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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

After having prepared the necessary equipment and supplies for the much anticipated camping adventure, one will tend to wonder what activities can be done once settled there. Depending on the campsite location, the range of activities can vary. Some locations offer boating and fishing, swimming, hunting and other various sports. However for some people, especially families, they feel that this is their chance to spend quality time with their children. What better way of spending this time than playing wholesome games.

Small kids have been always fascinated with story-telling. A modified version of this can be played into a game wherein one person starts the story by setting the scenario and leaving it with an open sentence. The others can take turns in pitching in until the story becomes ridiculously hilarious. The advantage of such a game is that there are no losers because everyone contributes to the turn of the story.

With an extra blanket, this can be spread on the ground for the family to lie on. Watching the clouds, this game can be fun by adding a twist to it by running through the letters of the alphabet (e.g. apple, banana, etc.) to find these objects in the shape of the clouds. This will not only boost children’s creativity but it is also a means to keep the kids from wandering off on their own.

Bring a blank journal. Spending a small time in filling out this journal can be a fun activity for both adults and children. To make it more interesting, pack some colored pencils and crayons to use. The journal can be treated as a souvenir from the wonderful camping trip spent.

With a bit of imagination, one can create a lot of things using small twigs and pebbles lying on the ground. To hold the pieces together, a bottle of white glue can do the trick in transforming the twigs into a log cabin or castle. Colored markers can be used to create pebble pets that can resemble a ladybug or even a frog.

What is a campfire without singing songs? Traditional campfire songs are often played with a guitar. However, in the absence of such or in the absence of talent, one can make use of small twigs and branches to make up a beat. To add a twist to this activity, one can make up songs to a familiar tune or to include children’s names in the songs.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Recreational Vehicle

In today’s mobile world, people are always on the go, traveling to places where they have not yet visited or simply getting a grand vacation getaway.

Along with the growing demand for vacations are the endless creations of recreational vehicles that are seemingly fit for people who travel a lot.

No wonder why most recreational vehicles nowadays are so much in demand in the market. Statistical data shows that almost 60% of people who travel bring with them their recreational vehicle. This can be attributed to a number of factors where the benefits exceed the drawbacks.

However, not all people can afford to buy a brand new recreational vehicle. There are also some instances wherein owners of recreational vehicles need to sell their vehicles for some personal reasons. In this way, the buyer and the seller meet halfway. They tend to be on the same market where correct pricing of recreational vehicles is the name of the game.

Pricing your recreational vehicle can be very tricky. This is because the depreciation value of the vehicle is sometimes tremendous that owners are not willing to trade their recreational vehicle for such a low price. Hence, it is important to consider the factors that might affect the pricing of recreational vehicles. Here is the list:

1. Mileage

You can raise the total market price of your recreational vehicle on a second-hand basis by determining its mileage. Most people would consider the mileage of the recreational vehicle if it is reasonable for its age or if it is suitable to the make and year of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that the lower the mileage, the better. However, it is also important to remember the make and year, since recreational vehicles are understandably used more frequently on the road.

2. Total Condition

Always see to it that the total form of your recreational vehicle is absolutely in good condition. See to it before you have your recreational vehicle assessed and evaluated that it doesn't have any dents, water leaks, discoloration, or structural flaws.

3. Accessories

Always have a random check of the overall accessories attached to your recreational vehicle. Identify those that you have recently added. All of these things are included in the “pricing guides.” Every accessory will determine the total market price of your recreational vehicle.

Indeed, selling a recreational vehicle and buying one can be a daunting task. But as soon as you know the factors that might affect its value, you can easily gain the advantage of getting the best value for your recreational vehicle.

Friday, October 24, 2008

VW Camper Vans

Volkswagen UK Company was established in 1952, the motor car is an icon of the 20th Century, and few car manufacturers have produced so many legendary cars as Volkswagen. The Beetle, the best-selling car of all time; the Volkswagen bus or VW camper van, a symbol of a generation; and the Golf, a modern masterpiece, are automobiles that have become an unforgettable part of the cultural and personal lives of millions.

VW (Volkswagen) camper vans otherwise known as a Volkswagen bus were built nearly sixty years ago and is now becoming one of the great vehicles of all times. Whether you are eighteen or eighty five the VW camper van represents a certain way of life and will always turn people’s heads and make them think they wished they had one.

What started the VW camper vans or VW buses? In 1947, a revolutionary idea of Ben Pon (a Dutch businessman), was presented to VW about building a vehicle based on the design of a so-called plattenwagen (which looked like a push bike with moped engines), however his design would be an oblong transport vehicle that weighed 750 kilos with the cargo being 750 kilos as well, it was designed for internal factory transportation at the Volkswagen plant.

