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Thursday, December 18, 2008

RV Rental in California; Finding the Best Place

Purchasing a recreational vehicle or RV sometimes can be really expensive. If you are a frequent user, or you plan to live in the vehicle which you are buying, then it is not a problem. But what if you want to go for a camping or vacation trip, and need an RV? You can’t buy one just for that purpose; and that’s why now many companies offer RV rentals at very affordable prices.

California is one of the most famous states where people go out for camping very often, and often they rent RVs for this. RV rental in California is very famous nowadays, for there are so many rental outlets offering this service at very affordable prices; knowing that not many people would opt to buy a new RV for just a short vacation trip.

Online Help

The Internet is known to be the best resource center for any purpose. Finding an RV rental in California has been made so easy nowadays, with the help of many websites that run like search engines, listing out the rental outlets around the state. Often these directories do not just stop there. They also give out other helpful directories containing recreational vehicle dealerships, motor home, trailer and fifth wheel trailer manufacturers, accessories, parts and services, campgrounds and classified advertising.

RV rental in California obviously would not stop just at the rental; you would need a campground, additional services, dealerships for future undertakings and so on. This is why the websites provided information on more that what is needed.

Besides that, most RV parks also give out RV rental in California. There are so many parks in the state which offer this service and the price range do not differ much from the rental outlets. Many state parks offer RV rental at very affordable prices, and all the rental services are very much flexible. Compared to other states in the country generally, RV rental in California is usually customizable, but this service is not available everywhere throughout the state.

RV rental in California is usually very reasonable. For a day or less, they do not charge you hundreds or thousands, but merely around $180 to $250 in many places. Some exclusive places, where their vehicles look so brand new charge slightly more, but generally anywhere you go around the state; you won’t be charged more than $400.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How do you determine your Favorite Camping Site?

Last night some friends and I were discussing what makes for a good camping site and it’s amazing what different things people look for. Bill reckons that as long as the location is good and you are somewhere close to nature then really he doesn’t care what the facilities are like. For him a camping site is just a piece of land that can take a few tents – no need for anything else.

It’s all About the Facilities

Greg, on the other hand, is on the far end of the spectrum as according to him, the camping site needs everything. With four kids, a dog and all the equipment he likes to have around him, the camping site must have a toilet, a water outlet, a power outlet and somewhere he can eat without doing all the cooking.

His kids need somewhere they can play so a sports area helps and for him and his wife they like to have a social area where they can relax. After a few more questions on this ‘social area’ we eventually understood that Greg basically means he likes his camping site to have a bar.

Location, Location, Location

After a lengthy discussion of what we each looked for in a camping site we got in to the tricky subject of where to go. Brian was adamant that you had to be near the beach. For him a perfect camping site meant he could get up just as the sun was coming up and be able to walk along the beach.

For Bill, it was the mountains he loved – so somewhere high up in a mountain range where he could be amongst nature was vital when picking his camping site. Greg said that he really didn’t care where the camping site was, he just had to have all his facilities. We knew that he was really talking about having a bar again but decided not to push him on this point.


As the night drew to a close somebody highlighted that I had been very quiet throughout our discussion. They asked me what my ideal camping site was.

“Well,” I explained, “I think you are all right about what you need to have in a camping site.”

They hummed and hawed at this a little.

“As far as I am concerned, I can get everything you have mentioned at a very special camping site I know.”
This got their attention and they wanted to know where this great place was which boasted of so many different features?

“It’s right here”, I explained. “In my own back yard.”

They weren’t convinced.

“I mean it. Think about it- my yard has all the facilities that Greg mentioned, right next door in the house. I’m ten minutes from the beach but if I take the Jeep then I’m in the mountains in no time. If I want my camping site to be basic then I just take whatever I need out there and I’m all set, it really is perfect.”

Needless to say this started quite a debate as to how my own garden backyard could be a great camping site. The only conclusion we could draw at the end of our discussion was that there is no one ideal camping site for everyone and it would be a shame if there was.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Recreational Vehicle Clubs People Can Join

For more than 10 years, a lot of recreational vehicles have been manufactured and sold. Because of the growing number, clubs have been formed which are there to provide information, tips and services that are designed to help the person enjoy one of these incredible machines.

Clubs also organize activities that allow newbie’s and old timers interact during such an event. This can be done in a cook out or in the opening of a new campsite to RV owners. The facilitators of these events also make it fun by providing entertainment and raffle prizes to the attendees.

There are many types of RV clubs. Those that want its members to have fun and bring its members together by regularly holding events is called the social club. Those who want to join will have to pay an annual fee.

The benefits of being a member is that the person can share the experiences of owning this vehicle, the various techniques of maintaining it and be aware of new products in the market and how well it does over other brands.

Another kind of group which can save the person money while staying in camp ground sites are the cost savers club.

