vehicle, you can be free from the stress brought about by phone calls, emails, and other disturbances.

While the use of recreational vehicles provides people with more quality time to enjoy different places as well as each other's company, the lack of proper knowledge in handling a recreational vehicle can also spell disaster for its users. Everyone who uses a recreational vehicle, whether an owner or just a borrower or renter, must know the basics in using and maintaining a recreational vehicle to maximize the benefits it has to offer.

If traveling is an annual or a more frequent occasion for you and your family, then you might want to invest in a recreational vehicle that is family-friendly. First, one must know the type of recreational vehicle that suits his needs, whether it is a motorized recreational vehicle or one that is towed. Of course, how much you are willing to invest in one is a major consideration.

A big family that travels a lot will be more comfortable in a motor home because there would be more space to relax and enjoy the ride. It also eliminates the hassle of having to tow your vehicle. On the other hand, having a towed vehicle can be more difficult to manuever.

Having a recreational vehicle means having a fully furnished home away from home. It has all the amenities of your home, but can be taken for a ride whenever and anywhere you want. It's like traveling with all the comfort that your home can offer. With these and more, who wouldn't enjoy having a recreational vehicle?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tips for Finding the Right Used Motor Homes

Got plans to buy used motor homes? Thinking for a mobile vacation trip with your family outside your state? If this is what you are after, then I bet you would like to know how you can find the best used motor homes available. This article will actually cover the tips for finding the right used motor homes, so if you are serious with your plans, then there’s no reason for you not to read on.

Tip #1: Think Positive

Finding the right motor home can be difficult to some degree. One reason for this is the widespread of used motor homes that are available for sale or for rent. Yes, a lot of motor homes that are already used are out there lining on the market, waiting for customers to take them. With their great number, finding the right one could then be puzzling.

However, losing hope is not a matter to be considered here. There’s a solution to every problem, as the cliché goes. Perhaps all you need to do to find the right option is to exert enough effort, time and interest in your search. It is very critical indeed to have a positive attitude towards finding the best used motor homes.

Tip #2: Consider Your Own Needs

Once you’ve got that positive attitude, considering your own needs is no doubt the next important step to take. Well, this is a very important requirement for every motor home finder to meet as it is only through knowing and understanding one’s needs that they are able to identify the right option for them to choose and take.

So to begin, it is best to determine what type of used motor homes will suit your specific requirements. Think about the length of travel you would possibly spend, the space requirement and even the amenities included. Make sure that the used motor homes you are considering are able to meet your own needs and desires. Perhaps the vehicles usage capabilities are a matter to think about here.

Tip #3: Think About Your Budget

As you may know, motor homes come in different types. So when finding the right used motor homes, it is best to consider the types of motor homes and identify which one will fit to your budget. This is one of the very important things to consider for the fact that financing used motor homes is not a matter of joke. You may be surprised to find out that used motor homes are expensive for a number of good reasons: they are fully equipped with bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hot and cold running water, electrical systems, and drainage systems. Because of this fact, thinking about your budget is a good move to take.

Tip #4: Get Recommendations

To find the best option, you should try getting recommendations about the best features and models of used motor homes. Ask your friends pr family members who own motor homes, or read some reviews of used motor homes. Also, it is good for you to attend motor home shows as this will help you obtain ideas about the wide selection of used motor homes. You can even talk to your motor home dealers.

Tip #5: Test Drive the Vehicle You Are Considering

Once you have picked up the right option, test drive the vehicle first before you decide for buying it. Determine what strengths and weaknesses the used motor homes possess, and if possible consider where you will park your used motor homes when you are not using them. Know the parking costs and regulations, including the space availability in your residence area.

Jayco Popup Campers

Jayco is one of America’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RV’s). They have developed a complete selection of camping trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, class C motorhomes, and sport utility trailers under brand names such as Jay Flight, Eagle, Designer, Jay Feather, EXP, Jay Feather LGT, Talon ZX, Greyhawk, Granite Ridge, Seneca HD and Escapade. Their RV's are marketed and serviced through a nationwide network of nearly three hundred knowledgeable and helpful dealers, located in every state in the continental United States, including Alaska, and all provinces of Canada. The company has used ingenuity to ensure that their advanced manufacturing techniques are in harmony with the environment. Jayco’s recycling efforts have earned the "State of Indiana Governor's Award for Excellence".
One of Jayco’s innovative and up to date designs are Jayco popup campers. The term pop-up camper is used to describe an RV that is equipped with expandable living spaces. In contrast to slide-out RVs, travelers usually have to manually adjust pop-up campers so they can enjoy the extra space. Because a pop-up camper is typically constructed with a great deal of flexible material, they are often referred to as tent trailers. The Jayco pop-up camper is best known for its unique lifer system. This system was patented by the company and is still in use today. Jayco popup campers have proven to be one of the best when it comes to popup campers, combining comfort, quality and style into one.

Here are some of Jayco popup trailers that are the latest of designs:

2006 Baja Camping Trailer
This Jayco popup camper trailer has thirteen inches of ground clearance, running on fifteen inches off road Dunlops, all suspended by shocks and leaf springs. It also has an outdoor bike-port that’s big enough for two bikes or an ATV (includes ramp). Not to mention the standard interior and exterior equipment, standard kitchen equipment, heat, power and water, safety equipment, comes with a customer value package.

2006 Select Camping Trailer
You can enjoy the wide-open spaces with this Jayco popup camper trailer. It has higher walls get countertops up to “home” level allowing for larger refrigerators, more headroom and allows cooktops become full ranges. The wide-body construction also adds more space and storage of larger items. Includes standard interior and exterior equipment, standard kitchen equipment, heat, power and water, safety equipment, and also comes with a customer value package.

2006 Jay Series Camping
This Jayco popup camper trailer combines the tubular lifting system and one-piece Camper-Tex tent outside, and inside comes the comfort of a traveler trailer. It has the standard interior and exterior equipment, standard kitchen equipment, heat, power and water, safety equipment, comes with a customer value package

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recreational Vehicle Auction - Some Tips

Maybe one of the easiest ways to acquire an RV is through a recreational vehicle auction. It is true that there are many advantages to buying an RV at a recreational vehicle auction, as long as you protect yourself from any possibility of fraud and scamming.

