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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tips for an Exciting Camping Trip

Kids, usually aged 5 and up, enjoy fun in the sun activities. These are the ages where parents would want to take advantage of being with their children.

There are about a million things to do outdoors. Hiking is the most popular and needs not too much equipment. This gives the children the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna. A bottle of water to quench the thirst and a handy field guide book at hand and it’s all set. Following a bike trail is also a fun exercise. Kids love it because it builds their coordination.

What does make an outdoor camping trip exciting? Here are tips to building outdoor fun.
1. Show enthusiasm. A child will be fascinated if adults would show excitement over the adventure that they would be encountering.
2. Make the trip action-packed. Little kids would like more action when out in camp sites. It is more advantageous if the park has a large number of animals.
3. Kids are kids. They are naturally active. If their attention is diverted by a bug or a bird, it is wise to let them explore. That is where they have more fun.
4. Show things, not tell. Children like to look at how adults do things and not listen to how things are done. It is the joy of learning the skills done by the adults.
5. Kids have short attention span. Bringing a goody bag should take care of a lull moment. Candies packed should always be kept a secret to keep them in a surprise.
6. Make sure of a cozy night’s rest. Sleeping outdoors is specially tough because of the rough ground, and animals scare the children out of their wits. It’s good to make sure that the sleeping bags are dry and cozy for the child and make them feel safe. A good night’s rest equals positive outlook for tomorrow.
7. Teach kids the “take only pictures, leave only footprints” rule. It is a good idea to let the kids pick up their own litters. A feeling of pride is developed when they are doing something right.
8. Kids like to be treated as equals. It is important to talk to them at eye level so as not to intimidate them.
9. Take snapshots! Fun times can easily be forgotten by some kids but great moments can be captured by a camera.
10. Communicate. It is specially important to include the kid in the communication and make them feel proud of themselves.

Camping is one exciting trip that a family can do every summer. It is a natural stress reliever and an ultimate fun time for kids.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Luxury recreational vehicles

They always say you get your money’s worth. This is absolutely consistent with luxury recreational vehicles which are perfectly designed for campers who value convenience and leisure the most and do not mind spending millions of dollars.

Multi-million RVs usually includes plasma TVs, marble bath and flooring, monogrammed linens, etc. Models like Monaco Camelot offers more than convenience, they offer wide variety of entertainment gadgets, like satellite TV, DVD and CD players.

Buyers can opt to search the web for the newest models to get their money’s worth, after all, getting a luxury recreational vehicle takes more than millions of dollars.

The following are some of the examples of luxury RVs available in the market today:

1. New Founder 40’ by Alfa.

Built from Spacemaster chassis offering extra space for luggage compartment. State of the art air conditioning system (27,000 BTU),the largest windows in the RV industry, etc. Specially designed for big families who love camping and leisure trips.

2. Marquiz 06 by Beaver Motor coaches.

Sells for more than $500,000. Aside from durability and excellent performance, it also includes Queen and King sized beds, TV module for each foot of the beds, living room, spacious kitchen and dinette. Buyer can also expect good heating and air conditioning system. It is also created to safeguard the campers, built with back-up alarm, carbon monoxide, LP gas, and smoke detectors.

3. 2000 Fleetwood Discovery.

It’s like bringing your home along on trips. Includes washer, dryer, private toilet, DVD, VCR, microwave, stove, spacious living and dining areas, private toilet and bath, and satellite. Perfect for long trips.

4. 2003 KZ frontier 22.

Includes spacious kitchen, family area, bathroom, bunkroom for kids, and storage areas. It’s exterior is constructed with filon fiberglass and aluminum frame offering the highest construction quality.

5. KZ Sportsmen Sportster 36Px2.

Offers unbelievable space for the whole family and friends. More than 4,000 lbs capacity. Can store up to 60 gallons of fresh water and can carry 6 adults. Includes cargo area that can't be found in other recreational vehicles. Most KZ Sportsmen Sportster 36Px2 owners are very satisfied with it’s performance and features. It is often described as simply amazing.

Luxury recreational vehicles offers features that used to be found in 5 star hotels alone. Today, spending time outdoors has never been more easy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Trailer Camper

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation on the go, where you just travel wherever you want yet bring with you the convenience, comfort and beauty of your home? A vacation where you just go on your own pace taking all the time to stay and look at a beautiful spot for sunset? Well, you may be dreaming of a travel on wheels, a trailer camper, where there’s no need for the rush to get to place you want and not find a hotel because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Imagine the comfort of travel without worry and stress of inflexible schedules, advance reservations, long lines, overbooking, and lost luggage. Or what about no flights to catch, no security hassles, no hauling of heavy bags in and out of costly hotel rooms. Yes, there’s no place like home, especially if you can bring home with you wherever you go and whenever you want.

One of the best trailer campers that can be found available today is the TrailManor trailer camper. TrailManor expandable trailer camper is ideal for people who want to step up from the tent trailer, but don’t want the difficulty of a conventional travel trailer. Here are some features of the TrailManor trailer camper that makes it one of the best travel trailers in the market today.

What to look for in a trailer camper
Easy Towing
The light weight and low profile makes TrailManor trailer camper easier and safer to tow, plus you get better gas mileage. That makes this trailer camper an ideal choice for today's smaller vehicles, including 6-cylinder SUV's, pickups, and even minivans. The unique TrailManor design gives you the easy towing of a tent camper, plus features you'd expect to find only in upright travel trailers. TrailManor trailer camper provides uniquely easy towing per pound due to the very low wind drag and the very stable ride resulting from axle placement.
Easy Setup
You can open and close a TrailManor trailer camper in the rain without everything inside getting wet. It's as easy as opening a car trunk, no cranks or cables. First you release the latches that keep the trailer secure for towing. Then an easy pull opens the top sections. These are especially counter balanced, so it's as simple as opening a car trunk. You have permanent beds, but you don't have to wrestle with bed supports, because they pull out automatically. You get more time to relax, because it takes almost no time to set up. In fact, you can set up a TrailManor trailer camper in as little as two minutes. Its innovative system of opening is reliable and comes with a warranty.

More Comfort
Features include a hardwall bathroom with tub, a complete kitchen, a luxurious interior, and hardwall construction for security and comfort (no canvas bedrooms). You can camp in comfort and luxury. The highly-insulated walls keep you warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

Fits in a garage
Imagine being able to store a full-sized travel trailer in your garage, you can also choose the patented swing-around tongue which reduces storage length by two feet. The 26-foot models fit neatly into a 17 1/2-foot garage.