The first two prototypes of the Volkswagen camper vans or buses, then called a VW transporter, were developed by Volkswagen designers based on Pon’s idea, however it first had a rectangular cabin which had no curvature at all, and when tested had disappointing results. So Pon’s proposal of a well curved cabin which featured an aerodynamic shape was an excellent step forward. The development of this idea was left alone for a time.

It was not until a year after that this idea was developed, when Heinrich Nordhoff (the then new chief of Volkswagen) and Alfred Haesner (technical manager) decided to work with Pon and develop his idea for Volkswagen. This simple design of a transport-van soon became a blueprint for the future and the development of the famous VW camper vans or VW bus.

Today, even after about sixty years from when the VW camper vans were first developed, its improvement and enhancement throughout the early years of its manufacturing, and the coming out of much more modern and innovated cars from VW, the VW camper vans remains to be an unbeatable classic that still catches the eye and an icon of great automobiles in history.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Does the Recreational Vehicle Supply List Look Like?

If you are a person who loves vacationing and long distance travel, then you would be the right type of person who would love to have a recreational vehicle, since this would provide you with the basic comforts and amenities required for you to live ‘on wheels’. A well-maintained RV is actually as good as a second home; with the advantage that you can take it anywhere you like to go.

What Type of Recreational Vehicle Supply Do You Know About?

The RV is usually designed to become a second home for people who travel for indefinite periods, in hostile habitats, and/or rural places where accommodations are not easy to find. The RV will provide all the regular amenities of a home, such as gas stove, bed, bath, toilet, kitchen, fridge, DVD, music system and so on.

Depending on the budget and the RVs also come equipped with their own pedal power generation system, water harvesting system, radio communication, dish antenna and TV, computer with internet and other such amenities that can enable your independent function despite the local provisions.

When you decide to go for the purchase of a RV it would be good if you run a perfunctory glance at the recreational vehicle supply available in the market. Besides the different types of self-contained motor homes there are three different options.

First, the travel trailer is a type of RV that is usually bigger and heavier than all the other RVs. It is usually pulled along with the help of a special hitch connection with the car/ truck you are driving.

Second, the truck camper is attached to the body of the car by means of a cradle; but it is smaller and becomes part of the body of the car/ truck

Finally, there is the fifth wheel travel trailer. As the name suggests, this type of RV is suspended over a fifth set of wheels while the front is attached to the main vehicle.

The type of recreational vehicle supply available in the market of a certain region is very dependent and limited to the demand of that region. The choice of recreational vehicle supply also depends upon the region’s natural habitat. When the natural habitat is friendly and invites tourists, people tend to come and plan for longer stays, time during which some people decide to buy an RV. This too, in whatever small measure it may be, influences the recreational vehicle supply of the area.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Light Your Way with a Camping Lantern

Finding your way around in the darkened hills of a strange land can be a harrowing adventure for some, while for others it can be a wonderful experience that they will want to relive again and again. If you are a part of the latter group, it is highly likely that you are properly equipped when you are in the middle of nowhere and that you include, with your supplies, important travelling and camping implements such as firewood and a camping lantern.

It is even more important that you can see where you are going at night in a new surrounding and for this reason, many campers and hikers take a camping lantern with them on all of their travels. This lantern provides adequate light for the most intimidating of hikes or excursions and can help show the way to many a lost or wayward traveller trying to make their way home.

Fused for Adventure

There are various types of camping lanterns. You should identify your own hiking and camping needs before you decide on the lantern because consideration must be given to the various facets of lantern technology. Information about power sources, brightness quotients, and portability is all important and is customizable to your particular adventure and its needs. You should not wait until an emergency or dangerous situation to realize that you selected the wrong camping lantern.

There are rechargeable camping lanterns that come with high recommendations. This is because there is virtually no limit to the power source as you can purchase several rechargeable batteries that can easily be plugged into other implements. There are remote lanterns that function with infrared technology and battery packs to light your path or there are traditional fused lanterns that rely on natural fuel sources and flame to produce adequate light. Familiarize yourself with the fuel sources that you will have at hand and make your selection based on that.

Finally, ensure that the lantern has sturdy construction. There is nothing worse than having an adequate power source trapped inside a shell of material that is far from reliable. A lantern should be water-resistant and should not fracture easily. A good camping lantern can resist the problems of the elements of nature with ease and provide the camper or hiker with enough light and power to add comfort and relief to his exciting outdoor adventure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camping Food 101

Nature tripping with family or friends never fails to give delight. A week of fun and excitement in the woods gives the opportunity of the curious mind to explore and develop a sense of love and respect for living creatures.

Of course, camping won’t be as much fun when there is not enough ration of food for the whole pack. A night out at the campfire or a day full of activity will surely trigger the appetite.

This article contains tips on which type of food to bring and the best things. The amount of food packed should not be too much nor too few. Since camping would mean bringing of a lot of equipments over, it is best to pack other things lightly.