The following few tips will help you in getting a good deal from any recreational vehicle auction you choose, while avoiding the possibility of being cheated.

First be sure to avoid any type of agreement in which you need to make any type of down-payment before the auction starts, with the assurance that if you do not buy anything (do not win any bid) the money will be refunded. Also, check out the credential of the auction to ensure that it has the requisite license to hold an auction and the members are authorized to have a recreational vehicle auction. If possible, only associate yourself with leading auction brands. In case the auction is recommended by a friend, or by your present auction house, you will still have to check that particular auction house meticulously for legality. Run a perfunctory check and see whether the auction in question is registered with the Better Business Bureau or not.

Be extremely cautious while bidding during a recreational vehicle auction. For best results, you should investigate and find out how much the value of the RV would actually be, so you will know where you should draw a line in the bidding competition. Ensure that you check yourself from overbidding for the RV. You should have a definite idea of how much the RV cost should be. They will not ask any less and you should not give any higher. Once a demand is made, the actual value of the RV will be revealed.

Run a check on what type of recreational vehicle auction frauds are taking place on and off the internet so you can get a rough idea of what you should be careful about. The lists of fraud are long, but do not worry – all you need to watch for is that you not walk into any type of trap.

Never provide any personal and/or financial information under any circumstances. You do not need to give the details of your bank and any other personal and sensitive information, lest the auction members or others will misuse it on the Internet. Check out the past auctions held by the present auction house. If you find that person has no past, the person is very dangerous; avoid him/her at all costs. Finally, network constantly. In this way, you will find that you will stay informed about many things without actually asking for any help from anyone in particular.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Useful Tips For Beach Camping

For those who want to go camping and experience being outdoors, but do not want to run the risk of running into some lions, and tigers, and bears; a great alternative camping location for them to go to would be the beach.

This is perfect for those beach lovers and water babies who just love being near the ocean. A great way to spend the night would be to look at some stars while listening to the sound of the waves lapping in on the ocean. But before individuals can experience this wonderful camping experience that sounds like it came out of a scene from a movie, they would need to prepare for a few things.

Camping-Friendly Locations

Before camping on a beach, individuals would have to make sure that the beach they have set their eyes on does not have any prohibition concerning camping. It is best to contact the local officials that preside over the beach area to find out the regulations.

Another great idea is to camp on the campsite of the beach. There are a lot of commercialized beaches that have special areas set aside for camping. The best thing to do would be to make reservations ahead of time, because sometimes the campsites get too crowded.

Camping over night

For those who want to spend the night on the beach, they should make some preparations ahead of time. Falling asleep on the beach sands only to wake up the next morning with a harsh sunburn is not the best plan. Instead, get a beach tent. Those pop up beach tents start as low as $19. This offers some shelter and protection for those who want to sleep on the beach.

Bonfires are out

A lot of beaches now do not allow bonfires. Some may, but only with a permit! This makes cooking out a little tricky. For those who still want to cook on the beach, they might want to bring a portable cooking stove. Those who do not want to go through this trouble, dry foods and prepackaged foods that don't need cooking is the way to go.

Camping on the beach for a lot of people is not so about the outdoors experience, or hunting for preys. For the most part, is it about enjoying the ambiance and majestic view of the ocean. This is a more tamed and romantic approach to camping.

Those who want to have the best beach camping experience should make the proper preparations ahead of time. This way, they would have the most memorable and enjoyable experience during their camping trip on the beach.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beach Camping Parks

Summer is fast approaching and there are many ways to have fun. Those who have the money can travel to another country. People who prefer to stay close to home can enjoy one of the many beach camping parks all across the country.

Some people may live far away from the beach which may mean more time spent on the road than in the sun.

The group has several options to go about this. Some can rent a motel a few miles away, others can camp out for the night with friends or get the most out of the vacation by living in the beach camping park in a recreational vehicle.

There are several advantages from using a recreational vehicle.

Instead of bringing two or three cars, these people will surely save a few extra dollars for other expenses. These could be spend on buying food and other necessary items which are much cheaper than staying in a motel.

The participants don't have to go far since the recreational vehicle is parked in the designated area. The people can just suit up and head straight for the beach.

When renting a recreational vehicle, those in the group can be given certain tasks such as cooking, driving and other activities so that it won't be very stressful for one person on the trip.

Renting a recreational vehicle and paying for the entry into a beach camping park may be a bit expensive even if there is discount for the group rate. The person can check the rates of these places via the internet and split the costs making this affordable for everybody.

Should the person decide to go to one of these beach camping parks, there must be a headcount of those who are going. This will determine the size of the recreational vehicle to be rented for the trip.

There are more than 500 beach camping parks all across the country. The person can check the local directory or browse through the internet and select from one of these to enjoy certain amenities such as the restaurants, bike rentals, arcades, swimming pools and other facilities very near the beach.

Beach camping parks are for people of all ages. So, whether this is for the family to bond or just for some friends to hang out, this place will surely have a lot of things for the people to have fun and enjoy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

How to maximize the gas consumption of your RV

Recreational vehicles have added joy and style to the word traveling. They come in various shapes and sizes, but recreational vehicles usually refer to transportable vehicles that are used for recreation, motorized, or non-motorized.

These vehicles offer travelers the comfort they have at home while traveling to various destinations. It is like bringing your home with the whole family in it, to various places under the sun. Recreational vehicles are usually equipped with a kitchen, living and bed rooms. Some RVs are even fitted with recreational amenities that make it possible for the travelers to watch their favorite movie or listen to their favorite songs while driving.

However, recreational vehicles do not come cheap, and neither is their maintenance. The fact that it is transportable and fitted with home amenities can mean more fuel and electricity usage. The type of recreational vehicle you choose can mean lesser or more fuel usage. The amenities that have been built in will also determine the electrical consumption of the vehicle.

While fuel and electric usage is a normal thing for recreational vehicle owners, there are ways to increase the efficiency of RVs in terms of fuel and electricity use.

The most common method of saving fuel and maximizing your RV's generators is through conservation. Turn off the lights when traveling during daytime and when natural sunlight is available. Avoid using appliances when unnecessary. The next best thing is to look for alternative sources of power.