When shopping for a trailer camper, always look into details, easy towing, easy setup, more comfort, and fits in the garage are important factors that you should consider in deciding what type of trailer camper to choose. There are many trailer campers in the market today, all you need to do is know how to choose and decide.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finding the Ideal Recreational Vehicle Part

Finding the ideal recreational vehicle part means knowing a little bit about your recreational vehicle and what makes it operate the way it does. This does not require a comprehensive, studied knowledge of the vehicle’s operation but a little bit of background information on certain aspects of the recreational vehicle can help you find the right recreational vehicle part without much of a hassle. This obviously depends on whether or not the dealer for the part is as knowledgeable as you claim to be or vice versa. Part of finding parts is knowing where to look.

You may find yourself in need of an engine part for your recreational vehicle. This requires you to find out a few details. The first thing you should know is the year of the vehicle and the make and model of your recreational vehicle. This helps find the right company in charge of making the recreational vehicle part. From that point, you need to find out what system the part is under. In other words, is it a cooling system part or a belt or a hose? Discovering this aspect may require the help of a professional at this point, especially if you are not certain. You do not want to end up paying for the wrong part.

Locating Part Specifics

From this point, you need to locate the actual recreational vehicle part. Finding this might take you to a parts specialty store or an outlet that enables you to pick a part from a selection of parts. Give the best available description to the owner and he or she can help locate the part for you in their store. If they have a parts catalogue and you are familiar with using one, you can locate your part in that fashion. Be aware that there is a special technique to reading and using parts catalogues that may require some assistance. From the catalogue, you can get a part number and then the owner can order the recreational vehicle part.

If your part is not an engine part, the scenario for locating the specific part is a little bit different but covers the same ground. Going to a part specialty store can help locate your part a little bit quicker. Some of these stores are in the Yellow Pages or can be located by heading to the original dealer of the RV. In many instances, in fact, the RV dealer may have the recreational vehicle part you are need.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Relax in a Camping Hammock

There is simply nothing more soothing to the mind, body, and soul than an afternoon spent swinging and relaxing away on a camping hammock. Many people that regularly enjoy a camping hammock, even just for an hour or two, often report leading less stressful and well-adjusted lives and are able to enjoy themselves much more due to the incredible stress reduction powers of the hammock itself.

Almost considered a magical device, the camping hammock can massively increase the quality of your life due to its powerful relaxation capabilities. Whether you enjoy swinging lightly back and forth in the breeze or simply relaxing while completely still, a hammock can be just the thing for you. Enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard or take your camping hammock with you on trips and string it up between the trees in a beautiful grove for the ultimate experience.

Unlock the Benefits of Relaxation

There are people that utilize a hammock with such great frequency that they become a sort of urban legend in the hammock world. These people are often known for their great relaxation and their tremendous ability to be well-adjusted to the world and capable of handling all of life’s stresses with the right decorum and moderation. When speaking to one of these camping hammock “gurus”, I became enlightened to the world of the hammock and thought that I would impart some of that knowledge on to you.

The number one factor in finding a good hammock is comfort. The object in “hammocking” is relaxation, so having an uncomfortable hammock is obviously going to be the antitheses to the goal that a hammock user should have in mind. Most hammock gurus recommend finding a high quality material hammock that has a great weight holding capability so as to maximize your comfort and safety.

There are several brand names of hammock that many hammock experts swear by. They highly recommend looking for hammock suppliers such as “Hennessy”, “Clark Jungle”, “Speer”, and “Lawson” hammocks because of their great reputation for comfort and style. Safety is a concern as well, so ensure that you have discovered a brand name you can trust for a camping hammock that will not simply overturn in a wind or lack the ability to properly latch on to the supports.

In the end, the most important thing is the comfort factor. If you are not comfortable in your camping hammock, there is no point in furthering your hammock adventure and attempting to become one of the select few that consider themselves “hammock gurus”.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles or RVs are the most popular camping cars. These cars are like traveling homes.

Various camping cars and trailer towing vans are aggregated under the same label - RVs.

The recreational vehicles can be used for many purposes, such as traversing longer distances, camping or sometimes even as a permanent home.

The largest and most luxurious recreational vehicles are the Class A Motor homes. The smaller versions are put under class B campervans. Class C recreational vehicles are the smaller sized Motor homes.

Other than these, the camping cars are also made up by combining the van with a trailer. All these recreational vehicles are designed to provide space for storage and accommodation place.

A recreational vehicle comprises of a bed, a small kitchen area, storage space, table and a TV. Larger recreational vehicles from Class A comprise of a bathroom, showers, toilets, living room and master bedrooms.

These luxurious high end camping cars also include refrigerator, satellite TV, internet facility, awnings, slide out compartments and storage space for a car, motorbike or bicycle.

The Class A camping cars are truly luxurious vehicles. These are normally built on a truck or commercial bus chassis for a larger space.

The recreational vehicles can be parked in a camping space or in the special RV parks. It is very easy to carry the RV to a national park, where staying can be made comfortable with the vehicle.

There is no need to book a room at a hotel while traveling in a camping car. One can prepare food in the kitchen, hence no need to find a restaurant on the way. The RVs also prove to be a good shelter for the travelers.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Ultimate Camping Accessories Should Always Include the Essentials

For avid outdoor vacationers, stocking up on the best camping accessories is part of the fun. Although outdoorsmen have been around for many years, there is a renewed interest among the younger generation for extreme sports and activities, most of which involve nature and the outdoors. Part of a lot of extreme surfing, biking, skateboarding, or snowboarding trips involve camping out near the activity site. This trend has pushed the commercial innovation of camping accessories that real enthusiasts can buy.

However, one should not forget that all camping accessory sets should first have the most essential camping gear. This will ensure your safety and survival in your camp, especially in case of emergencies. First, you should group your camping accessories to main categories.

Shelter is the first category. This should always include a tent with poles, tent cover for rain, and ground cover or insulated waterproof pad. Always include a repair kit for the tent.

The next category is the Kitchen type accessories. Stock up on a stove gear, windscreen, fuel containers, matches or lighter, and of course a repair kit. Be sure to bring good cook gear like pots, pot holders or hangers, pot scrubber, cooking utensils.

The next are miscellaneous gear. Most important here is the First Aid kit and other survival accessories. You should always have a Compass and a Sewing kit with your personal clothes and accessories. Also, a Knife or multi-tool small saws and shovels. To be safe, have Insulating layers, long underwear, jackets, fleece sweater and pants, or a down vest or jacket. Include Wind and rain gear. Be sure to buy good insulating footwear for hiking and camping shoes. Buy good gloves, a sun hat or bandana. When near bodies of water bring your swimsuit.

Sleeping Gear is also an important category. A camper should always have a Sleeping bag and an inflatable foam pad. Other essential miscellaneous gears are flashlight and extra batteries and a pair of good sunglasses.