1. It is wise to pack pre-chopped vegetables the night before the trip and pack it in zip lock bags. Veggies such as carrots and onions stay fresh and are best to add to side dishes and mixes.
2. Purchase pre-packed salad for a fresh supply of lettuce. Bring along cheese that are pre-grated or buy one at the supermarket for convenience.
3. Dishes such as meat mixes and sauces are best pre-cooked.
4. Meals should be made as simple as possible. Hotdogs, marshmallows and burgers are good.
5. When cooking the corn over fire, it should be wrapped heavily with aluminum foil when cooked over fire.
6. Oil for grilling is best placed in a spray bottle for ease of use. Keep it inside a bag to prevent from spillage.
7. Soft-fleshed fruits such as bananas and apples are easily bruised in packing. It is best to bring firm ones such as oranges.
8. When bringing along chips, it is best to buy those that are contained in canisters to prevent crushing of the bag.
9. The flat tortillas are easier to pack than bread and tastes good, too.
10. Powdered juice is easier and lighter to pack than carbonated drinks. Freezing the juice in reusable containers is more economical because it can act as a cooling pack. The cooler should be stocked with drinks that are going to be consumed on the day itself. It is best to fill it before going to bed for next day’s use.

It is common for the animals in the park to go for the camper’s food. It is wise not to feed them and not to keep food inside the tents for the camper’s own safety!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Advantages of Popular Custom-made Recreational Vehicle Styles

Since recreational vehicle started to proliferate in 1910, Americans have been avid enthusiasts of camping and other outdoor recreational activities. As its popularity continues to grow, more and more people are trying to customize the total outlook of their recreational vehicles to suit their individual needs and wants.

For this reason, most of the recreational vehicles that are owned by people who love to travel are definitely custom-made or “homemade.” The design and outline of every custom-made recreational vehicles vary depending on the wishes of the owner.

Moreover, because of this growing demand for custom-made recreational vehicles, more and more trailers and campers are endowed with additional home appliances. Hence, bigger trailers are required to be able to drag larger cargoes.

The most typical size of recreational vehicles is 15 to 20 feet in length. But with custom-made recreational vehicles, there are trailers that grow up to 25 feet.

Most of the amenities that are contained in the custom-made recreational vehicles are focused on giving utmost comfort for its occupants. These custom-made recreational vehicles are specifically built to accommodate the additional features that its owner wants to include on its overall features.

Whatever the type or style of custom-made recreational vehicles, the best thing about this particular type of travel trailer is that it has the same advantage that every traveler wishes to obtain and experience. Here’s a list of some of the advantages of most popular custom-made recreational vehicles:

1. Bonding with your family

The best thing about custom-made recreational vehicles is that it can provide a comfortable venue for “reconnecting” or building lost moments with your family. Because it is custom-made, people can enjoy more with the comfort and relaxation that these types of recreational vehicles can bring.

2. Trendy for the young ones

Another good thing about custom-made recreational vehicles is that parents can easily design a vehicle that will be patterned on the particular needs of their children. For instance, if you have a bigger family with more children than the usual, you can create a custom-made recreational vehicle that will provide you with bigger and more tailor-made features for your bigger family.

Indeed, with custom-made recreational vehicles, you can easily build a more relaxed comfy traveling experience with your family with a bigger and better features because it is tailor-made just for you and your family’s needs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Used Campers Means Wise Buys

Despite the fact that it is no longer brand new, any second- hand material still has its own advantage. There are actually a lot of great deals on used campers but it is important to educate yourself on what to look for before an immediate purchase. Knowing the difference between normal wear & tear and signs of abuse can be very beneficial. This is also to achieve your money’s worth and quickly catch a problem or two.

Be confident in buying used campers
After few repairs and some elbow grease, many used campers can instantly glimmer like the latest edition of the 1990’s model. Kidding aside, it will not even be obvious that it was just passed on to you for how many bucks. If you are ready then you can find lots of real exchange in mushrooming garage sales, bazaar shops and flee markets.

An example of this would be, a person named Bobby bought a 1978 Palomino for $100. A new lift arm, a new set of 10 inches tires and a lot of soap and water made his little trailer a winner that he and his family used for three years.

There are also homemade awnings and cabinets that looked as good if not better than the factory installed ones with a replacement of a worn- out canvas. Most of the manufactures and their dealers stock parts for their campers and companies like Canvas Replacements in Loyal, Wisconsin carry parts, repair kits and canvases for many of the modern campers as well as some that are basically extinct.

Search anywhere for used campers
Many newspapers usually include camper advertisements in with the boats, RVs and motorcycles. However, they may be found in the general classifieds or even automotive sections. There is always a list of used campers as well as the many online classified forums. You can directly call or visit RV dealers because they sometimes get used campers in trade when someone buys a new travel trailer or a motorhome. Also check to see if they have any left-over campers on their lot. Wherever you look it is necessary to be a smart shopper and know how to spot real value so you can get a good deal.