The sun is a natural and inexpensive way of saving fuel and electricity consumption for recreational vehicles. RV users can take advantage of solar power to save on electricity, wherever they may be. This can be made possible by making use of solar modules that can be easily assembled. The solar modules can be used to directly charge the RV's batteries with solar power. This can mean great savings on fuel consumption.

Another way of maximizing fuel consumption is to change oils regularly. It is also wise to keep the insides of your machine clean. Proper use of lubricants will also make sure your recreational vehicle is running efficiently. It is also advisable to keep your air conditioning system clean.

There are a hundred and one ways to make sure that the fuel consumption of your recreational vehicles is used sparingly and in a cost effective manner. But first, one must start with a recreational vehicle that is finely tuned up and prepared for travel.

Friday, August 15, 2008

What to Look for In a Used Motor Home?

More than a million used motor homes are available in the United States and the world these days. These used motor homes come in different types and models, and each possesses features that are unique from the others. Because of this fact, finding the right motor home to buy or rent is no doubt mind-boggling. It is more puzzling with a number of models out there all claiming to be the best among the wide selections.

With all those different choices and claims, careful shopping is no doubt a major requirement to determine the best and the right used motor home to consider. One should then do some careful research and exercise a bit of common sense when finding the vehicle that will best suit their needs.

So to begin, it is best to look for symptoms of trouble in a used motor home. To make this possible, try to test drive the vehicle. Through this tactic, you will be able to determine what strengths and weaknesses the vehicle possesses. Also, check the motor home in the daylight. Obviously, this is the right time to check everything about it not only for the fact that the sun is up there to provide you enough light you’ll need, but also for the reason that you can take your dealer with you to guide and help you in the checking.

Note that kicking the tires of a used motor home is not enough for a careful check up. Try to inspect carefully the excessive wear of the upholstery within the vehicle, including the accelerator pedals, brake and even the seats. After examining the interior, look closely at the exterior parts of the vehicle. According to some experts, waves on the body of a vehicle suggest that body work has been done. This could mean that the used motor home you would be considering have been in an accident.

For further tests, consider the following:

* Brakes that squeal under normal operation could be a sign of improper adjustment or excessive wear.
* A markedly bouncy ride can mean troubles on the steering linkage or troubles on the shock absorbers. This is also true with lack of control during cornering at normal speeds.
* Steering that tends to pull the used motor home to one corner or side can be a sign of further alignment problems.
* The appearance of blue smoke from the tail pipe is a symptom of pricey engine repairs. Yes, engine repairs are necessary when this problem occurs.

Aside from knowing the signs of trouble, it is also best for every buyer of used motor home to inspect the vehicle’s odometer. The odometer is actually the device that measures the distance traveled by the vehicle. Well, this is a worth taking move as according to experts, a vehicle that shows low kilometers for its age could mean damage on it. Also, be cautious if the odometer has been tampered for by law, that’s a criminal offense.

To better obtain the best choice, buyers of used motor homes should ask their dealers about the vehicle’s information package. Read the package carefully and make sure that no conflicts of whatsoever is presented. Also see if there are any outstanding liens registered against the used motor home you are considering.

Make your buying decision based on what you will find out regarding the vehicle.

Jayco Campers: A Story Of Success

Jayco Campers is one of United States’ largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles. It is nestled in the Amish country of Middlebury, Indiana. It develops a comprehensive selection of camping trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, class C, motorhomes and sport utility automobiles. All of those are under the brand names of Jay Flight, Eagle, Designer, Jay Feather EXP, Jay Feather LGT, Talon ZX, Greyhawk, Granite Ridge, Seneca HD and Escapade.

The wide selection of recreational vehicles from Jayco Campers are marketed and serviced through a nationwide network of nearly 300 dealers in every state of America and even in the provinces of Canada.

Its goal in Jayco Campers is to be a company that operates according to the Golden Rules. It searches for fresh ideas and new ways to ensure customer satisfaction before and after sale. Its computer- aided design capabilities and state- of- the- art equipment have enabled Jayco Campers to achieve one product breakthrough after another, simplifying and enhancing RV- living.

Before the company reached the zenith of their success, it also had its own share of humble beginnings. Jayco Campers was founded in 1968 by the late Lloyd Bontrager, both a family- man and inventor who felt that he could build the world a better recreational vehicle. From then on, he was longing to put up a company that clearly reflected hi ideals.

With much pat at the back by his wife Bertha, Lloyd started Jayco Campers on their farm with two chicken houses and a barn. He developed his own prototype camping trailer and a unique lifter system for fold-down campers, the basic design of which is patented and still in use today. By the end of 1968, his fledgling company of 15 employees had sold 132 fold-down camping trailers. Today, Jayco's "family" of employees has grown to nearly 1,500 people, while more than 25,000 people join their "extended family" of customers each year.

Jayco Campers never tire in generating a novel line of recreational vehicles. As of 2006, there are three models of camping trailers under the names of Baja, Select and Jay Series. Two for travel trailers under Eagle and Jay Flight. Fifth Wheels won’t allow to be left behind with three more under Jay Flight, Eagle and Designer. Class C motorhomes definitely have a lot with six additions under Escapade, Greyhawk, Granite Ridge, Seneca HD, Seneca ZX and Seneca HG. On the road sport utility trailers have three with Talon ZX travel trailer, Talon ZX fifth wheel and Octane ZX travel trailer brands. Expandable travel trailers only have one under Jay Feather EXP and two for lightweight travel trailers under Jay Feather LGT and Jay Feather Sport.

Due to Lloyd Bontrager’s aim of a family- oriented company, Jayco Campers launched their Travel Club. It promotes family camping and the active use of the recreational vehicles with others who have similar interests in the RV lifestyle. Each year, it has several activities of sponsoring international caravan trips and rallies. Members get to receive for free “Hitch”, the Travel Club’s newsletter published four times per year.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Necessary to Keep Recreational Vehicle Accessories in RV’s

If you want your recreational vehicle to be a bit more like your home, accessorizing could be the answer. Having proper recreational vehicle accessories can bring comfort, longevity, safety, and efficiency. There are different types of accessories you can purchase today. They are developed and modified according to the continuous innovation of the recreational vehicle industry.