Always take care of your personal hygiene by bringing toothbrush, toilet paper, sunblock, and lip balm.

Finally there are your personal accessories such as a digital camera your fave book, mp3 player to keep you at bay.

Now since safety and survival are a very important part of camping, a lot of new accessories are being developed to tap the camping market. Foremost among the new survival camping accessories are signaling devices or equipment. The most obvious of these are cell phones. Other emergency accessories are GPS receivers, and radio transmitters.

Remember, as long as the basics don’t get forgotten along the way, it is perfectly fine to be excited over your camping accessories shopping.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Low cost recreational vehicles that fit a camper's lifestyle

While luxury created vehicles are designed for temporary comfort for leisure trips, low cost recreational vehicle are being used mostly by retirees as their main domicile. Recreational vehicle manufacturers offers Class A, B, and C trailers that are affordable for campers who are on a tight budget and people who cannot afford mortgage or monthly rental fee.

Pre-owned RVs are also being sold for lower prices. Compared to luxury RVs that are being sold for up to $2 million, anybody can get a second hand recreational vehicle for as low as $10,000. They can be as durable but with fewer features. Needless to say, the potential buyer cannot expect bathtubs, 2-door refrigerators or king sized beds.

Among the cheapest RV's are made from small truck's chassis. The advantage of buying this kind of RV is not only getting them for a lower price, but also lower gas bills. The gas consumption ranges from 20-15 miles per gallon.

For buyers who already have trucks and vans, they can opt to buy the fifth wheelers or travel and tent trailers. Since these trailers do not have engines, they can be sold for a very low price.

Here are some tips on how to get low cost, quality recreational vehicles:

1. For first time RV buyers on a budget.
It is recommended to start with a pre-owned unit. These are being sold for less than $10,000. However, before buying the unit, get advise from friends or relatives who have basic knowledge about RVs. Let them examine the RV's durability and performance.

2. Seasoned campers.
For people who are camping twice every year, it is recommended to rent an RV instead of purchasing one. RV rental can cost less than $800. Comparing in getting an RV and its maintenance, it is wise to rent saving a huge amount of money.

3. Research.
Compare the models that fit the budget. Joining an online discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of one model can greatly affect in deciding the best RV that will work for the buyer's lifestyle. Read articles about pre-owned or low cost RVs and compare the features. With enough research, a buyer can get more for the same price.

4. Class A units.
Look for class A units, they are top of the line but cheaper. They are usually made from small truck's chassis and are being sold for less than $50,000.

Recreational vehicles are great for outdoor activities. Getting one does not mean having millions of dollars. Learn to save money by getting the model that is designed for a specific lifestyle.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Tale of Teardrop Campers

When you own a teardrop, you are towing a little piece of history into the camper.

Teardrop campers are compact trailers providing necessities of a sleep- in cabin and kitchen without the fuss and hassle of either towing a caravan or putting up a tent. It can comfortably sleep two people and is the perfect companion for the long weekend. The kitchen is accessed from the rear of the trailer and depending on the model can have a single shelf or pull-out for a stove or have a complete kitchen hidden under the bonnet. With minimal setup required, the kitchen works especially well for a quick meal at a roadside rest area, a tailgate party at a sporting event or as a "chuck-wagon" when camping.

These mini-caravans were first introduced in the 1930s and became popular right after World War II. Teardrop campers got its name from its streamlined design. Due to its small size and light weight, it allows easy towing on automobiles such as a VW Bug, PT Cruiser or Trike.

Do you want to have a share of history of the teardrop campers? In March or April of 1939, an issue of Popular Homecraft ran a story of what was then considered the “little new invention”. It was built by Louis Rogers of Pasadena, California for his honeymoon coach. The 8'x4' floor plan was on tongue-and-groove flooring on a pine chassis. Rogers used a Chevrolet front axle with 28" wheels and 1926 Chevrolet rear fenders. Sides and top were enclosed with 1/8" hard pressed board sealed with varnish.
His creation accommodated two individuals and had the raise-up deck lid for the rear kitchenette with ice box and stove. There was a curtain-enclosed dressing room outside the starboard entry door that provided privacy when changing clothes.
In February of 1940, Popular Mechanics wrote an article about plans making egg-shaped teardrop campers. It was built on a 1924 Chevrolet Superior front axle with disk wheels from a 1930 Chevrolet. The floor was of tongue-and-groove oak over a spruce chassis. The exterior was 1/8" pressed board sealed with varnish. This 9'x5'9-1/2" floor plan featured a pressurized water tank with running water to a sink, a stove and ice box in the rear kitchenette. The cabin provided standing room beside the double bed for dressing, a small clothes closet, a chemical toilet and a single entry door on the starboard side.
By October 1945, C.W. Worman and Andy Anderson formed Kit Manufacturing Co. in an abandoned fruit stand on Telegraph Road in Norwalk, California. It was for the purpose of producing teardrop camper trailers of their own label.
It was at this time that a third party, Dan Pocapalia, became interested in the project. Worman and Pocapalia had been friends and co-workers at Vultee Aircraft in Norwalk during the war. Dan Pocapalia purchased Andy Anderson's half-interest in Kit Manufacturing Co. for $800. The two of them then had a building, a dream and 60 Fulton trailer hitches. Worman and Pocapalia soon learned that what the public wanted was not a kit, but a completed trailer. They made the decision to produce the complete form of teardrop campers. Pocapalia took responsibility for redesigning the trailer to make it easier to assemble with less waste of raw materials. Worman took on the job of material procurement.
At midyear 1946, Pocapalia and Worman decided to upgrade the model by adding a second door and fiberglass fenders as well as a 10 gallon water tank, chrome yoke and other cosmetics, including a butane stove with a Manchester butane bottle. They ended up with two models, the "Standard" and a "Super Deluxe" with the second door fenders and a dealer cost of $595.
At this point, teardrop campers remain to be a popular type of vehicle for camping especially for the couples out on a honeymoon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recreational Vehicle Park; a Special Campground

Generally, the rules and regulations of a recreational vehicle park define this particular place as a plot of land upon which two or more recreational vehicle sites are located, established or maintained for occupancy by recreational vehicles of the general public.

Normally a recreational vehicle park is located at a place just like any other park; isolated and far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. This is mainly because people seek to go to these places to relax and rest, and they definitely need a peaceful area.


As we know, occupancy here refers to both leisure as well as full time living purposes. Generally each size of a vehicle unit is governed in a recreational vehicle park to be lesser than 350 square feet in floor area. The main reason for doing so is because the park is of general public use, and anybody has the opportunity to use it. Hogging the place would go against this policy; the sizes of the mobile units are limited; so that everyone can have an equal share of their own.