Make sure your tow vehicle is rated to pull the camper you want to buy. Most owner manuals will inspect the tow rating or you can find it online at You find the trailer’s weight on sticker that should be mounted on the off-door side towards the front of the camper.

Before you finally decide to name a price for those used campers, ask a lot of questions, kick the tires and hit the road to your site.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting Great Recreational Vehicle Sales

If you are a recreational vehicle sales expert, you will not need to read this article except for entertainment’s sake. If you are interested in becoming a professional at recreational vehicle sales, however, then this article will serve to be most beneficial. In it, the basics of recreational vehicle sales will be covered with great simplicity and ease for the reader. You may even learn something along the way in what proves to be an exciting and fun journey through the extraordinary world of recreational vehicle sales. Remember, any sales industry is about customer service so learning good technique can make you a lot of money.

Customer Service Techniques

Customer service is all about empathy. If you can relate, or claim to relate, to the customer’s wants and needs then you can find a path to a sale and make it work. You must decipher the wants of the customer before they verbalize them; this way you are ready with an empathetic response that will create a kinship between the customer and the salesperson. It is this type of relationship that will enable you to accomplish great things throughout the remainder of your sales experience with that customer. From the point at which you introduce yourself as a friend to the customer, you have them where you want them.

It is from this kinship built on an understanding of needs that a great sales experience springs. Think of it as the structural foundation to the sale. If there are flaws in the structural foundation of the sale, the entire sale falters from that point. Ensure, therefore, that you are building a solid and simple relationship with the customer. Discuss family or personal items of interest, such as a familiarity in sports or movie watching, and develop a connection in that fashion. This will help tie that personal connection to the actual sale; for example, you may connect their family to the amount of space available in the particular RV that they are looking at.

From the point of kinship and relationship, you have now related the finer points of your conversation to the recreational vehicles sales area and are ready to point them in the right direction in terms of an RV for their purposes. You can make the connection yourself or you can provide a guiding sense of terminology. This simply means that you use suggestions to get them to buy what you want. You want to sell them on what you think is best, not what they actually want. This ensures that the right RV is being sold, not just the most inexpensive. Part of recreational vehicle sales, or any type of vehicle sales, is manipulation of the highest order.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Many Uses of a Camping Knife

Many activities in a camping trip include the use of sharp materials such as a screwdriver, a camping knife and various types of blades. Of all these tools, the camping knife is the most essential - and most useful of all. This is because it has so many uses, not only limited to cutting trees or branches, but for cooking, setting up the camping area as well as for protection.

A camping knife can be found in almost all stores that sell camping gear of any kind. Some websites even offer customizable knives that work on anything possible. These multi-purpose knives are the perfect companion for a camping expedition.

General purposes

A camping knife can be used in cutting trees and branches, wood for the fireplace, bushes, canvas and much more. Most of the knives used for these purposes are very durable because they are supposed to be alternatives for heavier materials such as axes.

These knives must meet some requirements, such as, that their blade should be black, oxidized, non-reflective, and made of stainless steel. They must be heavy enough and long enough to penetrate through the wood or similar material.


Campers who go deep down in forests to camp for a few days would never step out of their house without a camping knife as it can not only protect against intruders, but also against various other threats such as wild animals. A camping knife is very essential in this case, especially if you don’t want to be carrying bigger weapons such as rifles, axes, and saws. Since these knives come with a holder that you can clip on to your belt or pants, they are easy to take along. Wherever you travel in the forest, you have the knife handy, and in case of anyone or anything attacking you, the knife can help protect you.

At the same time, however, a camping knife is extremely sharp and should be used wisely for protection purposes. Many incidents have taken place in camping outings where the campers fight and a camping knife gets involved.

Cooking and Fishing

A camping knife can be useful in cutting meat, vegetables and even opening cans. For those who fish and grill them, it is handy in skinning and cleaning the fishes. A clean camping knife can also be used to cut cooked food, if your cooking knives break or become blunt.

What Is A Camping Car?

Want to spend your holiday camping in a forest or a mountain? Camping cars will help you to travel and stay comfortably while camping.

They are a combination of a vehicle and a temporary home to stay put. Camping cars act as a transportation medium. People also choose to live in these little homes permanently.

They can park their vehicles in the special parking lots while enjoying time with their kith and kin.

Car camping is something that people prefer these days. The travelers pack up all the necessary equipment and leave for the camping site.

They have all the necessary provisions inside their camping car. They can cook as if they are at home, as there is a mini kitchen inside.

They can sleep comfortably on their normal sized beds. They can put on the AC if camping is being done in a hot region.

The washrooms with showers make the stay even more comfortable. There can be a refrigerator inside the car. Other than this, there is large space inside the camping car.

This comprises of camping equipments such as tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, axe or saw, ropes and even bicycles. All these things can be easily stuffed in the camping cars.