The Essential Recreational Vehicle Accessories

There are some recreational vehicle accessories you can consider in satisfying all your needs for your recreational vehicle. One must have towing aids like towing mirrors to lessen the risk of damages on the trailer. There are mirrors which are priced from $15 to $150 each. Decide the type you need that will fit according to the designed attachment points of your RV. Do not pick up the wrong ones as they may not fit.

It is nice to add cooling and lighting accessories on your recreational vehicle. You may find hatches for all types of caravans; they provide extra light and cooling using a 12-volt fan as an alternative when the air conditioning is not functioning. These recreational vehicle accessories will shut off on their own and are rain sensitive. Their prices vary from $420 to $620.

It is necessary to add security accessories on your caravan. Hitch locks provide tight connection of the ball joints of the trailer and the car. They are available only for $25. Locks are also available that secure the recreational vehicle from the parking lot and the driveway. Alarms and security screens are one of the recreational vehicle accessories which may also be bought if you want to have a more secured caravan.

Water hoses are very important recreational vehicle accessories as they are used to provide water supply to the recreational vehicle. The drinking water hose should be non-toxic so that it will ensure that the water is clean and safe to drink. Try to install a water filtration system to ensure a more purified and non-toxic water. The price of these accessories may range from $60 to $350. Gas fuse are also necessary for added safety. The gas fuse button prevents any gas leaks and is available from $30 to $50.

When you are on a trip, it is important to consider all possible recreational vehicle accessories you may need. Your travel will be comfortable and quicker if you have the right accessories installed on your RV.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camping Equipment Comes In the Form Of Many Items

Camping equipment varies from the simple bug dope all the way to high tech campers and gadgets. There are several different things you should be sure to take along on your camping experience, to make sure you get the full enjoyment out of it.

Camping equipment doesn’t have to seem like a chore to get together, but you should still give yourself plenty of time to make sure you have everything that you need. It will depend on what type of camping you are doing to figure out what kind of camping equipment you will need.

Camping Equipment For The Rustic Campers

If you are going camping in the rustic style, you will want to make sure you have some essentials. First of all, you need food and I know you can live off of the land, but just in case your skills are a little “rusty”, make sure you have an adequate supply of it on hand.

You will also want to make sure you bring along cooking utensils for over the campfire. You can get several different types of frying pans, skewers, and even bread toasters for over the campfire. If you are particularly fond of coffee in the morning, make sure to have your tin coffee pot and cups handy.

Everyone can get hurt while they are camping, and so a good to include a first aid kit with your camping equipment supplies. Keep some medications handy for any bouts you may end up having with the cold or flu. Just because you are out camping, doesn’t mean you still can’t be susceptible to all of the little things you are unprepared for.

Have a nice, warm, sleeping bag ready on hand for those rather brisk nights and a waterproof tent that you can take the top piece off and watch the stars. If you are really handy, you’ll have a radio with batteries in it, and maybe not for the music itself, but to be informed of severe weather conditions that may be approaching.

The list of what you could use for camping equipment is endless and depends on how long you intend to camp for. Make sure you have an adequate supply of clothing on hand so you don’t have to freeze to death if you fall in the lake accidentally.

Camping Equipment For the Camp In Style People

Even though there is someone always present at public camping sites, it is a good idea to make sure you carry supplies with you in case of an accident. Depending on where you are camping, you could come across situations that would require medical attention. However, let’s hope this isn’t the case for anyone on your next camping trip. It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

Unlike rustic camping, where it is a good idea to at have a lantern for night vision, you are pretty well set up with everything you could need to be modern. So all you need to take along are those spare items inside of your house that will make your camping trip more enjoyable. If you like to be at home more than rustic camping, you need to make sure you are prepared to make yourself comfortable.

In case your gas runs out or the pilot isn’t working right, make sure you bring with you appropriate blankets and warm clothing. You can never be too sure when something may break down in the middle of a fun event. Part of having camping equipment is that you can live without the use of modern equipment. People have done it for generations and you can do it for a few days too.

Camping Car Parks

Camping car parking is the space that is allotted for the camping cars and recreational vehicles. They are provided with the parking room, also known as the campground.

These grounds provide tent facilities for camping. Not every park offers all the services.

There is an AC power hookup provided at the camping car parks. These are used to recharge the house batteries inside the recreational vehicles.

The parks may house a central building where more facilities and amenities are provided to the travelers. The buildings are well equipped with the necessary equipments.

These are inclusive of hookups for cable TV, telephone facility, picnic tables, barbeque area, laundry, rest rooms, showers, dump stations and Wi-Fi facility.

The recreational facilities that are provided include swimming pool, health spa, beauty salon, gift shop and convenience store.

Generally, these leisure facilities are provided at a luxurious hotel or motel. Their exteriors act as the camping parks.

Some of the lavish hotels and resorts have restriction about the type of recreational vehicle that can enter the premises. These are based on the length, type and year of make of the vehicle.

The visitors can book the parking space for overnight stay, or for few days, just like a hotel room.

There are several chains of camping car parking. The well known RV Park in North America is Yogi Bears Jellystone Park Campgrounds. These private entities provide all the necessary facilities and luxurious amenities to the visitors.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Is The Best Season For You To Go Camping? Read And Find Out

Different camping seasons impart different lights and views.

Summer camping

The summer is the most popular season for campers because the weather is dry and warm, so campsites are more crowded, as weather is warmer and drier.

You need to plan ahead, make reservations and arrive early so to find a good campground, most especially during weekends.

Winter camping

There are some that finds winter camping more satisfying compared to the summer months, because they say, winter camping requires a specific strength and courage that summer camp does not.

If you love the challenge it brings, then consider “winter camping”. You can enjoy sleeping in “mild weather” outside.

Likewise, it gives you added “self-confidence” realizing that you actually can endure the preparedness and ingenuity this kind of outdoor adventure requires.

Certainly, there are many advantages to camping during winter; no snakes, bugs, flies, bears, dust or mosquitoes, plus winter wilderness view is breathtaking.

You can go snowmobiling, snowshoeing, “cross-country skiing” and engage in many heartening challenges.