Usually the lots at the recreational vehicles park would be for rental, sale or lease. And these lots are only for a short term placement of the vehicles, and not permanently like some people in some rural areas. This would simply mean that a vehicle would generally not be allowed to stay for more than a week, and allow space for new-comers.

Planning and Proper Maintenance

It has to be noted that these parks are not just mere ‘hang-out’ places, but they are places where people go to relax their mind, away from stress, and spend some time with their family. For this reason, these parks need to be kept clean and maintained at all times. The maintenance of the park should always be a priority, because generally there is no specific season when it comes to recreational vehicle park camping. People can come anytime and go anytime throughout the whole year.

A common recreational vehicle park would have proper systems like soil erosion and sedimentation control system, storm water management system, and so on. So if you plan to go for a recreational vehicle park vacation, make sure that this particular park has all these systems and that they are being maintained well. The last thing you want to happen to your vacation trip is a huge storm and the rain water flushing your whole temporary house away.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 Things to Consider when Selecting Camping Grounds

Selecting the right camping grounds can be the difference between a nightmarish long weekend away from home or Shangri-La. In selecting the right camping grounds for that weekend getaway or longer it is important to take in a number of factors into account.

Basic Questions

Some of the basic questions to ask concentrate around the purpose of your camping trip. Is a going to be just a fun and relaxing get-together away from the routine or, are you planning on going hiking? Do you plan on spending the weekend in the woods or at the ocean or lake? Asking these primary questions helps to focus in on the particular camping grounds that you are interested in.

Check it out personally

This can be easily done when you are on you way home from a weekend trip and pass by other camping grounds. Take a few moments to pull in and check out the grounds personally. Ask questions and take notes if necessary of the condition of the grounds, the number of campers and atmosphere of the camping grounds. If you have children with you gauge their response because their comfort is often a good indicator.

Also, take a few moments to walk the grounds. Signs of well-managed camping grounds are the condition of the restrooms and showers. Ask for a map and pricing guidelines and compare these guidelines with similar grounds in the area. Finally, take note of the courtesies extended and the helpfulness of the staff serving you.

Camping Population

Ask what sorts of campers generally use the camping grounds facility. Sometimes the grounds are populated with large families and sometimes they appeal more to older seasonal campers. It is your choice as to what grounds you select, but make sure the grounds match your needs.

One caution of concern would be the noise level. Are the camping grounds in close proximity to constant noisy traffic or near a railroad line? If noise level is a concern for you these may be the camping grounds you wish to avoid.

Other Resources

If you belong to a motor club be sure and take full advantage of the ratings of camping grounds that they provide or research on internet as some websites provide full descriptions as well as photos. You may sometimes be able to read reviews of other campers who have stayed at those camping grounds. Generally they are honest and straightforward and provide valuable information to help make your decision.

If planning a long trip write or call ahead for camping grounds information. Often you will receive many brochures in response to your request. These brochures are a good resource in selecting your holiday haven.

Manufacturers Of Camping Cars

There is a large number of manufacturing companies that produce camping cars. Besides the original camping cars manufacturers, several other van manufacturing companies are taking part in the production.

People around the world love to travel and enjoy camping in forests and mountains. For such camp lovers, the car manufacturing companies are trying to come up with innovative ideas everyday.

They have, till date, presented wonderful and luxurious camping cars for the ease of their customers.

The most popular brand in camping cars is Winnebago.

It is famous to such an extent that people use the term, Winnebago, as the general term for a recreational vehicle.

The company established the production of recreational vehicles and camping cars in 1960.

Other than Winnebago, Roadtrek is the biggest manufacturing company for recreational vehicles. Founded in the year 1950, Fleetwood Enterprises was the leading production firm for camping cars.

Jackson Centers Thor Industries also has registered remarkable production of RVs. Other companies such as Newmar Corporation, Monaco Coach Corporation, Coachman Industries, Starcraft RV, Trakka Motorcampers and Carriage Inc are some of the leading manufacturing companies that manufacture camper vans and recreational vehicles.

GM or General Motors is also one of the mammoth recreational vehicle manufacturers. Another age old manufacturer is Airstreams Company. This company was established in 1930.

All these manufacturers design the campervans to provide the utmost comfort and luxury. The interior is tastefully decorated.

The campervans are designed so as to accommodate most of the necessary equipments. The camping vans can occupy refrigerators, microwaves, portable toilets, bathrooms and water storage tanks.

These facilities and amenities are provided by the campervan producers on demand of the customer.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top 20 Camping Parks in North America

It is getting difficult to decide on the perfect parks to go camping. Numerous National Forest Service campgrounds are in good locations but are not really attractive. Most standard campsites or caravan parks are not memorable. Whether free or not, it is best to pick a real special camping park.

A lot of good camping parks require early reservations. You may need a short hike to the campsite. Good camping parks have beautiful all around views, a fire ring instead of small pit, and a pit toilet or even a restroom.

The following are very good camping parks in North America:

1. Philip Edward Isl. in Ontario across the border in Canada

2. Marble Canyon in Arizona

3. Cumberland Island in Georgia

4. Allagash Wilderness in Maine

5. Wood-Tikchik in Alaska

6. Squaw Flat camping park, Canyonlands National Park in Utah

7. Flat Tops in Colorado

8. Strawberry Crater Wilderness, near the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

9. Bachelor Cove, Lake Roosevelt near The Apache Trail in Arizona

10. High Point in New Jersey

11. White Tank camping park, Joshua Tree National Park in California

12. Channel Islands in California

13. Goosenecks camping park of the San Juan river, Mexican Hat

14. Gooseberry Falls in Minnesota

15. Apua Point in the Hawaiian islands

16. Pipe Springs camping park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas

17. On the lakeside of Lake Mead at Pearce Ferry in Arizona

18. Rock Hound State Park in New Mexico

19. Cottonwood Campground at Chinle

20. Circus Circus RV and Caravan CampSite, Las Vegas, Nevada.

For a greater adventure on some of the most beautiful countrysides, why not also consider camping in Europe?

Remember, the old world enjoyed camping long before Americans did. France and other countries offer camping holidays. Some even offer bed and breakfast options.

Overall, European officially listed camping parks are broken down in three categories that will fit your wallet and taste. There are luxury parks, moderate camping parks and lastly, basic parks where guests have to bring their own tents.

For luxury, there are companies that maintain camping parks all over Europe. Some have good camping parks all over Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. You can pick those that are off the beaten track in the French Riviera, the Swiss Alps, Tuscany, the Black Forest and Innsbruck.

The leading company is Eurocamp. Many of its sites offer well-appointed accommodations, single- to six-sleeper tents called “caravillas”.

For moderately appointed camping sites and basic bare campgrounds, the abovementioned locations have numerous good camping parks. Check the internet for self-drive camping parks in Europe.