There are people in the club who move on the road a lot and recommend to its members places that offer interesting activities and things at great discounted rates. This saves money which can be use on other things such as food and supplies that will make the trip more enjoyable.

There is an RV club where the people have to own a particular brand in order to become a member. This is a big organization that has chapters all over the country. The officers of the club also plan social activities for the people to interact with one another.

Aside from having the same brand, those who want to join have to pay an annual fee to receive newsletters and updates of any upcoming events planned for the year.

Even if there are 3 types of RV clubs, there is no restriction stating that an individual can only join a certain club. This means that the owner of an RV can belong to more than just one.

Each of these clubs has different things to offer and the person has to be aware that some of the members have a certain lifestyle. Should the person feel it will be easy to fit in with the group, then there won’t be a problem signing up and joining in the fun.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Camping Resort Can Be A Relaxing Way To Fish and Hunt

A camping resort is a little bit more expensive than the usual types of camping trips, but then again, the benefits that come with the package are exceptional. You get full access all day long to hunting and fishing, then get to return to a hot meal that has been prepared for you. A camping resort is designed to keep your comfort in mind and be more of a vacation spot than just a camping spot.

Picture the beautiful autumn leaves, hanging in colors of red, yellow and orange and the beautiful sunshine beaming down on a chilly, fall day. This picture alone you are painting inside of your mind is well worth the time and money you spend at a camping resort.

Sportsmen and Outdoorsman Can Enjoy The Thrill Of The Hunt At Some Camping Resorts.

Sportsmen and outdoorsman, especially if they are from the city, tend to flock to camping resorts during hunting seasons. They are often taken out into the wilderness by a guide, and are fully set up in a fully baited blind. They will then help the novice hunter to get the first thrill he will experience while staying at the camping resort.

Camping resorts don’t just involve water-skiing and volleyball; they also represent the future of our great outdoorsmen. The people who wish to go to a completely stunning, and yet mysterious area of the world often put a camping resort on their must list topic-to-do list.

Relax in the Comfort Of A Real Bed, and the Luxury Of Cooked Meals

Camping resorts can be a costly trip, but you will be happy with your decision when you are lying in a nice, soft, warm bed and watching television. Some resorts don’t always have electricity, but all camping resorts come equipped with the essentials you need to enjoy your camping weekend.

Sit Around Stuffed Wall Mounts and Tell Stories Of That Awesome Hunt.

At a camping resort, it is nothing to hear men talking about the great adventures they dealt with both right now and from long times past. These stories creep through the walls and into the ears and hearts of the spectators who are listening. We all hear about these tall tales that are told every night by the campfire, but we all wish it were us who was able to tell that awesome story. That’s why we try to live the adventure and spend our vacation at a camping resort.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Locations to Find RV Camper Rental Services

What You Should Know Before Using any RV Camper Rental Service

If you are someone who is in search of a reliable, affordable, and dependable RV camper rental provider, there are a few basic things that you should educate yourself with before making any final decisions on who to go with for your RV camper rental needs.

One of the most important of these decisions is to plan where you want to go. This means that you must consider all of the places you want to see, how far the actual destination is going to be, and how much time you have. This is important because you will have to know how long you are going to be using the RV camper rental services. You will most likely want to add on a few days to whatever number you work out, as you may find that you will want some ‘slow-down’ time during your trip, where you have no particular agenda, and you will not want to have to worry about bringing the RV camper rental back late. Adding on a few extra days to the RV camper rental agreement will allow you to take some time to relax and fully explore your destinations.

There is a variety of available RV camper rentals, which are usually available at all RV rental companies. While most rent motor homes, Class C motor homes are typical, but the smaller camper vans (Class B) and the larger motor home rentals (Class A) often available as well. The most important factor to consider when renting an RV camper is to thoroughly research each and every rental location that you are considering. You should also compare between rental companies, meaning that you should take quotes from various locations and start comparing one against the other.

Some ideas of what you may care to ask a rental company are: if you can tow a car for day trips, if the RV rental firm allows pets, what mileage is included, what the estimated fuel expenses are, if insurance costs are included and if so what is covered, what the deductible is, if there is optional coverage available, what the deposit and deposit return policy is, what type of air conditioning and/or heating is available, if there is a generator, how big the actual RV is, and what electronic devices are available in the RV, such as a television, stereo, or DVD player.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some tips on Camping Reservation

Going on a camping trip can be a fun-filled experience, but in certain cases, due to mismanagement of time and improper planning, it could be a recipe for disaster. Even before you get to the camping spot itself, you could face various problems, simply because you failed to reserve a good spot in advance.

Camping reservations are something so essential that it should always be on top of the list when planning such a trip. This is because without a good camping spot, there would be no point of going at all. You might just stay home rather than trying to fit or squeeze into a camping zone that is already full where you were the last to arrive.