Furthermore, campgrounds during winter will be most likely quiet, empty and normally cheap that is surrounded by wooded haven campers forget to explore on busy summer months.

However, lack of preparation and readiness brings dangers. There are many hazards and dangers that one needs to be familiar with, like snow of large quantities falling from “overhead trees”.

But with good planning, you can enjoy the slow pace of winter camping.

Here reminders for winter camping:

1. Drink plenty of water to fight or avoid hypothermia because water effectively replaces all the moisture that was expelled from the body due to constant heavy breathing. Just drink water even when you feel you are not thirsty.

The recommended is one gallon water a day.

2. At signs of signs of approaching storm, immediately put your rain gear on. Should you get wet, change right away to warm and dry clothing, because the moist clothes will suck quickly heat from your body very.

3. Remember to pace yourself.

4. Do more tasks than you would normally, because movement will generate heat in your body.

5. Following tips 1-4 and wearing clothing layers, if possible, clothes that have been polyurethane foam insulated will help you prevent frostbite.

6. Always listen and take notice on your body’s feeling and reactions. When you start to shiver, immediately do something in order to make yourself warm before uncontrollable shaking and numbness sets in.

Take note that hypothermia occurs mostly in windy and wet weather with temperature ranging from “30-50 degrees F”.

7. Eat a lot of complex carbohydrates and do avoid food rich in sugar and starches.

Fall camping

Fall camping today is catching up among family campers. The beauty of nature during the fall season is indeed captivating.

With lesser crowds and no insects to bother you, fall camping can be the perfect option for you.

However, during fall, some essential camping amenities such as showers and washrooms might not be offered.

But, if you can settle on remote fall camping, pack your warm clothes then enjoy the “autumn months”.

Spring camping

Spring is the season of transition; snow is now melting away and it is time to go back outdoors and see nature after that cold and long winter.

So what is there to do during spring camping? Anglers are eager to go fishing because the “small mouth bass” and the walleye are both spawning; ducks are now coming back and you can go hunting.

Hike, swim, go canoeing, fishing, boating and do not forget to bring your paint brushes and camera as well because you will see more exciting sights.

Likewise, you can set up a barbeque outside, of course far away from your tent and enjoy hearty grilled snacks and meals such as hotdogs, burgers, steaks, fish fresh from the river, vegetables and salads.

Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring offers many different and exciting challenges unique to every season.

Remember, whatever the season, while you are camping, you are dealing and living with the wild. Learn and apply your “basic survival” knowledge when situation calls for it; stay alert and be prepared always.

Monday, August 11, 2008

How cheap are cheap rv’s?

It was in the summer of 2005 when two hurricanes swept through the gulf of the United States putting hundreds and thousands of people along the coast out of their homes. Thus, the issue of putting up immediate, cheap and affordable housing became one of the primary subjects that was brought up in the minds and hearts of the nation.

Though the images of cheap recreational vehicles turned into temporary mobile homes in the sprawling community parks mainly consisting of trailers was the quick answer to the problem of homelessness brought about by natural calamities, these same images also brought about a negative perception about the recreational vehicles of today.

Believe it or not, such perception and opinion of recreational vehicles also reinforced the idea that such temporary housing options are out dated. Currently, the option of most Americans is to live in homes that are manufactured. Such homes are quite different from homes that are built on site. Currently, such homes are able to provide millions of good Americans a permanent resident.

The options provided by such homes prompted local policies, as well as State practices, recognize that manufactured homes – not recreational vehicles turned mobile homes - as a creative and affordable way to solve the country’s crisis in housing.
In the United States market, the manufactured housing industry is currently an overlooked aspect, though such a problem involves approximately ten million American families.

Housing that is manufactured represents one of the means for American households that are currently low income. If done appropriately, manufactured homes could actually resemble homes that are built on site in terms of look as well as feel, plus the price is lower.
Originally though, cheap recreational vehicles or more popularly known as trailers used for the purpose of travel are the number one option for mobile homes immediately after the second world war.

Though such cheap recreational vehicles turned into mobile homes currently exist, the manufacturing plants that built such vehicles changed and created a product that is different using a factory process that homes that are built affixed on the foundation site and not moved.

However, the idea of cheap recreational vehicles turned mobile homes is still considered as a relative of the automobile, and so they are taxed and insured the same way that cars are, and not as permanent homes that just happened to have wheels.

All in all, cheap recreational vehicles are affordable to everyone but not without the usual risks involved. But it does serve a purpose and if you are willing to take the chance, go ahead. It is your choice.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Where to Find Motor Homes for Sale Online?

The internet has been one of the most convenient sources for finding everything about motor homes. Yes, a lot of sites are out there to give you ideas about what motor homes are, what to find out about these vehicles, and where to find the best motor homes available for sale.

So now, if you happen to be using the internet for your motor home search, but wondering where exactly to find the best motor homes for sale, then I have good news for you – you’ve got the right page.

This article will actually present to you some of the most visited and well-known sites online that could give you a wide selection of the best motor homes for sale available. Note and understand, however, that what will be presented below are just among the many motor home sites out there on the web, so it doesn’t mean that your choices are not just limited from what will be presented. You can still do some research out there and gather the best options for you to choose from. But for now, consider the following for one of these sites might be the right portal for you to obtain the best motor homes for sale:

PPL Motor Homes has long been considered as the largest RV consignment dealer in the United States. Perhaps one main reason that supports such claim is the fact that PPL Motor Homes provides a wide selection of motor homes for sale or for rent for those who have long been thinking of buying or renting one. It was even reported that the company has sold more than 16,500 consigned recreational vehicles since 1972, and much to this offer, PPL Motor Homes offers insurance, financing and service for motor home buyers and renters. To find out more about there motor homes for sale, just browse through their site by clicking any of the useful links provided. That’s simply it. is but another most visited site for motor homes for sale on the web. This site is said to be the America’s premiere marketplace for recreational vehicles to which motor homes belong. Here you can find a wide selection of motor homes for sale, with description and photo of every motor home model. Note that new and used motor homes are available for sale here, so whichever you prefer, go for it. And, perhaps what’s best about this site is that it allows the buyers of motor homes and other recreational vehicles to contact the sellers directly for the transaction. is also out there to give you the best motor home options for sale for you to choose from. This company actually specializes on offering new and used motor homes for sale, and a lot of RV types as well. Also, if you are interested in selling one of your RVs, you can also ask for a help just right at this site. They have their trading classifieds that you can use as a guide for finding the model that will best answer your needs. And, what’s nice to know about this company is that they do everything to make your online experience ultimately great.