So, hike the comfort and enjoyment level of your outdoor vacation by picking the best camping parks.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Recreational RVs: Which Type Suits Your Needs?

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are automobiles that are made to satisfy the need for safe transportation as well as comfortable and spacious residence while traveling. They may serve the general purpose, but consumers can choose among the different types according to the features that will cater to their needs.

Here are some of the classifications of recreational vehicles.

1. Class A RVs

Generally, these are the most expensive and the largest among the RVs. They are built on another manufacturer's chassis and buses. It can accommodate 2 to 8 people and comes complete with furnishings and living systems.
It is coined as the ultimate movable home away from home.

The driving compartment is part of the coach, which gives more space to the RV.

They come at a price from $55,000 to more than $150,000

2. Class B RVs

These are vans that have been converted to suit the needs of its owners. They usually have a raised roof (17 to 20 feet), pop-up tops and slide-out sections.

Their size can be compared to ordinary cars, so parking is not a problem. They can also be used as an everyday vehicle. However, because of its compact size, it is most suitable for couples that will take short trips.

The Class B RVs are said to me more fuel-efficient compared to Class A RVs.

These features come with prices starting at $35,000 and above.

3. Class C RVs

These are vehicles with ordinary chassis, but with a custom-made motor home mounted on it. To maximize space, an entertainment center or overhead sleeping area is located at the top of the driving compartment.

The Class C RVs can accommodate 4 people, plus two children.

Class C RVs are suitable for a weekend trip, since full time RVing brings about problems in storage and living space.

These features will be yours with the Class C RV at prices form $40,000 to $80,000.

4. Travel Trailers

More commonly known as campers, the travel trailers are RVs that are towed. They are more lightweight than other RVs but the towing vehicle must always be considered as well.

Travel trailers cater to a wide variety of needs because of the various sizes available.

To make traveling comfortable, load-distributing hitches must be attached to the camper to ensure the control of the towing vehicle.

It comes at $10,000 to $60,000 price.

5. Fifth Wheel RVs
This vehicle got its name from the device used to mount the trailer on the middle portion of the truck bed.

This structure offers a wider variety of floor plans, making it possible to deliver features of other RV types.

The price ranges from $15,000 to $100,000.

Now, you have the basic ideas about choosing your own RV that will satisfy your needs.

Friday, September 12, 2008

RV Camper Rentals From Cruise America

Owning an RV camper is definitely a luxury. It requires one to shell out hoe many bucks of money. However, there are now alternatives for to you enjoy the comforts it offer through renting it as like it is your very own.

Cruise America ranks as the largest RV camper rental firm that has started since it 1972 and still fully operational at this time. It is a family- owned company founded by a Florida native Robert Smalley Sr. Its headquarters is located in Mesa, Arizona. They have 18 company stores and around 130 commissioned dealer outlets in the North America region.

Their fleet of class C RV campers today are manufactured by Elkhart, Ind.-based Four Winds International Corp. It is a subsidiary of Thor Industries Inc. In April 2004, Cruise America joined Four Winds' management and employees in saluting the completion of the Thor division's 25,000th mini motorhome. In doing so, the Arizona rental leader introduced a new line of rental units bearing graphics that depict "the American Spirit," including eye-catching illustrations of such landmarks as the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Golden Gate Bridge.

These are the features of RV campers from Cruise America that are for rentals:
* Compact RV camper
A Cruise America exclusive. We start with a powerful, easy to drive, pickup truck with bench seating accommodating two adults comfortably. To this pickup truck, we have mounted a spacious motorhome coach (not a camper), similar to a wide body motorhome. The coach has the usual queen size cabover bed, a living room couch, dinette, full kitchen with microwave, and roomy rear bath area. Length is 22’ to 24’ that can accommodate a family of 4.
* Large RV Camper
A traditional motorhome with the self-contained features you expect, including most with a power generator in the USA. This economical family unit is a traditional favorite for those who want the walk-through convenience of a motorhome. Length is 28’ to 30’ that can accommodate a family of 7.

* Trailer RV Camper
This is a new addition to Cruise America. You just have to have your tow vehicle and pay a daily rental rate 25% less than the actual cost. There are no mileage charges if you want to head to the races, tailgate, weekend escapes or whatever that is. It sleeps up to 5 persons equipped with a generator.

* Fun Mover RV Camper
This is a versatile motorhome with a garage in the back, to haul your sport "toys", personal belongings, or wares. FunMovers come with a hydraulic lift or use your ramp to load the garage. The living quarters up front contain standard self contained motorhome amenites. Cruise America also offers a special design, ADA friendly FunMover rental vehicle. They are equipped with a wheelchair accessible entry via a rear power lift gate, a single bed is located in the rear compartment and the doors to the rear living space and bathroom are wider. Assist handles are installed in the bathroom. An able-bodied travel companion is required to operate some of the systems including the power lift. Vehicles are not to be used for emergency or other medical transportation.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deciding on a Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer

There are many recreational vehicle manufacturers available to choose from, which can make choosing a recreational vehicle manufacturer seem like a rather arduous task at times. The most important thing to remember is that you should inform yourself of the features and qualities that each recreational vehicle manufacturer provides, and take a long at their history, as well as what their main priorities are. By doing this, you will be able to narrow your search down to a select few that meet the exact criteria you are searching for.

Choosing a Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer

You should make sure that any recreational vehicle manufacturer you take the time to even consider carries only vehicles that comply with the requirements of the law’s standards for RVs. Regardless of where you live, you should check with the local laws in order to make sure that any recreational vehicle manufacturer you consider as an option has all of their vehicles up to date. Some of the available RV manufacturers include that of the following: Adventure Manufacturing, Bigfoot Industries, Carriage, Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Company, Dutchmen Manufacturing, Extreme RVs, Fleetwood Canada, Fleetwood Folding Trailers, General Coach, Georgie Boy Manufacturing, Glendale Recreational Vehicles, Great West Van Conversions, Gulf Stream Coach, Home and Park Motor homes, Jayco, Komfort Corporation, Leisure Travel Vans, Monaco Coach Corporation, National RV, Newmar Corporation, Northlander Industries, Pleasure-Way Industries, Rexhall Industries, Starcraft RV, Thor America, Tiffin Motor Homes, Vanguard, Viking Recreational Vehicles, and more.