The camping cars are useful where the weather conditions are odd. While at a hot camping site, you can sit comfortably inside the camping car and enjoy a cool atmosphere due to air conditioning.

Similarly in a cold or rainy season, you can take shelter inside the car. There are many types of camping cars out of which the recreational vehicles (RVs) and caravans are the most comfortable and luxurious.

So get ready for a perfect camping holiday in a camping car.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Have a Stress-Free Camping

With all the hustle and bustle of school and work, a camping trip is a fantastic way for families to bond. The fond memories of spending time at the campfire, exchanging stories, sharing laughter and joyfully singing.

The concern of having to budget the trip comes up while planning the trip. The number of people to go, choice between a camper or a tent, the size and type of tent to be used, to buy or not to buy and the list goes on!

Choosing the right camping gear is called for to avoid ruining the whole trip.

An average sized adult will be comfortable with a 30 square feet area. This would mean that the ideal size for two persons is a ten by ten foot tent. Setting up a tent larger than that would pose a problem to the campers because it is heavier load and finding a level spot would be quite a task. Non-rusting zippers, nylon-tape-reinforced seams are a must to find in a tent. Usually, a three-season tent suffices for campers use since not all campers deal with snow.

After picking out the tent, next comes the sleeping bag. Of course, comfort and space is taken into consideration when deciding on which to buy. There are the rectangular and the mummy shaped. Rectangular shaped ones are spacious and is most comfortable. For those that camp at a lower temperature area, the mummy shaped sleeping bag is used for more insulation. It is important for zippers not to pinch or catch on the fabric. Buying an adult sized sleeping bag for children is recommended for those that camp out regularly.

A night out won’t be too good without a hearty meal. The best stove to have is a standard-sized, two-burner stove. Manufacturers offer stoves that can accommodate pot sizes. Though there are stoves that are fueled by kerosene, unleaded gasoline, or butane, it is wise to choose from either “white gas” or propane. The white gas or commonly known as the Coleman fuel gives off intense heat, making cooking time shorter and food is free of gas odor. Spilling is of no problem with this type of fuel since it evaporates quickly and is completely odorless. Propane-fueled stove is widely used mainly because of its user-friendly feature and availability. Stove extras such as the stand, wind screen and stove starters are important. Wind screen will be greatly appreciated during windy and stormy days. Stove starters prevents burning the hands and stops the hassle of using matches.

Camping frustration because of substandard hiking gear is what everybody wants to avoid that is why spending a bit more to obtain quality goods is suggested.

Monday, October 13, 2008

3 Pointers in Choosing and Buying Parts of Recreational Vehicle

Since its inception, recreational vehicles have long been the ideal camp buddy whenever families go camping or simply just to have a vacation in a semi-isolated area.

Basically, recreational vehicles are defined as an enclosed unit that are used as a vehicle and at the same time a “travel home.”From its name, you can conclude that this particular type of vehicle is commonly used for recreational purposes such as camping, vacation, or for overnight accommodation whenever there are no hotels available nearby or if the budget cannot afford the high-cost of lodging.

On its total look, recreational vehicles are an absolutely remarkable types of camping vehicles. However, furnishing your recreational vehicle with the wrong parts can make a big difference on the way it provides comfort and security while on the road. This goes the same way when you use the right parts because it will make a big distinction as far as comfortable camping is concerned.

Hence, it is important that you know some pointers on how to choose the right parts of a recreational vehicle in order to avoid waste of time and money. Here is how:

1. Do your homework

Before you buy a recreational vehicle, it is important that you know the different parts first. Like any car or vehicle, recreational vehicles can also vary depending on the types of parts utilized within the vehicle.

Consequently, having a wrong part can only damage or put your travel at risk. However, not all recreational parts are created the same. Each part of a recreational vehicle varies depending on the type of recreational vehicle that you have.

However, the major parts of recreational vehicles are the typical electrical and technical parts of a vehicle, appliances, electronics, trailer wiring, etc.

2. Shop and compare

Do not settle for the first set of recreational vehicles parts that you encounter. Always keep in mind to shop around and look for the best-priced vehicle. Try to compare prices. You will never know what you are getting unless you compare one part of a recreational vehicle to the other parts made by different manufacturer.

3. Always buy from reliable and credible retailers or wholesalers of recreational vehicle parts

Never buy a part of a recreational vehicle from a store that you never heard of. You can never be too sure of its quality.

Keep in mind that you will be traveling most of the time using your recreational vehicle; hence, it is relatively important that you only choose the safest and the most reliable parts of a recreational vehicle.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Truck Campers Spell Ease

Planning for an outdoor camping but still attached to the comforts of your own home? Get moving already because truck campers are ever ready to justify those arguments. In one single vehicle, you can still sleep with those crisp linens, cook your favorite dish and take a shower with no hassles.