Fleetwood Camper Defines Luxury

Owning a fleetwood camper is no joke. Its not just like any other recreational vehicle around town that you can get for around 100 bucks. Truth is, it costs how many thousand dollars. It spells an avant- garde kind of lavishness which will make you want to live like a nomad if you will end in any one of these fleetwood camper.

To have a taste of what it offers, here is a sneak peek of what is inside that humongous bus you see down the road. Keep vigil, it might just be Carrie Underwood having her concert tour or Rafael Nadal getting warmed up for the US Open.

* Luxury Coaches
American Heritage
American Heritage is the cream of the crop of the American Coach line boasting unparalleled luxury and comfort. Enjoy stylish leather furniture, an amazing 42" Sony flat panel high definition monitor with universal remote, beautiful cabinetry design and craftsmanship for a breathtaking appearance. This incredible coach leaves nothing behind, delivering an exquisite traveling experience for the most remarkable adventures yet to come. Fleetwood camper price: $590, 730.
American Eagle
American Eagle simply speaks for itself. This remarkable motor coach is sophisticated, tasteful and sure to turn heads as you travel until your heart's content. This is designed to cater to your every need and make your travels as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Marvel at all the amenities like beautiful hardwood drawers with dovetail joints and full extension drawer guides, a redesigned ceiling plenum for an improved look, comfortable leather furniture and elegant solid surface countertops throughout. Fleetwood camper price: $331, 100.
American Tradition
American Tradition cruises you into the world of luxury. Enjoy the ultimate traveling experience with spacious 82" ceilings and relax in style with optional leather furniture for a one-of-a-kind atmosphere as you cruise ahead. At the heart of it is its unprecedented style combined with user- friendly options and amenities to make your adventures both memorable and effortless. Explore however you like, travel at your own pace and take advantage of all it has to offer. Fleetwood camper price: $269, 605.

* Diesel Coaches
Plenty of room for a spacious and comfortable atmosphere is never an issue due to Excursion's tall 7' ceilings. Triple and quad slide-outs also help to provide an open and roomy feeling on the road that you never thought possible until now. You'll love this luxurious environment with features like Ultraleather Flexsteel furniture with a lifetime warranty on the frame and dual air conditioning units for the perfect climate on those hot days. Your traveling will truly take on new meaning in this remarkable RV. Fleetwood camper price: $202, 713.
Traveling with Providence takes on new meaning in this sophisticated RV. It boasts of its tall 7' ceilings for a spacious atmosphere wherever you are. Enjoy the living area, with comfortable Ultraleather Flexsteel furniture with a lifetime warranty on the frame providing a high-end luxurious atmosphere while you explore the road. Triple and quad slide-out options give you more room to travel in comfort. Fleetwood camper price: $202, 713.
For 2006, a redesigned Discovery is the ultimate conversation starter while you're out exploring the road. An improved interior boasts 84" ceilings, giving you plenty of room to move around comfortably, while larger windows improve lighting for a more open feel to enjoy even the longest of journeys. Fleetwood camper price: $184, 303.

Taking a trip down the lane to the countryside in a fleetwood camper is like being trapped driving in a three- star hotel.

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A Recreational Vehicle: Not Just for Recreation

The term recreational vehicle is often shortened to RV, and as such has become a daily term for everyone who deals with it. But what do we really know of this recreational vehicle? Is it purely a vehicle for recreation purpose as the name suggests, or can it be used for some other things as well?

In fact, the question itself provides an answer. Recreational vehicle commonly refers to an enclosed piece of equipment dually used as both a vehicle and a home. And the home here can be either a temporary travel home or even a full time home. This common definition is however limited to the North America only. In countries like Australia, when you say recreational vehicle, it refers to a sport utility vehicle or SUV.

The Varieties

The most common definition is known generally is the American term, and when it comes to explaining this vehicle and its usages in the western world. In America especially, this vehicle is very highly regarded, for this vehicle is very much useful; ranging from leisure activities such as camping to full time living in the rural areas.

Basically there are many types or classes of recreational vehicles, based on their functions and usages. Some of them are fifth wheel trailer, truck camper vehicle, foldable camping vehicle, travel trailer, hybrid trailer, park model, motor home, toterhome, and many more.

Buying One and Getting Insured

It is very important to insure your recreational vehicle as soon as you buy it. There are several companies offering this type of insurance, which falls under auto insurances. Auto insurance for RVs is generally different from insurance for passenger vehicles.

Sometimes people mistakenly put together the coverage for this vehicle under their normal existing auto policy when they buy this vehicle, and they do not know that this is not encouraged because not all insurances offer the same amount of protection to a recreational vehicle. A good and complete form of insurance is the one which covers the furniture, cookware, TV and electrical, phone, computer, and many more inside, besides the physical harm that may befall you due to accidents and so on.


After buying a recreational vehicle and getting it insured, you need to equip the vehicle with all the necessities. All the basic needs should be present, such as emergency tool boxes containing things like adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, jumper cables, flashlight and much more.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Camping Cookware made for Camping Purposes

Camping cookware is specially designed for camping purposes where you often do not have access running water to wash dishes.

Camping Cookware Requirements

First and foremost camping cookware should be tough. Do you remember western movies where you see cowboys eating in aluminum cookware or stainless steel? Why do you think that was? No, they did not just want to look tough (that of course is a good reason) but, such dishes do not break.

Another great factor about the aluminum dishes as seen in the movies is that if you heat food or liquid in them they will cool down very quickly allowing you to handle them with ease. You could simply stock up on inexpensive disposable paper products from your warehouse club store, as well.

Camping cookware should be versatile because one cannot afford to carry the whole kitchen cabinet on a camping trip. So, when packing the cookware, think multi-purpose. It is no fun returning to your campsite after a long day of hiking and having fun, and being hungry enough to eat a horse when you realize you cannot cook as your cookware is not appropriate - or worse - is broken. Then cold sandwiches are all you will have to settle for during the rest of the trip.