Coachmen Recreational Vehicles is one of the more popular RV manufacturers, whose available selection includes that of: Epic, Aurora, Mirada, Santara C, Leprechaun, Freelander, Freedom, and the Concord. Coachmen Recreational Vehicles promise safety, strength, and durability with all of their RVs, and their lengthy company time on the market shows how truly trustworthy they are as a legitimate business. The Komfort Corporation is another option of great popularity, which offers such products as Komfort trailers, Komfort fifth wheels, Trailblazer travel trailers, Trailblazer fifth wheels, and the K2 by Komfort travel trailers. National RV Inc. is yet another good choice, as they pride themselves on building all of their vehicles with the same attention to quality and comfort, and have been considered as the hallmark of RVs for decades.

Regardless of which actual manufacturer you decide to opt for, as long as you make yourself knowledgeable on the features and qualities that each manufacturer offers, you can feel assured in knowing that you will have made the best possible choice for you and your own personal needs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Camping Ground Is Usually Found In A State Park

A camping ground is often located on state land and provides some of the most beautiful scenery you can set your eyes on. A camping ground often consists of little areas splattered about on segmented pieces of property. You pay small fees to be able to stay the weekend at one of these camping grounds and it’s almost always considered a rustic type of camping.

Many different areas that promote themselves as a camping ground, often don’t do much to enhance the area. They simply leave the land as is and let you take care of yourself. There aren’t people who live on the land in order to maintain it, and therefore, you should make sure you carry a cell phone with you, if at all possible, in case of an emergency.

Different Camping Ground Areas Offer Different Rates and Services

Some camping grounds are free and so rustic it’s like you are stepping backwards in time to a day when everything was natural and unpolluted. These areas offer no services and you are camping at your own risk.

Other camp grounds provide moderate upkeep, such as making sure there is a picnic table, grill and a flat surface to pitch your tent. These places are very inexpensive in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and only charge about $3.00 for a weekend. Yes, there are plenty of lakes, but most of these lakes aren’t used for swimming, but are used more for fishing.

Then there is the camping ground that offers you electricity and running water, as well as a main office in case of an emergency. These areas have life guards and you are sure to meet many different kinds of people and personalities. These places have rules that need to be followed, and also cost about $12.00 a day to be able to camp there. The best benefit is that all of the area is fully maintained, and the beach area not only serves for fishing, but it also serves as a great area for swimming as well.

Last, but not least, another type of camping ground is the camping ground resort. Resorts work for many different reasons. Some of these reasons have to do with spa treatments and church groups. Other reasons have to do with hunting and outdoor sports. Either way, these places are awesome because they come fully equipped with a kitchen for cooking, all utensils, a bed and total comfort. These places can range in price and go as high as $1000 for a week get-a-way.

Makeover Of Camping Cars

Makeover of the camping cars is a comparatively new trend. People love to enhance their dream RV or camping vehicle, as much as they enjoy traveling.

More and more people are taking efforts to convert their cars into mean machines. The makeover generally reflects their thinking, taste and lifestyle.

The makeover of a camping car means changing the outlook of the car and also to enhance its features.

The features can be, increasing the storage space inside the vehicle, enhancing the kitchen space, adding more advanced electrical appliances and technology.

The outer enhancement comprises of changing the flooring, coloring the walls, putting stickers and paintings on the exterior, changing the windows. Changing the lighting pattern can also enhance the interior decor.

The feature enhancement of the camping cars is the most popular trend nowadays. One can add some more facilities to the vehicle.

A microwave and grill oven can prepare some mouth watering delicacies while on a vacation. A refrigerator can store the food for a longer time.

The bathroom accessories can also be changed and enhanced during a makeover.

Adding some modern and enhanced technologies to the interior of the camping car can make the travel safer and comfortable.

One can also add some entertaining equipment such as a music system and TV with satellite connection. The ambience changes drastically with the change in light effects. The flooring adds different effects to the interior.

To get new ideas for the makeover of camping cars, you can surf the net. There are hundreds of designs and photographs available on internet.

To know about the accessories for makeover, you can go through the specific magazines. You can even come to know about the makeover prices with a little bit of research.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Camping Gear Is Particularly Useful For Keeping Out the Elements

The main goal to any type of camping gear is making sure the gear is going to be useful to you in the elements you will be subjected to while camping. I remember some miserable days camping because we didn’t have the right camping gear handy and when it rained, it poured. Needless to say, the camping gear didn’t keep us dry and we ended up cold and frustrated. If you don’t have the right camping gear, everything you bring along can get soaked in a rain storm and then you may as well just pack it up and head it home.

Camping Gear Should Make Your Experience Easier

The right kind of camping gear will make your camping experience more enjoyable, especially if you are camping in a rustic fashion. A good hiking backpack really does wonders when you are trailing off to some destination that is unknown. Your backpack can actually help to push you forward, up a hill and is gentler on your knees when you are steadying yourself to come down.

Make sure your camping gear includes some sort of lighting source. I know it may never happen to you, but what if by some slim chance you ended up lost in an area you don’t know too well? It happens all the time and could leave you stranded in the dark, alone at night. It’s not any fun to be tripping over stumps and breaking legs on fallen trees, so make sure you have some sight planned out for night. Also make sure you carry a utensil to start a fire with. After all, we all know we can light a fire with a stick and stone, but how many people have actually tried it?

Carry on hand either canned, non-perishables that you can cook right in the container in the fire and your eating utensils or pull up your cooking attire with your 4-wheeler so that you can cook your perishable foods so they don’t go bad and your tummy doesn’t scream “I’m hungry!”

Camping Gear Can Be Purchased Anywhere

You can purchase camping gear virtually everywhere. You can purchase the gear online, at Walmart, Target, Gander Mountain or even out of magazines. You name it, you can find it and it’s all very easy to obtain. Whatever you feel your needs are, please make sure you bring them along!

Interior Of Recreational Vehicles

The recreational vehicles and camping cars are getting popular amongst the adventure freaks. With these vehicles, one can experience the comfort and luxury, despite of the camping sites rough environment.

The interior of the recreational vehicles plays a major part in a comfortable stay.

A recreational vehicle normally comprises of a bed, bathroom, small kitchen area, and some storage space.

A luxurious recreational vehicle may comprise of a living room with table, TV, kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and a master bedroom with a large and cozy bed.

The bathrooms are spacious and are fitted with a shower. The toilets are generally the portable ones, which can be detached and cleaned at a sanitary station.

There are several terms involved in the interior of the recreational vehicles. The toilets generally have a Black water tank in which the waste water from the toilet is stored.

The kitchens of recreational vehicles have the Grey Water tanks. These are used to store the waste water from the shower and kitchen sinks.

The most important equipments in the interior of the recreational vehicle are the generators and the converters. The generator can be petrol, propane or diesel operated.

It generates AC voltage, which is very useful in dry camping and in the middle of the travel. The converter takes the AC voltage from the generator or the campsite hookups and converts it into DC voltage. This voltage is used by the electrical equipments in RV.