Here is a list of truck campers from three manufacturers that you can choose from:

* Truck Campers by Lance
Lance Lite Series 815
A lightweight, fully- self contained camper that is complete with a shower, toilet, heater, sink, stove, dining area, queen- size bed and forced- air furnace. It also has plenty of rooms to make memories that will last for a lifetime. It has an interior floor length of 8’6” and an interior height of 6’6”.

Lance Series 951
This has been totally redesigned for 2006. It returns with slideout rooms and sub- floor basement compartments for increased storage and tank capacities. This has a 9’11” wet bath camper with a dinette and refrigerator on a full- wall curbside that comes standard with a seamless, marine- grade thermoplastic polyolefin roof and fiber glass exterior.

Lance Max Series 1181
Top- of- the- line model with a fabulously large dry bath, huge roll- put pantry, three spacious drawers and increased counter space. It has a full- wall slideout with dinette, wardrobe and deluxe double- door refrigerator. There is also a new mirrored wardrobe for extra storage and huge insulated skylight for ventilation screen in the high- head clearance cabover.

* Truck Campers by Palomino
Bronco is a folding truck built for the back roads. These lightweight truck-mounted campers are ideally suited for today’s pick up trucks with a low profile that enhances fuel efficiency and easy handling on the road. A roomy interior is created with a pop-up roof that increases living space. With hard sidewalls on the lower portion of the unit and the upper portion made of sturdy vinyl tent fabric, the roof is easily raised and lowered with a smooth operating crank-up lifting system.

You’ll want to kick up the dust and head out for uncharted territory with this midsize affordable camping trailer. The Yearling is built for adventure with a sturdy, yet lightweight, design that’s road tough and easy to tow. Packed with easy living features and quality components, these family friendly units offer incredible value for carefree travel and long-lasting enjoyment.

Run for fun in this ultra lightweight hybrid trailer by Palomino. The Stampede features an all-aluminum superstructure that’s aerodynamically designed for easy towing and handling, yet with a spacious living interior that makes the going easy. Slide-out models offer even more generous living space along with an abundance of innovative storage features. Fully furnished with home-like comforts, the Stampede is ready to run wherever the open road leads.

* Truck Campers by Bigfoot
1500 Series
Featuring Bigfoot's proven two-piece molded fiberglass construction, these models are insulated using a high-density 1" polystyrene insulation and come equipped with an impressive list of standard features. It has high quality appliances and three stylish interior decors to choose from. With four models available in both long and short box configurations, there's a Bigfoot 1500 Series to fit your RV lifestyle requirements.

2500 Series
Constructed out of two molded gelcoat fiberglass shells that are joined together similar to a deck and hull of a boat, thus giving the camper its extremely durable and weatherproof design. Available in both long and short box configurations, Bigfoot 2500 Series is insulated using a 1½" high-density polystyrene insulation and feature a comprehensive list of standard features. It has a large exterior basement storage compartments which is enclosed. It is also insulated fresh with a wastewater holding tank that is heated by a 30,000 BTU high output furnace.

3000 Series
This has a durable construction combined with superior insulation values. This deluxe wide-body 3000 Series offer our proprietary Fibercore Wall System. It is combined with Bigfoot’s standard features such as a slide-out dual battery compartment, high output 30,000 BTU furnace.

Truck campers may cause how many bucks but the ease you will be all worth it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Basics of Recreational Vehicle Renting

The experience of traveling throughout the country while having the same basic comforts of home sounds like a dream. This dream can come true with a few simple steps that involve recreational vehicle renting.

Get the Best Out of the Recreational Vehicle Renting

The first step is to check out the market price and negotiate with the company. Everyone will agree to give a reasonable discount. However, ‘reasonable’ is a very flexible word and hence it can be thrown around quite a bit before the final decision is reached – which satisfies both the buyer and the seller. The rentals for RV are quite steep – hence it would always be better to buy one’s own vehicle rather than renting it out.

Secondly, decide on the size of the RV you need to buy. Depending upon the size of your family (or people who will travel in the RV with you) you will be able to settle on the ideal size. The bigger the size of the RV, the steeper will be the costs. You will need to keep in mind not only the total number of people but also the requirements for storage of the food stock, gasoline, and other amenities. You can get RVs for 2-3 persons and also RVs for 7-20 crew guys – all you need to do is decide.

The third step is to check the availability in terms of models and cost before you decide on the recreational vehicle renting deal. There are many RV renting agencies both on the Internet and off it. You can get quotes from a few regular organizations and then run a comparison. If the rentals are found to be up to your satisfaction, then go for it.

Fourth, do your research to learn the best features in the RVs and how you can get them through the rental agency. Check to see if there are any cool offers while you are at it. This is information that usually comes in advertisements in the newspaper and/or television.