Helpful Tips

Camping cookware should be light yet durable and some containers should have air tight lids. Do not get the non-stick coating cookware as they scratch easily and you don’t want to have to deal with those issues in the woods.

Many food products come in self heating cans which are definitely an advantage.
Some camping cookware come in sets which is a good asset as far as saving space goes as they nest one into the other. It is a good idea to get cookware that does not have any sharp corners

Remember that most camping cookware will get very hot when heated and you will need oven mitts to handle them. Specialized stores will be able to help you pick the right cookware set to make your camp cooking is a success.

Enjoy the outdoors and if you did not get the right camping cookware the first time around, you will definitely learn from your mistakes and be more a seasoned camping cook the next time. Don’t spend too much money on the cookware because the most important thing, however, is to have fun and make the most of what you have on hand.


Campervan is a type of a camping car. This class B recreational vehicle provides both traveling facility and home like stay.

These are smaller than the Motor homes, but provide similar luxury. These campervans are also called motor-caravans in UK.

The structure of the campervan is similar to the van, in which a raised roof spacious compartment is built on the rare side. These roofs are called pop-up roofs and they can be adjusted or fixed on the top.

The campervans include a small sized kitchen. There is an electric/gas refrigerator, gas burners and a grill inside.

The campervan comprises of water heater, shower and a portable toilet. The electric equipments inside the campervan operate on a separate dedicated battery or the van battery.

The equipments can be run on the AC supply that may be provided on the camp site.

Microwaves can also be transported in a campervan. The entertainment mediums consist of radio, music system and television. The holidays can be enjoyed at leisure in a campervan.

For hot regions, AC can be turned ON, while in the cold regions heater can be used. There are no worries about water while traveling in a campervan, as the van comprises of small water tanks.

The awning is provided so that one doesnt have to face the scorching heat of the sun.

The campervans are also known as Dormobiles in UK.

In Australia, they are called as Kombis.

In North America, Roadtrek is the most famous company manufacturing the campervans. For the bases of campervans, full sized strong vans such as Toyota Hiace, Ford Transit, and Datsun Urvan are used.

Volkswagen is the most popular campervan manufacturing company. This company manufactured the historical Camper. There are several other types of campervans that are manufactured by this company.

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Kinds Of Camping To Do With Your Family For Unforgettable Fun And Adventure

Camping gives everyone the chance to experience wildlife firsthand. Campers usually can engage in hunting, fishing, plant study, swimming, canoeing, nature photography and wildlife watching.

Likewise, camping delivers many physical benefits because it involves outdoor activities and according to enthusiasts, camping imparts confidence in children as well as offers opportunity for adult campers to challenge themselves when in unfamiliar surroundings.

Day hiking

Day hiking today is becoming more popular with campers of all ages. Anyone capable of walking long distances can certainly do this. Day hikers’ objectives is to hike or walk for the day then go back that same day, usually as night approaches to their campsite.

Besides being able to walk on long distances, you must also to be ready for any weather conditions as well as having the right tools and techniques needed so you can find the right route back to your campsite.

One very important thing in hiking is selecting the correct footwear. Because hiking is defined as walking which simply means being always “on your feet”, you must purchase a footwear designed specifically for hiking and one that primarily give your feet comfort while walking and never one whose main purpose is only to make you look good.

Many are attracted to this "sport" because every individual sets himself an objective then strives hard so to achieve it; this undertaking requires some commitment and planning.

RV camping
RV stands for Recreational Vehicle and RV campers benefit the liberty of traveling at their “own time” and are able to camp in different places while not sacrificing comfort that RV vehicles offer.

RV is comparable to a small lodge but on wheels and normally comes complete with heater, oven, refrigerator, shower, stove, beds, toilet, and “12-volt” electrical power.
According to many Rvers, they enjoy their “mini hotel” because they are always “packed and ready-to-go”.

Furthermore, they enjoy the cooking, bathing and sleeping convenience the vehicle offers while in a distant or remote campground.

For individuals who never experienced camping in an RV but thinking of purchasing one, renting first would be a very sensible decision so you will see if RV lifestyle suits you.

Backpacking camping

Backpacking is generally the most exciting and basic way to experiencing a wilderness adventure.

Backpacking adds new excitement and elements unto any hiking experience because it extends your visit in the backwoods. You may travel far into the wilderness because you are not obliged to go back to your campsite at the day’s end.

It is exploring simply on foot beautiful and wild country, being self-sufficient, while hiking with camping essentials in a comfortable backpack and set camp mostly in undeveloped and primitive areas.

Put simply, backpacking entails having to carry a pack of essential camping supplies on your “back”. The longer your trip, the more supplies you carry. What you will be taking along with you as well as how distant you will hike actually depends on you.

Preparing for your backpacking trip involves assembling, selecting and packing supplies and gears that you need and want to bring along with you.

Selecting your backpacking gear is very significant so to have a successful trip. Excessive gear or specially the wrong kind of backpacking gear can bring about an extremely heavy weight load that will spoil your hike.

Likewise, incorrect or too few a gear will result to discomfort and on certain conditions, may even dangers.

The internet is a filled with stores devoted to only to backpacking supplies and gears as well as information. Studying your backpacking gears will enable you to purchase the right gear that you will need.

The selection for backpacking gears are always evolving, ongoing and constantly changing. Find out which one best suits you backpacking requirements.

Backpacking equipment generally costs more compared to car camping, however much less compared to RV camping and take note, backpacking campsites mostly are free.

Tent camping

Tent camping usually attracts families with children because children are primarily the ones that enjoy it the most and because is rugged and inexpensive.

Tent camping employs commonly a car to transport camping equipment to any established campground that offers full amenities that allow direct car access.

Whatever type you choose, with safety in mind, camping is sure to be a fun filled experience the whole family will love and will look forward to every season.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Economics 101 of camping recreational vehicles

A RV or better known as a recreational vehicle is a combined transportation vehicle as well as a vehicle where one could live. This type of vehicle is basically used for three purposes: for traveling, for camping and for recreation.