House batteries turn out as one more source of DC voltage source. The batteries have a smaller capacity of 12 volts DC. The batteries are charged by the vehicle batteries.

The inverters take the DC voltage from house batteries and convert into AC. This voltage is used by the electronic equipments which need an AC voltage.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Assessing RV Key Features

Recreational vehicles are created to fulfill the need for an efficient means of transportation as well as to provide pleasure and comfort during long trips. It must be noted that there are things that drivers can only get in owning RVs and it can be regarded to the recreational vehicles' key features.

To maximize the use of the recreational vehicles, here are some key features to look for and assess in finding RVs.

1. Towable vs. motorized recreational vehicles

Unlike ordinary cars, RVs can be categorized as towable or motorized. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages based on the consumers' needs. Things to consider in this RV key feature are the length of distance to be traveled in trips and the kinds of roads to take since towable RVs need adjustments in bumpy roads, etc.

2. The Weight Capacity

RVs must have greater weight capacity than ordinary cars which only function as transportation vehicle. To give pleasure and comfort, certain appliances, furniture and fixtures must be present in the RVs. (You just don't carry your refrigerator and your bath tub in your ordinary car, do you?)

There are three aspects in this key feature: the weight rating, the tow rating and net carrying capacity. RVers must know these things to avoid disasters and RV failures.
The points to consider are the kinds of equipment to be placed, the number of people that can safely be loaded, and the towing vehicle's capacity (in the case of towable RVs).

3. Living systems

Waste and Sewage facilities as well as lavatories find their way to fit in RVs. Also, RVs would not be complete without its very own power source to utilize all appliances for trips.

These are must-haves for all RVs to accommodate the needs of their passengers. Different kinds of RVs call for varying levels of complexity. Generators with a higher capacity to produce power may have to be employed in the case of Class A RVs.

Things to consider in this aspect are the number of passengers as well as their habits. Purchasing power will also be a factor here since the amenities come at a price.

4. Size

RVs come in a broad range of sizes, from big Class A RVs to small campers. The possibilities are endless. This classification can be extended to the storage areas that the RVs have.

For small RVs, using dual-purpose or foldable furniture can maximize the storage area. It is also possible to have overhead spaces.

These are just some of the key features that can be used when choosing a RV over an ordinary car. It can also help you in choosing the right RV for you.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Pop- up Camper Tricks

If you think that owning a pop- up camper will entirely brush off those rugged outdoor experiences, then better think twice. You might have all the facilities you ever wanted right inside that RV but still there are those that will cause a problem or two. Those are the things that have not been written in the manual guide then you end up discovering for yourself that this and that should have been here and there. Well, as they say, experience is the best teacher. You will never ascend to another level if you would not go through mistakes.

Now, here are some clever advices for those using a pop- up camper from Mike Bentley, webmaster of

* Watch out for the tenting on the glide- out dinette or if the beds do not slide easily, there has to be a good reason.
Mike Bentley came close to destroying the clear vinyl windows on the glide out when he was attempting to fold the trailer for the first or second time. He said, “Gee, this bed does not want to go in, does it?” The next time he opened up the unit, he noticed grease stains on the glide- out canvas and distortion on the vinyl windows.
For a pop- up camper trick, make sure the glide out tenting is pulled away from the beds before sliding them in or out. If the beds don't slide in easily, stop and take a look.

* That little water connector where the outside shower hose connects to the faucet is as strong as a twig.
Mike Bentley found out that the outside shower hose was kinked. Since the water did not come out, he straightened the hose and snapped it. That was a pop- up camper trick he just did.
However, if that comes up, the warranty will always cover a replacement.

* Even if you are on an incline, the pop- up camper trick is to chock the front and back of the trailer wheels.
Mike Bentley was setting up a unit in front of his house. He used a wood block under the wheel closest to the curb to compensate for the “crown” in the road to make the trailer leveled. The road in his house is a little steep so he utilized the tongue jack he had. As soon as he raised the coupler off of the ball, the trailer lurched forward uphill. It impaled the coupler into the plastic bumper of his minivan. The problem there was that the curb wheel was on the block but it was too close to the front of the block. It rolled right off as soon as the coupler was free.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Finding a Recreational Vehicle For Sale

Finding a recreational vehicle for sale is a little bit like hunting an animal through the deep, dark forest in the middle of the night with a peashooter for a weapon and a bright fluorescent jacket on to help conceal the truth. This means that finding the ideal recreational vehicle for sale on your terms is a lot like an impossible hunt for an impossible target. Luckily, there are some small ways that can help bring out the best in your hunt and can, possibly, even help you hunt down the right target for the right price.

Part of the problem with finding a good recreational vehicle for sale is finding something available in your price range. This is all a part of the game, however, as most vehicles in general are significantly overpriced to encourage the consumer to negotiate with the seller. This also works towards the salespersons’ commission as they become more enabled with the higher prices. This is not to say that every salesperson is out to push the price on decent merchandise up significantly for personal gain, but it would be naïve to assume that this is not a normal occurrence in the world of recreational vehicle sales as a whole industry.

Learning to Bargain and Negotiate

In order to negotiate effectively, you must be prepared to display a form of confidence that is a little bit different than you may be used to. You need to act the role of someone that is completely informed and in tune with the world of recreational vehicle sales. Act as if you frequently purchase RV’s and that you know the industry better than the snot-nosed salesperson sitting across from you. This is where body language comes into play as you must remember to assert yourself with grace and quality; lean forward at the right times and maintain eye contact throughout the transaction. The soul of the lies is within the eyes, so remember to look deep within for the truth about your recreational vehicle for sale.

Once you have, to a certain degree, determined the truth about your recreational vehicle for sale it is time to determine your actual asking price. Usually it is best to start with a number well below the listed price and work from there. Start at ten or fifteen percent below what they are asking; some of the more confident bargain experts will drop even lower and start at around twenty-five percent or more. This asserts a valuable position as you let the salesperson know that this recreational vehicle for sale is something you are willing to risk losing. From the point of mutual respect, you can begin to deal effectively and honestly.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fun Camping Games

Sometimes camping can become boring if there is nothing to do apart from vigorous activities such as hiking, jungle trekking, boating and so on. Especially when there is little else to do at night and everybody ends up sitting around the fireplace staring at each other’s face. That’s why there are fun-filled camping games that can tease your brain and body.

Camping games are usually held to share lots of laughter as well as break the ice and build relationships with other camping partners. Ranging from the simple hide-and-go-seek game to complicated trick games, here are some ideas for camping games that will never let you stay bored:

Wolf Gang

Apart from hide-and-go-seek, you can try the Wolf Gang game which is very famous in Asia. This game originated from the Japan, and it is filled with lots of fun and action. Basically this game is played this way - you ask the campers to form a line like a Snake, and each of them places their hands tightly on the shoulders of the person in front of them.