Finally, test drive the vehicle you plan to rent after deciding upon the size, type, comfort level and budget. The test drive should be done in the presence of an experienced driver or mechanic who can catch the engine problems (if any); do not rent out a problematic RV lest you will be stuck with it in the middle of wilderness unable to help yourself or others.

The above points will help you to decide and find the best deals on recreational vehicle renting. However, recreational vehicle renting is a good idea only when you go for short vacations. If you travel often and go for long trips, it will be more economical to buy your own RV, more so if it second hand.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Camper’s To-Do List

A great summer getaway with the family is spending days at a campsite, taking pleasure from Mother Nature: the scenery, the flowers and the wildlife. While being excited for the whole trip, it is most important to prepare for the best, and the worst, things that nature can give us.

The ultimate camper’s check list should be categorized into the following items: Personals, Camping Essentials, First Aid Kit, Clothing, Children and Baby Supplies, Sleeping, Kitchen Utensils and Equipments, Camping Fire and Before-Leaving-Home List.

1. Personals would include grooming and hygiene kit such as shampoo, soap, insect repellant (which one cannot do without!), toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, towels, toilet paper, lip balm, sun block, sun glasses and a trusty sewing kit.
2. Camping Essentials would include driver’s license, money, ID card, map, compass, flashlights and battery packs, lantern, bulbs, water, rope, clothespin, clothesline, radio, canteen, clock, camera, lots of film, binoculars, lounge chair, foldable table, tent repair gear, pocket knife and a lighter.
3. A good First Aid Kit should have the necessary medicines for fever, headaches, flu, allergy and stomach ulcer. Antibiotics cream, antiseptic and band aids for wound. Tweezers should also be there to take out splinters. Pocket tissues are advisable.
4. Clothing should include a cozy pairs of sweat pants and shirt, sweater, thermals, gloves, jacket, pants, underwear, socks of varying thickness, pajamas, swimsuit, t-shirts, tank tops, bandannas, hats, sandals, sneakers and hiking boots.
5. Children and Baby Supplies depends on the child that will go camping. Babies would need lots of baby food, milk, bottles, pacifier, diapers and baby wipes, bibs, spoons, high chair, blankets, play pen, stuffed toys, stroller, tub and books, For bigger kids, games for rainy days and for traveling, toys, pencils, crayons, paper, bucket and shovel, Frisbees, kites and magazines are essential,
6. Sleeping gear would include the tent, poles, mallet, ground cloth, sleeping bags, mattress, pillows, blankets, air pump, rope and stakes.
7. Kitchen Utensils and Equipments would consist of food container, insulator for frozen food, pots and pans, stove, fuel, matches or lighter, disposable plates and utensils, bowls, mugs, coffee pot, thermos, aluminum foil, dish towel, spatula, tongs, bottle and can opener, knife, dish soap, sponge, trash bags, zip lock bags, table cloth and skewers for campfire barbecuing or marshmallow toasting.
8. Camping Fire Checklist would include the kindling, matches, newspaper, fire extinguisher, shovel, ax, wood and the campfire permit.
9. The Before-Leaving-Home List includes locking of all the doors and windows, turning off all the lights and appliances such as the computer, adjusting the thermostat, holding of all mails, watering of plants and making pet arrangements.

With these filled-up, the trip will surely be a blast!

Monday, October 06, 2008

World Class RV Manufacturers

Recreational vehicles give new meaning to having fun outdoors. With more and more people preferring to spend their weekends camping and fishing, RV owners are steadily increasing. That is why the RV manufacturing industry is growing to meet the demands.

Some of the most popular RV manufacturers today are the following:

1. Coachmen Industries.

Founded in 1964 in Indiana. They manufacture mini and class A motorhomes, travel trailers, two-story, spacious colonial models, etc., offering state of the art computer-designed exteriors and interiors. Creator of Epic 2006. Its ceiling height is 7'11" and uses gasoline for fuel. Great feature for buyers who would like to save on fuel consumption.

2. Airstream.

Started building quality "5-star accommodation" RVs and trailers designed for the whole family since 1931. They introduced Land Yacht 390 XL in the RV market that basically offers everything a buyer can ask for, durability, luxury, and excellent performance. Features include spacious home-styled bathrooms just beside the bedroom, tile flooring, etc.

3. Carriage RV.

Creators of Royals International, Carriage, Compass, Cameo LXI, and 5th wheel C-Force lines. Established in 1968 and keeping the tradition of offering campers durable, stylish, and affordable RVs.

4. Marathon Coaches.

Founded in 1983, the company is well known for converting commercial buses to luxury recreational vehicles. Today, Marathon offers luxury RV that sells for $1 - $2 million. They are the creator of the 2006 H3-45 luxury RV. Offering as much as twice the space of a regular trailer.