RV facts

The value of the yearly shipments of recreation vehicles is pegged at a total of fifteen billion. Believe it or not, a total of sixteen thousand private as well as public campgrounds all through the United States accommodate these recreation vehicles. Statistics also show that one out of ten households in America who own a vehicle, have an RV right in their own backyard.

One of the reasons for the popularity of RV’s is because of the country’s preference for camping. In one state alone, specifically in South Carolina, more than twenty percent of the residents enjoy all and any forms of camping.

Eight percent of the total respondents surveyed in 1999 have expressed that they camped out in their trailer and RV in a state park in South Carolina.

In a study by the University of Michigan, about forty five percent of current owners of recreation vehicles are aged between thirty five and fifty four. But the average age for recreational vehicle owners is forty eight years old and has an average income of forty seven thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, in a survey conducted in the year 2000, it has been discovered by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association that camping via recreational vehicles is the twentieth activity that is most popular in the United States for those people – as well as kids – aged six years old and above.

Also, the SGMA has found out that a total of nineteen million Americans are camping using recreational vehicles. For US senior citizens, RV camping is ranked as the number six most popular recreational activity for them.

Why RV?

The popularity of RV is mainly because of their flexibility, convenience as well as how comfortable they are. It also helps in keeping the family together – literally or specifically in a confined space.

In a research study by Louis Harris, a total of ninety two percent of the parents asked claimed that the RV is a great way for them to travel together with their children.
What are the types of recreational vehicles?
Some of the forms of recreational vehicles include motor homes, truck campers, to name a few.

All in all recreational vehicles are a fun and enjoyable way to spend time away from the home yet still be together with the whole family.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Coleman Campers

This total outdoor company has introduced many products that make spending time in the exteriors a pleasure. There are Coleman campers just for kids. A technologically-advanced, proven mosquito-defense system. Coolers that keep food and drinks cold for up to five days. A complete line of grills, lights, heaters and more for your backyard. An accessory line with 100 separate items. Backpacking stove featuring technology so remarkable and so relevant that Backpacker Magazine named it Editors' Choice in 1997.

Here are some Coleman campers that you would want to bring in your next trip in the fringes of the bustling metropolis.

* Pinnacle Lantern
This is the brightest lantern available among the Coleman campers. This ingenious design allows the top half of the lantern- entire globe, burner, mantles, and ventilator assembly- to be removed in one piece, nested in the base and stored securely within its cylindrical metal bottom housing. It is a three-step process that not only protects the lantern’s head unit, it also provides a compact package to transport and store the light. This is a stainless steel model as well with the same convenience and performance highlighting components for added corrosion resistance in harsher marine environments.

* Fold N’ Go Stove
Just by the look of it seems to be a really large, bright red clamshell. Actually, this is another innovation of Coleman campers. It is a two- burner stove that comes very handy. It is approximately 25 percent more compact than the traditional. Designed to be easier to carry and stow yet delivers the uncompromising power and performance associated with the company’s cooking stoves. No more matches are needed to light because of the InstaStart Electronic Ignition system featuring a push button igniter on each handle for convenient access.

* Propane Oven
You can now serve hot and fresh your favorite pastries, sandwiches and pizza when you are camping. Credits to one of Coleman campers’ self- contained portable oven. It has a large inside capacity that lets outdoor chefs bake with standard 13x9 inch pans. The oven’s tube burner is fully adjustable and will produce temperatures up to 450 degrees to warm, toast or bake. It has a multi-position, removable wire rack that slides into the large 14-inch-wide by 12-inch-deep by 5-inch-high oven cavity. A removable crumb and drip tray offers easy cleaning solutions.

* Widebeam Lights
Casting an elliptical light shaft to illuminate a broader pathway, this expands to include models with integrated carabiner end-caps for added convenience, plus models that use 1-watt LED bulbs for extended run times. This a revolutionary technology by Coleman campers with flashlights that project a beam 50 percent broader than traditional flashlight beams to more closely match the human eyes’ natural field of vision. The center of the beam holds the brightest concentration of light with softer fields of light on both sides to extend peripheral illumination, and therefore peripheral vision.

What are Motor Homes?

Do you love to travel and explore different places one earth? Planning to travel with your family throughout the United States? Many of the adventure trekkers for long years have been considering motor homes as their primary vehicle for long term traveling. Perhaps this is due to the fact that motor homes are bulky enough to occupy a large number of people who wish to go through a road vacation. They are complete, with all the necessary amenities that the group may need and motor homes are said to be perfect for families as they provide privacy and a home-like touch that wasn’t realized before.

On the most basic, motor homes are also known as RVs or recreational vehicles. As the name implies, motor homes are ideal for recreational travel. They are originally designed by the Winnebago industries that have dominated the market for many years to provide families and groups with temporary living quarters for camping, travel, or other recreational use. Perhaps what makes motor homes easily identifiable is that they come permanently attached to a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis which is actually one of the most integral parts of the completed automobile.

There are three major types of motor homes: the Class A, Class B, and Class C motor homes. To learn more about these types, consider the following details:

1. Class A Motorcoach – The Class A type of motor home is recognized as a medium or largish van that is completely coachbuilt. The term “coachbuilt” here refers to a vehicle that has noting of the original van bodywork or exterior of a cab. It is either constructed on the truck chassis that is used commercially, a commercial bus chassis, or that which is specifically designed for motor vehicle. Usually, the Class A motor homes sized from 26 to 45 feet.

2. Class B Campervan – This type is designed and built with the use of a conventional van. It is often identified with a raised roof that is often attached or has been added to the van. Also, the Class B Campervan sometimes features a low profile back body, no wonder that it is sometimes called as a low profile motor home. In terms of sizes, the Class B type of motor homes comes in sizes ranging from 19 to 24 feet.

3. Class C Motor Home – This final class is usually built on a truck chassis. It highlights an attached cab portion that is typically van based. However, the Class C motor home can also be built on pick up truck or even a large truck, also known as freightliner. Its size may vary from 17 to 34 feet.

Regardless of their classes, motor homes are generally easy to drive. Well, that’s what most of the motor home drivers have claimed. Perhaps the cause of this claim is the fact that motor homes have power steering, making them easy to maneuver once you have adjusted or used to their sizes. If you are currently planning for buying or owning a motor home, then see by yourself if that claim in true.

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