Essential steps

One basic step in making a camping reservation is contacting the authorities at least six months ahead of the trip itself. Such authorities would include campground offices, backwoods offices, natural resources departments and many more. These authorities would advise you about camping requirements and give you several campsite options.

You can choose a camping reservation system which allows you to reserve at least three months in advance of the trip or in many places even at the last minute, depending on availability. There are many campsites which also run on first-come first-served basis.

Reservation Systems and Payments

Camping reservation systems usually run 24 hours a day. You can reserve online or on the phone if you choose to pay by credit card. At some places, they allow cash payments at walk-in registration during your check-in date at the camping zone. If you opt to camp outside the protected camping zone, you might want to pay through your credit card to avoid wasting valuable camping time.

Usually, most camping zones have a single lump-sum charge in which there is only one fee to pay, regardless of how many nights you are going to stay. Some places charge a separate camping reservation fee, so check out the options available.

Guidance and Tutorials

Most of the camping authorities nowadays have websites where they offer an interactive map of the campgrounds that are available for reservation. This website would contain all the required information on the camping site, including the weather, the landscape, the scenery, the offered activities, the setting, the size and geographical statistics, as well as some pictures to help you make a more informed choice and be able to plan your trip accordingly.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Tips in Buying a Recreational Vehicle

Purchasing a recreational vehicle can cost $30,000 to $60,000 depending on its body style and engine type. A person has to consider different factors before buying a recreational vehicle. Here are some buying tips to ensure a safe and satisfying purchase of a recreational vehicle.

1. You should look for an affordable coach if you would like to save more money. You should determine if the budget could pay the expenses of possible repairs and replacement if you would really like to purchase the recreational vehicle.

2. Do not choose a recreational vehicle with transmissions set up in a low power level. You may encounter engine struggles on mountainous travels and long run driving. You may purchase an automatic if you intend to have a standard and overall control on the vehicle.

3. Check if there are mechanical leaks especially on the automatic transmission of the engine. You may find constant leaking on the transmissions when the engine is diesel oriented. Most of the time, you may encounter overheating when the transmission is set up with hydraulic components that may cause vehicle problems.

4. You should consider the body integrity of the vehicle. It is more advantageous to purchase a recreational vehicle with large intact coaches and bus like features. You must properly check the body for any possible signs of algae and slime that may lead to leaks and rusting.

5. Remember to be cautious if you think that the pricing is too low. You should verify any documentation and information on the vehicle. Ask the seller for any warranties and permits that will ensure the legality of the recreational vehicle.

6. You should also get the dealer’s name provided with his address and telephone number in case of any disagreements that may occur during the transaction. Some laws may only be applied on particular areas and will not cover any transactions done outside the state.

7. You should find a credible and reputable car dealer to ensure a safe purchase. You may also ask the seller if the vehicle had any leaks and if it has been flooded. You may also bring with him a trusted mechanic to check if there are any signs of problems and needed repairs.

Every recreational vehicle buyer should be aware on the importance of following certain guidelines before purchasing. You should always remember to be serious and cautious on the selling price and service record of the vehicle to avid problems in the future.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Know the Auction Tips for Recreational Vehicles

Auction sale is the easiest way people can acquire a recreational vehicle. However, there are possible risks that may be encountered when buying recreational vehicles from auction houses. Many people who participated in auction sales have been victimized by various scams and fraud. Here are some tips to ensure safety participation in an auction.

1. Do not make an agreement on the auction requiring a person to pay any down payments leading to a refund if you were not able to win the bid.

2. Email or contact the auction to check if the auction has legal permits and documentation to hold an auction or if they are really authorized to sell the recreational vehicle.

3. You should never send any money order and money transfer if the vehicle is already in your possession and the seller has already signed all legal documents.

4. Always deal with those credible and reputable auctions. You may also check for those special auctions, which are referred by experts for recreational vehicles. You may ask for the service record and background of the auction house before participating in the bidding.

5. Remember to be cautious and careful when bidding in an auction. You should have an idea and reference on the price of the vehicle. You may examine the organization brokering the auction. The results can be positive if the auction house is highly regarded with reasonable bids and pricing.

6. You should determine if the auction has been screened from frauds. Check the auction if it is registered by the Better Business Bureau. You should always be aware of the common traps used to mislead bidders, which may result to buying the vehicle at a higher price.

7. You should familiarize yourself of those online frauds to ensure safety auction bidding. You may also request for authorization or proof of possession on the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle has not been wrecked or stolen.

8. Be careful in providing personal information when participating in an auction in the Internet. You should only provide information that may not be used as threats to your privacy security. Do not provide them any confidential information like bank accounts, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

There are areas where auction selling is more popular than private selling. It is advisable to find auction houses near the area and add a simple research on the auction. You may also check the Internet for auction information and reference.

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