5. Dynamax Corporation.

Provides luxury RVs and motorhomes designed to fit every lifestyle and budget. Creator of Grand Sport M2 luxury car. Considered one of the most spacious and expensive recreational vehicles ever produced. They offer state of the art features including fascinating interior design and powerful diesel engines. Grand Sport M2 RV is not just another ordinary RV, it includes all the appliances needed to make every trip boredom-free, from 2 Flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, and most of all it's telephone and cable TV ready.

6. Holiday Rambler.

Manufactures world-class quality towables and motorhomes since 1953. The company is the pioneer in using seamless fiberglass for the RV exterior that make it more resistant to any type of weather. Creator of 2000 Neptune.

Having a lot of recreational vehicle manufacturers works for the buyer's advantage. That means more choices and cheapest rate brought about by healthy competition among manufacturers. Choosing the best now will solely depend on the buyer. Thorough review of each company ensures getting your money's worth.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Truck Camper Shells

Truck camper shells are enclosures that fit over a standard truck. Most of them are made of fiberglass or aluminum but there are also collapsible covers available. They are perfect for smaller camping trips to provide shelter for you and your stuff.

Most people use truck camper shells for everyday use in protecting their equipments from the elements. Truck camper shells generally consist of a hard cover and may include a back and side window that makes them ideal for weekend camping trips and other short camping trips. Although the amount of room supplied by the truck bed and additional head is every limited, they still can protect you from the elements while camping. Collapsible covers are advisable for those who just need them for quick outings where removing or adding the shell is very convenient, compared to fiberglass or aluminum models. They work well in environments where conditions are not severe.

A truck camper shell needs to be fitted to the type of truck you have so they vary in styles and prices. You may want to check with your dealer if a shell is available for your year, make and model. The prices range from less than $1000 for basic covering to several thousand dollars for a much innovated camper shell. Here are some lists of top quality truck camper shells:

SNUGTOP Truck Camper Shells
One of the leading manufacturer’s of fiberglass truck caps and tonneau covers. Innovation in design and technology is keeping SNUGTOP on top and has resulted in SNUGTOP's solid reputation and tremendous brand-name recognition.

A.R.E. Truck Camper Shells
A.R.E. is also a leading manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps and tonneau covers for pickup trucks. Their truck caps are available painted to match your truck with many different options to meet your specific needs. They have seven unique styles of fiberglass truck caps, and aluminum commercial units, A.R.E. may be the perfect partner for your truck.

LEER Truck Camper Shells
Leer is a leading producer of fiberglass tuck caps and tonneaus for all current and recent model year pickup trucks. Leer fiberglass truck models feature unique styling, a great list of standard features, and a wide range of options.

Raider Truck Camper Shells
Raider Industries is leading the way on premium-quality truck caps and tonneaus product development for new trucks. Leading the way with the most innovative tonneau cover currently in the market place today, the purchase of Raider truck camper shells will put your truck in a class of its own.

Depending on the type of shell you purchase, a basic covering or customized model, truck camper shells are a convenient and practical solution for camping shelters, they also have the ability to be used year round for any type of storage or transportation, which makes them a great improvement to your pickup truck.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting the Best Recreational Vehicle Prices

Vacationing is a favorite past time all around the world. Any method of transportation can bring the most interesting sites to a traveler's eyes. One way to not only see great sites, but have a fun experience as well is by using an RV. Though recreational vehicle prices seem expensive, the trip is definitely worth it.

More Bang for Your Buck

It's not hard to see recreational vehicle prices can add up. After buying or renting one, with the way gas prices are these days, it can all add up to a pretty penny. But the experience can definitely be worth it. Recreational vehicles prices can vary depending on luxury to how it looks form the outside. These usually come into play with frequent vacationers. Unless you plan on going on many trips, it's safe to just rent an RV. It still comes at a reasonable price.

What's so incredible about taking a trip with an RV? It's like going on vacation, but taking the hotel with you. When comparing recreational vehicle prices to the cost of a hotel room, it may not seem like they relate at all. However, RV's are great when trying to have an adventurous outdoors experience during the day, and a luxurious indoors experience at night. The usual RV comes with many features that attract buyers from around the globe.

What's In It for Me?

Almost all RV's come with a kitchenette, a bedroom, bathroom, and even a living room. Of course there are plenty of hideaway beds so the whole family can enjoy a trip. Let's face it, these features are a lot different than some you'd see with a sports car, but an RV definitely can be put to use a lot more. Recreational vehicle prices can start at the price range of a low end sports car to the price of a medium size home. So depending on how adventurous a buyer is, it could be worth every dollar.

Recreational vehicle prices can easily add up, but the question is not which one's the cheapest. The real question is how much will the RV be used? The way to look at it is how many vacations will the RV go through and then calculate that into the recreational vehicle price. If it's used a lot, then it's worth every dollar. If you can still afford it as a once-in-a-while mobile, then go for it. With an RV, the world is the limit.

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