One of the campers will be the Wolf, the first person in the line becomes the Head and the last person becomes the Tail. The Wolf stands near the head, and the game starts with the Wolf trying to catch the Tail without touching the other parts of the snake (the other campers other than the Tail).

The body of the Snake would have to turn and twist to prevent the Wolf from touching the Tail without breaking the line. If the Tail is touched, then the Tail becomes the Wolf this time, and the Wolf becomes the Head. The current last person now is the new Tail. This game goes on until all the campers have become the Wolf.
Peanut Roll
In this camping game, participants are divided into several teams. Half of the campers would stand at the starting point and the other half at the finishing point. This game works by the participants taking turn to roll a peanut back and forth with only their nose.
Water and Action
Some active camping games are even more fun. One famous one is water baseball. Some things required for this game are tennis ball, a broom stick and four rafts - three small ones and one big one. There are five people on a side. The batsman and the catcher would stand on the big raft and the pitcher would stand on a small raft about 12 meters away. Another two rafts are placed at reach points as bases. The batsman starts for the first base the moment the bat and the ball touch.

Categories Of Camping Cars

There are many types of camping cars. These are generally known as recreational vehicles or RVs, as these can be used for camping as well as other recreational activities.

The most luxurious and expensive type is the class A motor home. These are modified trucks. Motor homes are used for longer distances and for carrying a large number of people.

The vehicle built on a commercial bus is just another kind of RV. These vehicles offer larger space and luxury.

A campervan is a true camping car. Designed from a typical van, this vehicle has a raised roof. Sometimes in these vans, the backside is replaced with a coach occupying cabinet.

A combination of the van and the truck is the class C motor home. The front side is like that of a conventional van, while the rear is built on a chassis of a truck.

They are also known as Cab-overs, in which the roof is raised over the top of the van. These mini-Motor homes include a bed and some type of entertainment media.

Truck camper is another type of a camping car. This is more like a small camping car which is built on a pickup truck.

This is mainly used by hunters and other jungle travelers. The camping cars are also made by connecting a folding trailer to the van.

The folding trailer is pulled by the van and has sufficient storage space. A caravan is a bigger version of a folding trailer. It is towed by a van and also has larger space inside it.

The trailers and caravans are not exactly the mobile homes. The extended storage compartments dont include the bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. One can only store the equipment for camping and sometimes bicycles and motorcycles too.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Top 20 Camping Parks in North America

It is getting difficult to decide on the perfect parks to go camping. Numerous National Forest Service campgrounds are in good locations but are not really attractive. Most standard campsites or caravan parks are not memorable. Whether free or not, it is best to pick a real special camping park.

A lot of good camping parks require early reservations. You may need a short hike to the campsite. Good camping parks have beautiful all around views, a fire ring instead of small pit, and a pit toilet or even a restroom.

The following are very good camping parks in North America:

1. Philip Edward Isl. in Ontario across the border in Canada

2. Marble Canyon in Arizona

3. Cumberland Island in Georgia

4. Allagash Wilderness in Maine

5. Wood-Tikchik in Alaska

6. Squaw Flat camping park, Canyonlands National Park in Utah

7. Flat Tops in Colorado

8. Strawberry Crater Wilderness, near the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

9. Bachelor Cove, Lake Roosevelt near The Apache Trail in Arizona

10. High Point in New Jersey

11. White Tank camping park, Joshua Tree National Park in California

12. Channel Islands in California

13. Goosenecks camping park of the San Juan river, Mexican Hat

14. Gooseberry Falls in Minnesota

15. Apua Point in the Hawaiian islands

16. Pipe Springs camping park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas

17. On the lakeside of Lake Mead at Pearce Ferry in Arizona

18. Rock Hound State Park in New Mexico

19. Cottonwood Campground at Chinle

20. Circus Circus RV and Caravan CampSite, Las Vegas, Nevada.

For a greater adventure on some of the most beautiful countrysides, why not also consider camping in Europe?

Remember, the old world enjoyed camping long before Americans did. France and other countries offer camping holidays. Some even offer bed and breakfast options.

Overall, European officially listed camping parks are broken down in three categories that will fit your wallet and taste. There are luxury parks, moderate camping parks and lastly, basic parks where guests have to bring their own tents.

For luxury, there are companies that maintain camping parks all over Europe. Some have good camping parks all over Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. You can pick those that are off the beaten track in the French Riviera, the Swiss Alps, Tuscany, the Black Forest and Innsbruck.

The leading company is Eurocamp. Many of its sites offer well-appointed accommodations, single- to six-sleeper tents called “caravillas”.

For moderately appointed camping sites and basic bare campgrounds, the abovementioned locations have numerous good camping parks. Check the internet for self-drive camping parks in Europe.

So, hike the comfort and enjoyment level of your outdoor vacation by picking the best camping parks.

Monday, September 01, 2008

How to increase the mileage of your RV

You have finally bought your dream house, only it is able to take you and your family anywhere you like. To the uninitiated, what looks like a portable house with all the amenities of home, is called a recreational vehicle.

After spending your hard earned money on a camper, a motor home or a trailer, you wonder how to get the best use of this vehicle so that it can give you the most pleasurable trips possible,

Since you have already bought one, then there's a presumption that you have chosen what is useful for you and the kind of travel that you or your family do. Presumably, you have not bought a Class "A" motor home if you are the type who loves roughing it out in the woods.

Like every other vehicle, your recreational vehicle is susceptible to wear and tear. It can also expose you and your family to the dangers that are usually part and parcel of land travel.

To make sure that you and your family travel safe, and that you get to increase the mileage or the total number of time your vehicle travels, then you have to consider the following.

A recreational vehicle gets its mileage from the tires that carry the vehicle from one point to another. Thus, RV owners must make sure they check their tires before, during and after traveling. Traveling long distances and in unknown territories can cause problems with tire like unexpected nails and other sharp objects that can puncture them. While traveling, it is best to listen to your vehicle once in a while to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere just because you lost precious gas due to a tank leak. A recreational vehicle owner must always check the gas tanks for leaks and other problems that may cause damage to life and limb.

While recreational vehicles are made with the comforts of home, its owners must inspect the RV's electrical system, making sure that it is not overloaded. Avoid using all electrical equipment at one time as this may result to a blown fuse or it might trip the electrical breaker.

A vehicle's wiper is always important and you will only discover this when you are traveling on a rainy day or night and you realize that you have difficulty seeing the road ahead because your wipers have been damaged.

While all these tips can help increase your RV's mileage, it is important to read the vehicle's guidebook, so you will know how to care for your recreational vehicle.

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